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L-Carnitine In Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease

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L-carnitine can help manage the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. Some people with these conditions will take L-carnitine by itself with regards to symptom management, while others will take a combination of Bugleweed and L-carnitine to my patients. Either way it’s another option to consider to for those with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease who are following a natural treatment protocol.

Many people with hyperthyroidism and graves disease prefer not to take anti thyroid medication and manage the symptoms and would like to take a natural approach to heal on their condition symptom management is very important with any hyperthyroid condition and for those who don’t want to take methimazole or ptu there are natural alternatives l-carnitine has been

Shown to inhibit thyroid activity when taken in large doses and as a result that is taken by some people with hyperthyroidism in graves disease to help manage the symptoms so what is l-carnitine it is a nitrogen containing compound and it helps with the process of transporting long-chain fatty acids instead of mitochondria for oxidation it is manufactured from

Lysine and methionine which are amino acids even though l-carnitine is mainly found in the muscle most of it is produced in the liver the kidneys also manufacture some milk carnitine some food sources of l carnitine include beef pork fish chicken and dairy products as for what l carnitine does in large doses and inhibits thyroid activity and there is some evidence

That it also effects a conversion of t4 to t3 all right so the dosage of l carnitine needed depends on a number of factors first of all if someone wants to continue taking anti-pirate medication and they will want to take a lower dosage than someone who decides not to take the drugs the same concept applies to someone who incorporates other natural remedies help

Manage their hyperthyroid symptoms for example if someone is taking hugo eid which is an herb that inhibits thyroid hormone production then they would take a lower dose of l carnitine than someone who wasn’t taking this herb as for a specific dosage information some sources will recommend for people with hyperthyroidism and graves these to take up to four grams of

L carnitine on daily basis but once again the dosage will vary depending on whether the person is taking anti thyroid medication and/or herbs if a patient of mine is taking anti thyroid medication or an anti thyroid herbs such as bugle weed then i will recommend a smaller dose of l carnitine to begin with if someone is relying on l carnitine allowance and manage

To hypothyroid symptoms then i’ll recommend a higher dosage of the supplement if someone would hyperthyroidism or graves these chooses not to take any medication then i typically will recommend a combination of supplements and herbs to manage the symptoms well i think l-carnitine is a great supplement the primary natural remedy i recommend for symptom management is

Bugle weed when i was initially diagnosed with graves disease bugle was a manor that helped to manage my hyperthyroid symptoms to be honest even though i currently recommend l-carnitine to some of my patients i personally never took l-carnitine when i followed my natural treatment protocol and the reason was because i wasn’t aware of the benefits of l-carnitine at

The time as it pertains to hyperthyroidism but as i learned more about this supplement i began recommending it to many of my patients and it does seem to do a good job of managing the symptoms when taking a larger doses motherwort is another herb that can help with symptom management this is similar it’s a natural beta blocker as taking this herb can help greatly

With the cardiac symptoms such as a high pulse rate and palpitations although bugle we’d help my hypothyroid symptoms greatly i eventually took mother ward as well since i still had some heart palpitations and some people also take a lemon balm which is another wonderful herb that can help with the symptom management alright get him back to l-carnitine in addition

To regular al quarantine there are a couple of other forms one form is of propia nil l-carnitine which is used to help with conditions such as peripheral vascular disease and congestive heart failure acetyl l-carnitine is typically used for other conditions including mental disorders nerve pain and low testosterone so some sources state that propia nil l-carnitine

And acetyl l-carnitine can be combined to help with chronic fatigue syndrome with regards to hyperthyroidism in graves disease i typically recommend regular l-carnitine although some people seem to do better ones taking a combination of the three forms i mentioned here but the combination of bugle weed and l-carnitine seems to work well acetyl carnitine will help

With the production of glutathione which is important for both immunes in detoxification and this may explain why some people do better when combining the different forms of l-carnitine now of course keep in that l-carnitine isn’t a cure for hyperthyroidism as well taking it can help with the hyperthyroid symptoms and over time may improve the thyroid hormone

Levels and tsh it won’t do anything for other compromised areas of the body so just as is the case with bugle weed l-carnitine is only one component of a natural treatment protocol and taking it alone won’t restore someone’s health back to normal so to summarize l quarantine can help to manage the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in graves disease some people with

These conditions will take l quarantine by itself or regards to symptom management but i typically we recommend a combination of bugle weed and l quarantines my patients or many times just buccal weed alone either way it’s another option to consider for those with hyperthyroidism in graves disease who are following a natural treatment protocol to receive more

Natural thyroid health tips please visit natural endocrine solutions comm where you get a free guide entitled the six steps on how to treat graves disease and hashimoto’s thyroiditis through natural methods this guide contains 100% pure content and is not a sales pitch for any product or service thanks for watching this presentation

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