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Latuda 40mg experience

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Chronic depression to bipolar depression (September 27th)

So i just wanted to make this video because i want to continue updating anyone who is listening anyone who’s curious like i was regarding you know the process of latuta and taking the pills and stuff so and like you see my videos i’m not a professional i’m just being an ominous person telling my honest opinion of my results of what i’m experiencing since i

Started latuta um again that is a medication it’s 40 milligrams and it’s supposed to be for schizophrenia people and like all this stuff you know like different symptoms are like severe i thought all i had was chronic depression but it how do i say um apparently they discovered that it wasn’t you know with my psychologist or psychiatrists both of them under the

Same department and stuff um seeing me for the past six months um felt that my condition is not um just chronic depression it’s um bipolar depression and it makes sense because everything they were reading off sounded like everything i was always complaining about and everything i was saying my symptoms were and stuff and you know they want to go for this um my

Second day of taking it um it was really hard it was very hard i was ready to give up it was just i woke up with a headache um bad like i had just gotten punched on this side of my face and it hurt so bad there was nothing i could do falling asleep drinking water a lot of water taking medic like you know tylenol um i haven’t put bigs i even had somebody rub it

I even smacked it a couple of times it was just it was that painful it really felt like my brain was just this section here was just shrinking sizes you know like a sponge you leave out in the sun it just shrivels up that’s what this whole part of my you know side felt like and it sucked there was nothing i mean it hurt so much and i just i think myself i didn’t

Take it that i needed to throw up by the end of the night um i tried real hard to keep it together i tried real hard to not quit and it was it was very painful it was it was i just didn’t understand what was going on i didn’t know if i didn’t have enough sleep which was weird um and that was my second day and i ended up just throwing up and just saying the day’s

Over i got through it as long as i could which was good because i have to get up at six in the morning and take my daughter to school gotta take the next one at seven like things like that like some i’m busy from like six a.m to and i was busy till like almost 11 p.m so yes it was a lot and i have a very very strong um tolerance for pain i really haven’t really

Did three girls with you know just no medication everything you know and it was like intense laborers we hadn’t do so it was just like you know that pitocin i think it’s called up in you just you know kicking and just just a lot of stuff and i mean they don’t do the usual let me rip your bag with these tweezer things no this lady stuck her hand in and you know

It just too so yeah so my labors were intense they were really intense and i have a very high tolerance for pain um i’ve always suffered from migraines so i thought that’s what it was at first and this was nothing like migraine if anything migrants seem to like go come back go come back kind of thing but always at the same intense rate but this was all day every

Day i don’t even know how i got through i just i was shocked and that was my second day and i just wanted to share that with you guys so you guys are up to date i hope it’s not like that for you and i hope that you guys whoever it is that’s doing this is just remember to keep in mind to stick it out because you just don’t know what the next day’s gonna be like alright bye

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Latuda 40mg experience By Vivian Bray