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Latuda! Sounds like a Fart!

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#Seroquel, #ValproicAcid and now #Latuda. I have finally reached the level of needing an anti-psychotic that I see advertised on television with that long list of potential side effects. Yay me.

Welcome back to another episode of i don’t know what you want to call today today we’re going to be talking about the drug latuta the latuda that you see on tv the one that sounds like a fart the one that has like 22 different uh side effects and thank god i haven’t had any but i’ve been on it now for two weeks on a mixture of seroquel valproic acid the one that

Looks like little minions and la tuta it’s been doing well for me i’m very happy uh because i may have not said it before but i’ll say it right now it could take between two five ten years to find the right mix and i finally think i found it because i can go for long walks again i could get out of bed without much pain in the back uh my quadriceps don’t hurt

And if you do hear strange noises in the background that’s just bella humping her pillow anyway so yeah i’m feeling much better i’m finally getting out for the walks which helps my mood during the day and i want to thank once again my uh not secretary my psychiatrist maureen hodgson for working with me not against me uh working alongside me listening to what i

Feeling what i need what i think i need she’s been a great partner to my mental well success but i also want to show someone or something to my mental wealth success she’s chasing her tail right now and no it’s not my wife um bella come here phil come here come here let’s show somebody something first of all you see her over here you will see her above my head uh

Get it out of the way there you go and let me introduce you to her come here bill come here up get up there we go she’s part pit she’s part of eagle and she’s just a beautiful loving darling girl of mine she knows when i need her and that’s almost always but the toy in the mouth her mouth is it i want to introduce it to everyone hold on belle look she’ll tug it

And wait let go let go wait it’s called westpaw give a nice little plug for them i have about let’s say three toys for her now and she can’t chew through them she can’t break them i’m just i’m i’m just amazed on how well they are made so once again you can find them on amazon westpaw please do buy their product please support them they’ve been great for us never

Been disappointed okay bill get off the screen go um so yeah latuta seroquel valproic acid quadriceps feeling better maybe run a marathon this year back feeling better maybe build a house but yeah latuta the drug that sounds like a fart but works very well for me on that note and as always i want to wish everyone a phenomenal day and if i point in the camera in

This direction i’ll see you later cheerio

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Latuda! Sounds like a Fart! By RenegadeRetailer