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KIDNEY DIET | What To Eat With Chronic Kidney Disease

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Hello everyone it’s hazel and i am a stage 4 chronic kidney disease patient for the past 11 years my current gfr is 26. i’ve been diagnosed with iga nephropathy more than 10 years ago over the years i’ve been working hard to delay renal failure and avoid dialysis with the help of my doctors through regular visits and blood tests so in this video i’m going to

Share to you what my diet is in order to slow down the progression of the disease i’m not here to say that i can reverse my kidney disease through diet because i’m still in the process of proving that but what i can say for sure is that through this diet my kidney function has been stable what i’m going to share is not only beneficial to kidney patients but

Also to people with underlying conditions such as high blood pressure which can be damaging to the kidneys also diabetes increased cholesterol level and other illnesses i have a saying that if it’s not natural don’t eat it it means that fresh food not processed food is the key to maintain or increase renal function over the years monitoring my numbers through

Regular blood tests has made me aware of my current renal function and knowing where my level is helps me to continuously focus on which factor i need to limit myself on whether it be creatinine potassium or phosphorus getting these important informations help me to be on top of it and in doing so choosing the right food such as fresh vegetables is the key

Knowing which vegetables are beneficial to my kidneys is critical choosing low potassium vegetables and fruits is a must because this mineral is tough for the kidneys to filter one thing to remember about my diet is that i eat the same vegetables and fruits over and over again i stick to a meal plan that is low in potassium and having said that i also have

To keep eating the same low potassium foods finding out the potassium content of any vegetable or fruit before deciding to include them in my food list is useful another helpful thing to remember is that low potassium food when consumed in large serving causes the potassium in the blood to increase so always eat in moderation or in small proportion meanwhile

When it comes to protein the best option is plant-based and fish as a ckd patient i have to shift away from animal products and go for plants that have protein contents like tofu in addition to tofu fish like salmon is a good source of protein and is also high in omega-3 which is beneficial to the heart and to the overall wellness adding fish into the diet

Is better than having pork or beef because they are high in protein and fats and for the fish i like to steam grill or fry them oil free and serve them on a bed of salad or green leafy veggies that are also low in potassium and for my dressing i follow a simple recipe using lemon olive oil or apple cider vinegar also when it comes to drink my best choice

Is water colored or flavored drinks such as soda and juice are removed from my diet to avoid unnatural sugar so in a nutshell my diet includes low protein low potassium low phosphorus low fats low sugar and low sodium diet and lifestyle play a crucial role in maintaining the renal function but doctors visits and regular blood tests are also equally important

For me it is a major point to always be aware of my numbers where my potassium level is phosphorus protein creatinine my bun and all of those factors so to simply put it i couldn’t emphasize more the extreme importance of food choice and a desirable lifestyle with consistent blood monitor and doctor’s appointment that’s all for this video everyone and i hope

That i was able to share to you some helpful tips on how to improve your renal function or at least maintain it so if you like my video give me a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell notification for my upcoming videos i’ll see you next time bye

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KIDNEY DIET | What To Eat With Chronic Kidney Disease By Best Kidney Diet