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Lady Tries Taking Huge Bag of Drugs from Cop During Search

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I got this footage from the santa rosa sheriff in florida in january of 2021 an officer pulled over a lady for not wearing a seat belt and running a stop sign he also happened to know her through regular police contacts now let you watch what plays out next but as always the full police report is in the description below and i’ll go over the outcome of the case

At the end of the video hey how are you i’m good how are you got your glasses on you just got it yes it’s valid i actually just paid my home so okay yeah that’s crazy it’s been 2014 since you had a license well the reason i’m pulling you over is one whenever you drove me by me earlier you didn’t have your seatbelt on and then you also rolled the stop sign back

There too um i’m pretty sure i had my seatbelt on maybe my arm is through it but i’m pretty sure you’re pretty sure yeah i’m like you got registration insurance whose vehicle is this um it’s um jay who’s jay um he is just a friend of mine and his daughter is on vacation okay does he have registration insurance it’s okay i’ll take a look at it on the computer

Just go ahead and uh you step out for me you just leave all that stuff over there just leave the bag over the passenger seat for me yeah we’ll hold off on the vape yeah just bring your phone if you want all right thank you we just got here we just walked up okay but sir i just leave it right there for a reason you got a battle license yeah okay grandma i just

Got my basement you just got a bag or something yeah there’s some traffic stuff i know that i didn’t even do anything wrong can you start working on a written warning for her she wasn’t wearing a seat belt seat belt and she drove by she was standing here like hiding behind her arm and then she slow rolled it all the way down again huh yeah it’s good nicole you

Got anything in the car or on you just gonna get you in trouble absolutely not okay i don’t understand though i mean i’ve been doing nothing but like staying home you know yeah i mean whose vehicle is like what’s the guy jason is he using any kind of illegal narcotics no sir he well he’s um actually on the drug patch so i know he’s not what about you have you

Used anything recently no sir was the last time you used i’m not feeling very well right now but it’s not i’m sick but i’m trying to get something do you have anything hidden on you no sir do you have anything hidden on your person no sorry okay all right well i just like to give everybody the opportunity just because you know my dog did alert so i’m gonna take a

Look inside the vehicle if there’s something in there that you know about and you’re honest with me it can go one two ways you know but if i have to go in there and find it and you lie about it then you’re gonna go to jail i understand sir so is there anything in there no sir okay all right we got a female bet under the driver’s seat well that’s that’s pretty much

Where uh she was spending a lot of her time your favorite stand back here where do i stand over here you have a seat there if you want on the push bumper yeah what’s need to keep the dog alerted on your car because of that you don’t need to give consent you know when she gets here and searches you she’s not gonna find anything on you is she okay no weapons

Either no knives yeah all right stop let’s go give give them your hand or you’re gonna get dog bits you’ve yeah the one that was in your pant leg got it i’ve seen it too man no okay all right nikki sorry i got her on video touching all kinds of stuff in there i’m gonna read your rights okay you have the right to remain silent uh with these rights in mind do

You wish to talk to us now yes or no okay did you say no she said yes all right we gotta have some honesty okay yes that’s the only way that things don’t go really bad for you okay yes okay what is all this this is the opportunity to be honest this is the one and only so what is it all um i would like to talk to you um i i just i would like to talk to you

But i would like to talk to you guys when you’re not out here in public well we can arrange for that at the gym and then i understand that look that substance is going to be tested all i have to do is test my car because out of the bag is going to test positive for fentanyl heroin or both you you do know do you know what it’s going to take positive for i’m not

Really sure um do you have anything else on you yes you’re going to be satin in my patrol car and there’s a camera in the back seat okay so it’s going to be i guess when you’re hot you’re hot i guess when you’re hot you’re hot you think it’s all going to be heroin yeah it looks like it we got some uh i mean i’m telling you that whenever she saw that it was a

Cop she was behind it tried to hide behind her arm and then the entire time that i was lighting her up she was hunched over and when she got out she got out like like squeezing everything together keep trying well last time i pulled them over i’m pretty confident she was holding that time too it wasn’t the bad one well i thought the uh no i’m telling you i think

She just had it like in her thigh okay because i’m telling you whenever she got out of the car she could barely walk she was like that’s why she wanted to let it go because yeah positive on the fentanyl test kit so but it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a combination i can smell them anyway nicole was charged with three felonies two for possession of narcotics without

A prescription and one for trafficking and heroin under 30 kilograms she was originally given bail but it seems like sometime around may her bail was revoked and she was taken back into jail the charges haven’t been resolved yet and it seems like she’s fighting it

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Lady Tries Taking Huge Bag of Drugs from Cop During Search By Active Police Cam