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La DROGA ZOMBIE ms PELIGROSA en 2022 Qu es el FENTANILO y cules sus EFECTOS en el CEREBRO?

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Hoy hablaremos de una de las #drogas sintéticas de las que menos se habla y que a la vez más estragos está causando en la sociedad. La peligrosidad de esta droga reside en la potencia y la adicción que provoca.

The purpose of this video content is merely educational. the channel that cries out to me does not promote or will promote the consumption of any type of narcotic substance. today we will talk about one of the synthetic drugs that is least talked about and that at the same time is causing more havoc. in society, the danger of this drug lies in the potency and addiction that

It causes. it is considered a prescription drug for sale in a pharmacy since it can be prescribed by doctors as an anesthetic and analgesic to treat intense pain, especially after operations and in operations. advanced stages of cancer in recent years has become one of the most prescribed drugs while overdose deaths in the us already exceed those of heroin in our country

In the 80s and 90s today we will see what penta is nile what problem is being brought to society and how it affects the organism of the people who consume it interests you let ‘s go there penta nile was synthesized for the first time in belgium in 1960 by doctor paul jansen of the janssen pharmaceutical company, he investigated chemical components that appeared in mobile

Phones widely used at that time, such as morphine, in order to obtain a drug with greater potency and with fewer adverse effects, fentanyl, whose molecular formula is 20 h 28 n 2 com has in its structure a divine pipe ring from which a pen y lety starts on one side and a mida group on the other side ms considers it an essential drug and it is among the 250 most prescribed

Drugs in the world the problem of this drug is that its potency far exceeds that of morphine and heroin in fact is 50 times more powerful than heroin and about 100 times more powerful than morphine many become completely addicted after treatment and start looking for it illegally in the streets, when the doctor stops prescribing it, many even make the leap to heroin, which

Has similar effects and is much easier to obtain, there are already many singers and celebrities sos who have died of overdose but this is just the tip of the iceberg of a silent pandemic of which little is heard among the musicians who lost their lives because of this drug are jay bennett tom petty matt roberts or paul drain of slipknot but without a doubt the most notorious

Death was that of prince in 2017 that it is even known that many doctors received commissions from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing this type of medication in this way everyone came out winning the doctors prescribed a pain medication that paid the client thus avoiding the high costs of the operations and the pertinent commission on the other hand the pharmaceutical

Companies managed to make the patients addicted and dependent on these drugs well in reality not everyone won as they had always been harmed these were the patients and their families who sent of the good faith of the doctors they allowed themselves to be advised and accepted to submit to the treatment and this, no matter how conspiratorial it seems has been verified since

The us state department took the pharmacist to trial for the way it sold said drug this pharmacist pleaded guilty to aggravating one of the worst public health health crises up to cob and 19 and had to pay the government about 8,300 million dollars, a fact that led to bankruptcy, the consumption of this opioid drug has been growing rapidly in recent years, as can be seen in

Numerous graphs, but beyond the numbers, there are neighborhoods such as kensington in the city ​​of philadelphia that is already known as the zombie neighborhood in which the situation is already more than critical these opioids are a class of drugs that are found naturally in the poppy plant some of them are made directly from the plant while others, such as fentanyl,

Are created in laboratories, other names it receives on the street are apache jack of dance fever murder age friend so good cash and butt you will see this drug will bind to the opioid receptors that we have in neurons specifically it binds through membrane proteins called g proteins where it produces its effect and makes us secrete dopamine like most drugs the effects are

Instantaneous and are summarized in pain relief, relaxation and a feeling of well-being or euphoria, dopamine is associated with receiving a reward , which is why it is the key to the beginning of addiction, the body will begin to need the drug to continue receiving that reward, which leads to addicted behavior after continued consumption the brain adapts so much to the

Drug that it produces tolerance , that is, it becomes less sensitive to the drug and to experience the same sensation it requires more quantity this tolerance together with its high potency is what makes it one of the most dangerous drugs since it is very easy to reach the lethal dose when an overdose of pentanyl occurs, breathing can slowing down or stopping completely

This reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the brain what is known as hypoxia hypoxia can lead to a coma cause permanent brain damage or even death very common is that traffickers mix 30 ni lo with other drugs like heroin cocaine m emea and methamphetamine to increase profits and make them addictive so it’s often hard to know which drug caused the overdose actually most

Drug addicts fentanyl are not even aware that they have taken this drug to combat overdose there are drugs such as naloxone and hydrochloride of the soul but curiously it is marketed by the same pharmaceutical company that we talked about before what a coincidence it does not create a problem and then created the solution, often a business, but since the pharmaceutical

Companies pay me , as they say in other videos, it was around here that i better shut up, in short, these revived medications they quickly prevent overdose as they adhere to the receptors and block the effects of the drug. fentanyl can be found in numerous forms. there are transdermal patches that adhere to the skin in liquid form. it can be administered intravenously or

Intramuscularly, and nasally. it is through aerosols it can even be found in solid form taken orally or by sniffing its powder through the nose well i hope you have learned something i have thought it very necessary to make this video since it is a problem that affects us as a society and yet it is getting very little echo as you can see i have changed the format of the

Videos a bit given the heavy workload i have so i want you to tell me what you think in the comments below you can also propose new ideas in the comments that i will read each and every one thank you very much for coming here have a nice day and see you in the next video

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