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Kidney Failure DONT IGNORE These Symptoms

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Kidney Failure DONT IGNORE These Symptoms.

The kidneys are the organs that are responsible for detoxifying our body through urine and among other things they also have the function of balancing the levels of sodium calcium and other substances essential for our health a kidney malfunction is of course a concern they are located under the ribcage and are estimated to eliminate toxins of around 120 to 125

Liters of blood per day however sometimes the body retains too much residue and prevents the kidneys from performing their tasks optimally as a result important processes in the organism are altered and diseases can reduce one’s quality of life the most worrying aspect is that it is very difficult to spot a kidney problem right away and the more time passes

The more difficult it is to treat it following this it is essential to know how kidney problems manifest themselves and when to suspect a disease of these organs in this video we present eight main symptoms to identify a kidney malfunction quickly one changes in urine changes in urination habits and changes in urine composition are early symptoms of a kidney

Problem since these organs produce urine it is normal for this to present some noticeable changes if the kidneys are not working correctly for example it may increase the need to go to the bathroom at night or fail to hold urine during the day it is also common for it to be more yellow than usual almost orange and to have a stronger more unpleasant smell two

Enema or inflammation water retention or edema can be the result of the kidneys having difficulty performing their functions properly the inflammatory processes in the body are not balanced and fluids remain in the tissues inflammation can be seen in areas of the body such as feet legs ankles face hands abdomen three acne toxins that remain in the bloodstream

Due to kidney failure can promote the appearance of acne they are transported to the pores and sometimes alter the normal production of oils as a result unsightly pimples and an itchy sensation appear that can even be unbearable it is possible to treat acne with topical medications but when acne results from an intoxicated body it must be addressed by purging

The kidneys 4. pain in the lower back pain in the lower back or one of the ribs may indicate the onset of kidney disease while it’s easy to confuse this symptom with common muscle pain care should be taken as it could indicate polycystic kidney disease stones or liver disease 5. nausea and vomiting although these symptoms can occur due to multiple factors it

Should be known that they can also depend on kidney disease especially if other disorders accompany them in this case nausea and vomiting occur because the residues are not eliminated in their entirety and prevent the proper functioning of the body systems 6. dry skin indicates a malfunction of the kidneys as kidney disease progresses the body becomes dehydrated

And reduces its ability to use fluids properly as a result the skin loses its natural hydration and becomes drier over time 7. dizziness some patients suffering from renal failure and infection to the kidneys may develop anemia that they need to control as soon as possible it is important to consult your doctor if you suffer from constant dizziness a feeling of

Instability and fatigue this symptom is due to the lower production of red blood cells so the brain stops receiving the necessary amounts of oxygen eight lack of appetite a person who usually eats regularly and suddenly stops doing so should suspect the presence of some disease in their body while kidney problems aren’t the only ones that cause loss of appetite

This is something you should consider sometimes kidney failure causes hiccups and in turn increases the feeling of satiating finally it is possible to counteract kidney malfunction if it is detected in its early stages otherwise severe hypertension chronic water retention and infections occur look out for any of these symptoms and see a specialist if necessary

I hope this video is more helpful for you feel free to ask any questions and share any thoughts you have about the video in the comments below we would appreciate it if you share this video with friends and family thank you

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