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Keto Diet Raises Inflammation, Reduces Insulin Sensitivity (study review)

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Plant based doctors were quick to jump to say, “see…we told you keto is bad for blood sugar,” shortly after this study was published.

Alright friends so a new study came out showing that the ketogenic diet may enhance inflammation may drive imbalances in blood sugar which is pretty much the exact opposite that we find on social media people that are doing the kids a night diet but let’s kind of go through this study and talk about what the researchers found i think it’s very important i love

Reading from people that have opinions that are opposite of mine i think we should be aware of this so that this title of this paper is called glucose and lipid homeostasis and inflammation in humans following an iso caloric ketogenic diet again the study is here the lead authors michael rosenbaum second authors kevin hall as you know kevin hall and david ludwig

Have they’re kind of on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to metabolic researchers and their ideas in terms of what makes people fat versus how people get fat in terms of the insulin carbohydrate hypothesis versus the calories in calories out energy and balance hypothesis there couldn’t be more different and so you need to understand that kevin hall

Was part of the study that doesn’t mean anything good or bad we need to have a beginner’s mind and really just look at what the study looked at it was only a four-week study okay long story short individuals who was this was very controlled i’ll put links to the menus which by the way i had to find in supplementary materials to this study and so those menus the food

Was pre-made for the study subjects all studies subjects were men no problem but just keep that in mind and so what these researchers looked at in week 3 and week 4 which was after the two week kind of run in to the study where you know energy would they had a baseline diet and so forth they looked at things like sea ratchet protein they looked at adiponectin they

Looked at glp-1 they looked at this fgf21 i believe this is a gastrointestinal in cretan hormone they looked at glucagon now what’s interesting though is a lot of the vegans and i’m no problem with vegan people can do whatever they want whatever works for them but doctors like garth davis we’re sharing on his instagram just yesterday this study and he was saying

See the ketogenic diet increases inflammation and reduces insulin sensitivity and that’s what kind of inspired me to take a deep dive in the study and all just put us greenshot here you can see see retro protein in interleukin 6 what we’re seeing here is some complex statistics where the scientists what they did is they quantified the mean what they called the diet

Effect the change in diet and how that impacted il 6 and si racha protein 2 biomarkers of inflammation and they say that the mean difference between groups was 0.45 and that was statistically significant so let’s just pause let’s say you’re cerreta protein increases from one to 1.45 no doctor worth their shirt is going to give a flying crap about that but i mean

Just to be totally honest with you i’m not saying that that shouldn’t be considered but it’s not a major swing in the sense that we should really be concerned about that and also again this table clearly shows that there really on the kids diet c-reactive protein decreased keep that in mind but what you didn’t hear about in kind of when the naysayers are saying see

We told you care jenna diet is bad is the increase in adiponectin there was a two point increase in adiponectin why should we care about that we know that adiponectin is in a dip low cytokine it’s a cytokine release from fat cells that helps improve insulin sensitivity i had a product an increase on the kitchenette diet what also increased was glucagon glucagon is a

Hormone release from the pancreas that enhances ketogenesis been bickman has talked about this on this channel i’ll put links to those videos below so there was a very small increase in the c-reactive protein 0.45 again four tenths of a point but there was a dramatic increase in various gastrointestinal and in cretan hormones that are involved in enhancing insulin

Sensitivity and so forth which by the way was been was increased in the keogh jet diet group here’s what’s unique though and this is something that we’ve talked about and i am contemplating whether or not i want to write a letter to the editor of the journal obesity to talk about this so in the ketogenic diet test groups during week 3 and week 4 the ketogenic diets

Were given a test meal which was just kind of a high carbohydrate meal and they had an aberrant response to that meaning that their blood glucose and blood insulin levels was much higher than was noted when the baseline dieters had the same test meal this has to do friends with this second meal effect nasa did with the fact that if you’re eating a low-carb high-fat

Style diet and you the body remembers and it starts to reprogram okay so this meal the meal consistency is actually remembered metabolically in the body and you might think i’m a total whack-job but there’s a ton of research on the second meal effect scientists have actually looked at this and so if your low-carb and keto and you have a high carb meal your body

Might have an exaggerated metabolic response to that and this has to do with this phenomenon known as this second meal effect and that’s where we’re seeing some of the negative data linked with the ketogenic diet because in this particular study because again the ketogenic diet airs we’re having this low-carb high-fat diet for several days maybe even a week at a

Time then they were given this test meal challenge they had an exaggerated response their insulin sensitivity to that test meal was not that great and again it kind of makes sense from what we know about with the second meal effect so i want you guys to keep that in mind and that what was you know kind of conveyed in the abstract was that the ketogenic diet reduces

Insulin insulin sensitivity it affects blood sugar regulation but i need you to understand that that was during the high carbohydrate challenge meal so keep that in mind you know if your keto we were trying to be keto and then you have a cheat meal or a challenge meal that’s high carb i mean you’re probably going to have an exaggerated response tonight because your

Body is reprogramming itself in thinking that you’re gonna be low carb high fat so anyhow if you have different interpretations of this study links are below the studies is why the available to anyone it’s free i would love to know i could be miss reading something totally wrong i clearly see that the sea rats protein on the kijun diet decreased yet these authors are

Saying it increased i don’t know where they’re getting their math but if if you’re a mathematician or decision please let me know where i’m machinist but again i think it’s good that we we have these studies you know they’re short-term only four weeks you know but it’s good that we we’re testing this diet and it’s good that we have differences of opinion because that

Helps us learn i’ve learned so much from reading kevin hall’s studies i’ve learned so much from leigh norton you know talking about calories in calories out you know so it’s good to just have an open mind and realize that we don’t yet know all the answers we don’t fully understand human metabolism that’s why there’s still nutritional research going on so friends

You’ve made it all the way to the end i’m as always super grateful that you’re still here that means you like the video and please hit that like button if you know yet subscribe please do so because we launched one-off videos like this and also interview experts like peter atia ken berry paul saladino and many others so we’ll catch you on a future episode down the road see you guys

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Keto Diet Raises Inflammation, Reduces Insulin Sensitivity (study review) By High Intensity Health