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Justin’s HIV Journal: Man on PrEP is infected with HIV

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For the first time Scientist have now seen its first case of an individual contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) while being compliant with taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) daily. The HIV strain that they were exposed to is supposedly a multi-drug resistant strain. In other words, the strain of HIV that the person who was taking PrEP, is resistant to many levels of HIV medications. So this doesn’t surprise me because the strain is HIV drug resistant because PrEP is 92% effective in preventing HIV transmission, so it isn’t 100% but neither is using a condom.

Hey guys it’s justin from justin’s hav journal and i have some news for you so you know prep is to prep is the trotter pill which is supposedly but ceases he says it was it’s a 90 percent effective from preventing hiv transmission from one human to another well not everything’s 100 percent right so we just found out that today actually that a 42 year old man who

Has sex with men or msm just contracted the hiv virus after being compliant in taking this pill every single day to prevent against hiv infection so what they did was to make sure that he was compliant the researchers did a test and so basically they did a test and it’s called a blood spot test so basically the bus bus is supposed to tell them exactly it supposed

To tell them if the person has been compliant was a certain amount of days after our me started before the infection so but the test of course is taken after they’ve been infected now the patient the 40 to 43 year old man actually tested positive after going on prep for about 2 years so they have 24 months after that he tested positive for hiv so here’s the deal

Nothing is 100% effective right condoms are not 100% effective prep is not 100% effective but yet it is still a huge step in public health to be able to have something that prevents the hiv that is not a condom that is actually a lot easier for people to take because it’s a lot less heartache to pop in a pillow then take a copy devon you know putting on a condom

Every single time because this way you can just in the morning time remember to take your prep pop it in your mouth be done with it so that being said you know do not down practice because of this so what happened was basically this man the 43 year old was taking prep you know every single day religiously so he came in contact with hiv through another individual

Which they did find out it was only one individual that individuals hiv is resistant to i believe medications that are garden prep that is enough of ear and mmm interests it to been interested of it so so the the hiv that this person contracted is resistant on multiple levels of hiv medications so even some things how prep is a is a part of an hiv medication

As well that it’s taking by taken by people that are hiv negative if somebody gets in contact with somebody who’s hiv positive and they’re strand their hiv strain is resistant to prep they can still in turn in fact the other person because they’re bought their hiv strain has built up a resistance for prepping for in prep or to the sharadha pill is already known

To treat people who have hiv so that’s what that’s where we are now so even though this happened this is not a panic that’s not you know call in the calvary here it’s okay you know it’s not okay that you know it’s very sad to see that somebody’s been in fact it’s very very sad i hate that but let’s just keep things in perspective here nothing is 100% effective

Nothing again is a hundred percent effective condoms are not a hundred percent effective you will never find a place on google yahoo bing whatever the hell search engine you’re looking for that it’s gonna say condoms are a hundred percent effective because they’re not prep is not a hundred percent effective we know that cdc knows that they came out as a social

Said ninety two percent effective fda-approved the pill hey because you know what they have common sense so what are you gonna say what are you gonna do things happen like this a lot of times this does happen and i think that after it’s been given to the public or should the targeted populations of gaiman and msn after four years of being in circulation and it’s

Being accessible and we have one infection on the books from profound somebody utilizing prep i think that’s pretty damn good so honestly i think it’s pretty damn good and i still support prep and i still will support prep and i will support any innovative way to prevent hiv to the day that i die so just want to give you a brief news update and i know that a lot

Of you were reading the title like hmm maybe this is about something and oh my gosh i don’t know what this is about maybe justin’s coming out against prep or not no i’m not not at all so anyway have a good night and i will talk to you guys later and i hope that you know you guys are taking care of yourselves and being safe so good luck guys and talk to you guys later

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Justin's HIV Journal: Man on PrEP is infected with HIV By Dr. Justin B. Terry-Smith