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Labetalol : Meds Made Easy (MME)

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Welcome back the men’s navy my name is tarun today we’re going to talk about labetalol i don’t know what the brand name is as long as i’ve been in school of an out of school i’ve been practicing i’ve only ever known it that’s a little bit of all it’s been a generic the entire time from what i can tell it’s been generic for a very very long time so it is used for

Hypertension or high blood pressure now it is not a first-line therapy first-line therapy is the first drug but what you want if you have high blood pressure that is not the case there are other medications you should be on that your doctor should prescribe to you before if you’re on this medication you’re on this medication because one it’s not controlled well

Or you can tolerate the other medication as well that’s the reason why you should be on this one now let’s see here it has alpha blocking and beta blocking activity so it is a beta blocker as well as an alpha blocker now with these meant to make these videos i don’t like to really get into the science of it too much because most people just frankly just don’t

Care but i’m just going to kind of touch on this just real quick so this works with two different mechanisms of action right so a beta blocker works by controlling blood pressure by controlling the pacing of your heart so how how it the rate of the heart is what it modulates right so in a high blood pressure state your heart is probably pumping too fast but this

Is going to do is it’s going to slowing down by slowing it down there’s less blood shooting through your vessels hence less pressure right now the alpha blocking activity of it refers to the actual vasculature of your heart system so the heart system in the most basic way to put it is like a plumbing system if something gets occluded if any of the vessels get

Included or blocked then pressure starts to rise right so over the years of eating back stuff your arteries start to clog up right and it becomes smaller and smaller smaller now what happens when you’re trying to push the same amount of blood through a vessel that’s smaller pressure goes up the speed of the blood has to be faster to move it to so more blood can

Move through it right so what this works by doing is relaxing those blood vessels out in your vasculature to ink so to allow for an increase in the blood flow increase in blood flow without it going too fast causes a drop in blood pressure and that’s what we want that’s what we’re looking for so and also over time heater vasculature that this gets into a hole a

Deep dive into the cardiac system and how your blood vessel system works but it can also become rigid over time as well so sometimes you do medications to force them open and things like that so that’s how it works it’s a very very effective medication we see it practice all the time now in terms of how you’re gonna take it i don’t go over dosing strategies and

Dosages just because every doctor is different and i don’t want doctors calling me up and yelling at me because you called them and say hey my pharmacist said this and now this is what’s up so you can take it once a day twice a day i don’t think i’ve ever seen it more than twice a day the thing about it is be consistent with how you take it and i mean that was

Like with or without food so if you’re taking it without food every day do that stick to that without food every single day if you take it with food that’s fine too right but when you take it with food it increases the bioavailability of the drug meaning more of it gets into your system and that’s not necessarily good or bad you just have to be consistent because

If you’re constantly if you’re getting different levels in your blood stream back and forth it creates a problem you want the blood your bloodstream to have the same amount of drug at all times right we want consistency that’s what we want a medicine and that’s what we want your body is well consistency let’s see here the onset is anywhere from 20 minutes to two

Hours you know everyone’s body is different it reacts differently so anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours which i can feel it at peaks i believe in about one to two hours meeting the max in fact the medication was felt about two hours and then let me see and then the medication generally works for about eight to twelve hours of activity which is why you can go

Up to twice of a dosing be ids in color it’s pregnancy class c which means as long as you talk to your doctor and you wait out the benefits and the risks it’s generally safe to take there is such thing called an rn d relative infant dose and so you have to get your breast milk measured and stuff like that to make sure that there’s not too much the drug in your

System if it’s below a certain threshold you’re totally fine above not good too much is going into the baby we don’t want that the liver renal issues always make sure you running them by your doctor i know sometimes people use different for doctors for different medications make sure everyone’s on the same page on what you got i’m put up a list of side effects

Here you know the again it’s tolerated build it very very well the things you kinda have to watch out for is that kind of mini gi issues to just kind of true of any medication you put your body dizziness and then there’s this thing called the orthostatic hypotension which is kind of present with all beta blockers and the best way i kind of explain it is is

Whenever you get up in the morning you brick your blood pressure is usually is that it’s lois that it’s gonna be all day but if you quickly get up too quick your blood pressure will spike and the medication will prevent your heart from being able to pump so quickly and it causes people to pass out it happens so we have to always warn our patients about beta beta

Blockers and that’s only if you’re on the really high doses on the low doses it shouldn’t but and everyone it’s different so i want to say that it can’t not not happen you know what i’m saying so it can’t happen so just watch out for that so when you get up in the morning and things like that or or even if you were working out where you doing workouts kind of

Like parties where you going down and up real quick you know watch out for that because it can cause those kinds of issues so just be careful with those be cognizant of it and then adjust yourself accordingly if you kind of feel a little bit lightheaded when you get up real quick and you’re jumping up and down up and down things like that then you may be prone

To orthostatic hypotension and in severe cases you can kind of black out and fall and hurt yourself right we don’t want that guys i think that’s it with this one pretty easy pretty not so bad right leave comments concerns down below give us a subscribe let us know how we’re doing we’re just trying to help with these videos thanks guys we’ll see you next time on meds made easy by

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