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Latuda studios plays with GWM om CODBO3

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Hey guys Latuda here I haven’t really done anything with Gamers without manners. But I went to his house, we played some games and stuff then we thought to record some black ops 3. So we did some gun game, and well its stupid but fun. At least for us hope you guys like it. Check out Gamers Without manners channel to

Top of the afternoon tea of boys and female children it is your boy not lituya studios here and i’m coming at you with a dank new video i’m a sellout now woohoo let’s go it’s me oh mario i used to guy who i constantly say is in the description you are you’re in my just channel description i said check me out on gamers without manners cuz i’m on your channel like

All the time i read a beat you carter not shoot oh geez oh oh oh no you know guys you can check this guy’s channel out lincoln in the description in the description no link in the description if you want ha ha now he’s a dying a dying i use a good to language it’s fine it’s fine death is a part of life sniper winter ho i got a shotgun that’s cool that’s cool job

Oh jeez i did need a better gun i need america i need a better gun excuse the ski doesn’t know what physics are you can’t that’s stupid that’s that’s them why are you in the other house it was firing what be nice if we were older yeah we bought and have to wait so long what and nipping nice i don’t want to you’re gonna kill me if i do you’ll kill me no you kill

Me if i look out that window ask you to mist shoot damn hey you got them i got you you in a – fires so now you have to give me respect token eight high white humiliation party just thought i’d like to thank the academy for this i’d like to thank the academy killed me and i got sent back a gun you’re stupid where did you kill me i have 50 i know i went up a gun

No for the last one i went in do you have any friends that are playing we shouldn’t invite and fight one christ carter stop stop it stop it no leave me alone yeah i killed you you should have died out there why didn’t you die there’s only monica in life i went up a gun at least no jackie boy no no no all i went back one gun yes i will win even if it involves

Killing you i know it does that’s the irony the win this is for all the times you’ve beat me at this game i will win one way or another even if it involves cheating words to go no who would you kill me man man o’war my baby my true baby my love interest my love this is the best map ever this is the greatest day of my life oh wait this is just redwood beau it’s

Snowy here yeah oh my god cannonball oh maui he had done killed me you’ve done goofed i want to jump down here and i live now because this ground all right edit that out that never happened none of that happened i swear all right just just all right time for me to work my magic and it time for me to work my magic of editing in of what number one is victory royale

Sign what what hey since it’s the season of giving carter i’d like to give you my christmas present verily it is the season of giving it after all no my christmas blaster broke it was dead you mean destroyed and wanna die at such a young age i don’t know what i’m singing because it sounds off what the heck am i neon paint gave julian a evangelion was i wasted

A i’m going to kill myself write this hey card since you have such a consistent one bit sam i am no no no no for my baby she’s my sweet threat prince i’ll jump before you kill me don’t be jumping there we go fair play you can’t kill me now i refused death by my own baby shoot i died

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Latuda studios plays with GWM om CODBO3 By skoty_boy 21