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Kid Does Hydrocodone In School!

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Today I’ve got a story about a kid going crazy on hydrocodone in the middle of school! And sorry for all the sniffing I’m sick at the moment, but I’m working on fixing it XD. But thanks for watching and leave Rate, comment and if you want to see more don’t forget to Subscribe!!

How’s it going guys bang michael you’re against back with well actually my back with anything i’m just back to tell you guys everyone started my story time series here today and today’s story will be given with some world wars zombie gameplay well before we have into this i’m driving a normal difficulty because i’m not a pansy and when you’re hard cuz i suck it

Was started off but uh guys today’s today’s story is about hydrocodone and forgotten that it’s a prescription drug that is um that is very very potent and a lot of people abuse it hasn’t taken it in large mass or stored in it and real quick before i start telling these stories i’m probably gonna say this in every one of us two ways but i do not i forget how to play

This game i do not recommend doing any of this stuff i will tell you about here back punch but i can’t pack a punch anyway no i didn’t ever make any trick him into any of this stuff it’s terrible but today’s stories gonna be about a kid who did it in my school in dude he was the wildest kid in the world he’s a good friend of mine hear me wrong and i happened with

Anything but he was so wild when all this went down like this dude was straight up running around like a flash i’ve never seen anybody this fast before he i get on the bus the morning he rides my bus and i get in there he’s he’s just yelling my name is like you get back here get back here man i’m thinking myself i think what is this a web history dude this map

Is just giving my game aids he’s thinking i’m thinking about what could be wanted i go back here and he’s like bro bro i’m so messed up right now jesus who news with this kid zone i think would you take me and he’s like dude before i left i snorted like five pills i hydrocodone i was like oh my god birth it’s not good at all any as i bro i’m feeling it cuz i got

Three more my bag i’m like i’m just thinking to myself did this gets crazy chumley’s as much i think we’re gonna do the other three games like i don’t know i might do them in like second or third block and i was like are you are you mad man i’m just feeling good oh my god bro so i did some on music and i would get the school in this know just do you show every

Morning except he’s back here he’s singing dude her campaign on easy difficulty perry’s back here he’s singing all the music she’s listening to just out loud in the whole bus everybody could hear i’m freaking out she’s just losing his mind when we get to school he’s jumping around he’s so happy man he’s out of his mind face is all red he’s looking around and then

Like sighs dude i’m gonna do these i’m gonna do stuff who feels like real quick and i was like right now and he was like yeah man just get it over with sounds like you do what you gotta do a boo-boo cuz i’m going to the bathroom man sure you stay here never sites not going anywhere bro man he here’s the bathroom oh my god man whoa i mean we got all the other whole

Month princeton around i mean they’re like you sure he’s gonna be okay i was like if he has to come back in like ten minutes i’ll go check on him dude he comes back like four to five minutes later i’m back punch again girl word in my face i’m sitting there man he comes back he’s like bro bro bro he’s running around like crazy i went in there i sat down i smashed

The pill the pills and this kid gets next to me in stone i just had this conversation with him wow snorting i was like dude that’s why i’m just thinking this up man behind today and he’s like and he just goes on he keeps doing all this stuff i don’t wanna get into too much detail about it but he just constantly just caustic talk and ramble and walking around going

Crazy and that’s one point yeah one of his one of his friends sits there and he’s like and he’s walking around with him he’s talking to us and they go walk off he’s like man i’m hungry go get some breakfast i was like all right dude you go do that and they go eating breakfast man well they go to the breakfast there’s like a wino like lunch lines but we have him in

The morning for breakfast at school and he goes at that line and i’m just i turn around so talking about their friend and like not even three seconds later he left with this one friend he comes back in he asked he’s like hey man where’s he at and i was like you just just left with him what are you talking about where’s he at and he was like girl lost him i just

Start laughing i couldn’t i just didn’t know what to think about this dude i lost him he’s gone he’s gone he’s like yeah man i just think i don’t even know where he’s at and i’m like dude nice energy just interrupts me he’s like oh crap there he is and i was like what he just runs off bro disappears and i kid you not i go to i turn around and i talk for like two

Seconds and my friend he’s like oh there he is again i turn around and he’s like full-fledged spring behind me i don’t know how he got there that fast he was just gone and back straight up flash just in and out i just i don’t know how he did it and blew my mind and he goes back into his conversation in the bell rings shortly after that i’m selling in too much detail

But throughout the rest of the day he was just crazy every time i saw him until the end of the day we got on the bus and he was it was pretty mellowed out he didn’t have too much crazy i go ahead without any minute that that’s pretty much the story of going crazy it’s probably in the wildest moments actually i won’t take that back i’ve had some crazy moments in

School that she will be hearing about a lot lately i’m gonna have a lot of first-time videos like first times first time doing things but for now that was just explaining what he did and how that affected him and like i said i did not i just not condone any of this stuff i just tried to tell you guys why she didn’t do it what kind of bad impression it puts on you

But it was it was a wild it was a fun time i’m welcome alive she was a blast watching him going crazy um but that’s pretty much it i want to thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you when i see you

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Kid Does Hydrocodone In School! By Michael Bites