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Latuda Review!

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✨First Talk Tuesday of This Decade!✨

Hey i’m helen and today is the first tuesday of the month therefore this is a medication review video if you are new or haven’t watched any of my other videos i review a different medication i take in on the first tuesday of every month and i’ve already reviewed lamictal / lamotrigine out of hand / lorazepam and quit – / derek lowe so if you’re interested in

Watching in hugo’s i will link them down below for you today i am reviewing a medication called lacunae and lutz hooda is the first fda-approved medication to treat specifically bipolar disorder depression so it doesn’t help with meany and it doesn’t help what makes episodes it’s just for depression and it can help people with type 1 or type 2 bipolar disorder and

I also read that it can be taken in conjunction with a mood stabilizer or on its own without a mood stabilizer which i thought was pretty cool before i get into it completely i do just want to say this is my own personal experience how it affects me may not be how it affects you you know medication affects everyone differently for a variety of reasons so i’m just

Gonna take everything i say with a grain of salt especially if you haven’t even started this medication yet this is just my own experience and reality with this medication so like i said this helps specifically bipolar disorder depression i personally have bipolar disorder type 1 and i was starting to feel more depressed in august july august of 2017 just a lot of

Different things happening in my life i started to notice the lack of motivation want to just stay in bed and not do anything i started to seclude myself a little bit and i also lost interest in school and that was kind of the big red flag for me because i really enjoyed going to school and learning and when i just didn’t care about it i knew something was off so

I called my psychiatrist told her what was up she recommended and suggested ‘la – doh haven’t heard of it till she talked about it but she was really enthusiastic about it she told me that she had different clients with bipolar disorder taking it and it was really helping for them so that obviously made me very hopeful i did my own research but it’s a pretty new

Medication relatively new so at that time which is gonna be three years ago now there wasn’t many reviews on it or videos or even articles or anything like that so i didn’t know too much about it besides what my psychiatrist said so i was very hopeful i started off on the smallest dose forgive me i don’t remember but it’s just the initial dose usually that’s like

Five to ten milligrams you know something small so it was the first dose i was also on 200 milligrams of lamictal socs lamotrigine at the time and the seroquel and out of man as needed as well as birth control those are just the medications i take so i was on all of that and i didn’t change first impressions it helped somewhat my mood started to improve i started

To get some motivation back it wasn’t like i woke up and everything was amazing you know it wasn’t like that i was just like oh hey unfortunately at the same time at my skin broke out horribly my whole face just like type of acne that hurts you know so it just i broke out and it was hurting and i also gained about 12 to 13 pounds and this was all within the first

Week and a half two weeks so it came on very suddenly and that was just really disappointing because i had high hopes about this and i hadn’t read anything negative about it but my face broke out and make clothes weren’t fitting anymore which was cause we need to be very self conscious as i’m sure you kind of imagine and i was starting to get depressed and that was

Thinking my mood even more so the benefits weren’t weighing outweighing the side-effects at all so i called my doctor i told her what was happening she asked if i had changed anything i told her i didn’t and i told her i was gonna stop taking this medication because i just wasn’t worth it for me personally i don’t mind if things changed my weight a little bit or

If i breakout somewhat but just to the extreme that it was really scared me and i was thinking if this is the first couple weeks you know what’s gonna happen in a few months and my mood you know that much better for me to want to stay on this medication so i went off latina and honestly within the next couple days after going off of it my face started to clear up

And my weight started to go back to what it was before i definitely chewed up so it was very apparent that it was the medication that was making me half those side effects and i just stopped taking it everything went back to normal yeah that was just you know this medication review i hope this was helpful for you again like i said everyone is different this was

Just my experience with it i’ve been seeing different videos and articles and everything where it’s really helping people so i definitely say give it a try if anything happens to you like it did with me you can just go off with a bit and everything with me went back to normal so you know i’m hoping that will be the same for you if anything happens to you but yes

I hope this was helpful for you thank you so much for watching next month i’m going to be discussing lithium and that was an experience so if you’re interested in watching that you know stay tuned like i said i have my other videos linked down below and i also do wellness wednesday videos we’re just kind of discussing different wellness tricks and tips and my yoga

Teacher a reiki master and sound healer so i talked a lot about eastern philosophy and ways to help the body and the mind and the spirit through those modalities and tuesdays are kind of just a more fun short video for medication reviews because i do personally believe in blending the best of western and kind of psychology and available along with eastern healing

Modalities and holistic alternative just because that’s what’s been helpful for me and managing my bipolar disorder anxiety depression and endometriosis so i really just want to share what’s helped me with anybody else who is interested in learning about it again thank you so much for watching this video and i hope you have a great day

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Latuda Review! By The Chronic Wellness Goddess