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Left Side Abdominal Pain Under Ribs Causes & Remedies Covered by Dr. Berg

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Experiencing left side abdominal pain under your ribs? Try these remedies!

Now i’ve talked about right-sided abdominal pain  but i really haven’t talked too much about pain on   it’s really hard to find so this video is on   rib cage on the left side what could that be   you have the liver here you have the pancreas here  so your liver is right here and your pancreas is   the right side and then

You have all these   little tubes that help drain bile biles made in  your liver it drains through these little tubes   they’re called ducts and most of it gets stored  in the gallbladder and it’s concentrated by   five to seven times so then when you eat it gets  contracted and it squeezes out through here into  

Your small intestine well you also have a pancreas  that makes enzymes so the enzymes especially like   releases the enzyme called lipase which helps   break down the fats but there’s other enzymes as  well that are created by the pancreas and secreted   kind of right in your below your stomach area   right here in the mid

Part you have a joining  of these bile ducts with the pancreatic ducts   so if by chance there’s some type of gallstone  or obstruction in the in these pipes right   through in here or down here there’s going to  be back pressure that goes into the pancreas   irritating itself so typically pancreatitis   gall stones

But up to 40 percent of the time   unknown cause but if you look up more data on this   it’s kind of a pre-state or a pre-gall stone  where you’re getting this thickened bile sludge   that is very hard to detect on either a cat scan  mri or even ultrasound because the crystals are   very very small and i’m going to put a

Link down  below if you want more information about this but   of clogging up these little pipes right here   and you have these little valves that might not  close properly we’re not getting the drainage it   can back up and create this right here so this  sludge is concentrated cholesterol crystals   this does not

Come from having high cholesterol  or consuming too much dietary cholesterol it comes   from having a lack of bile because it is the bile  that is a key thing in your body to help regulate   the bile that helps keep the cholesterol thinned   and when you’re lacking bile your risk for gall  stones increase you get more biliary

Sludge   and you start getting these crystals the solution  is not necessarily to go on a low cholesterol diet   when you do that that will help to thin this   cholesterol bile material and allow drainage to  occur but if we go deeper and talk about what you   need to do to make sure that your body produces  more bile

There’s several things that you can do   cut your carbs down that’s called healthy keto do  intermittent fasting cut down the amount of grains   that you consume because when you increase grains  you increase insulin and too much insulin can   deplete your bile reserve also too much estrogen  can do it too so if you’re taking birth

Control   pills or even when a woman is pregnant and she has  a spike in estrogen that can mess with the bile   that’s why women that are pregnant have a higher  risk of getting gallstones same thing with women   vegetable oils are omega-6 highly inflammatory   this can also increase insulin and create insulin  resistance

Which then creates a problem with that   having too many nuts or nut butters can give you  too many omega-6 fatty acids and irritate this   area right here of course we talked about alcohol  you’re going to have to cut down your alcohol to   no more than a six-pack on a weekend number seven  corn most corn is gmo that means it

Has glyphosate   which is very irritating to the inner lining of  your bile ducts right through in here also it’s   a carbohydrate and then of course taking purified  bile salts this would be very very important take   one in them in the morning on an empty stomach  and take one in the evening on an empty stomach  

And that can gradually help keep this flow opened  and keep it drained and reduce the inflammation   go if you have a question about a product   how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you   need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i  have a keto consultant standing by to help you   this is just for the people in the

Us hopefully in  the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call   so you can call and get some help

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Left Side Abdominal Pain Under Ribs – Causes & Remedies Covered by Dr. Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC