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Hey guys it’s me draco um and welcome to another video fully customizable legos so um first up i’m going to be showing you the lego fly i’m gonna show you how to put them together and then you’ll see i’m in one piece so first you’re going to need these legs specific legs they can’t be regular black see it’s got that thing and a bunch of little green dots attach that

This crazy torso took out a crab hand which is particularly you can only get this out of the minifigure pack which is for sale here in 2015 so um there’s his wings they’re like fly wings that you put that on like a lego cape and here’s his fly head and that is him he leggo fly so guys next up i’ve got this i’m very good again huh nope you torso some purple legs and

A steve hebb pretty simple i’m not going over this guy this guy or this guy they’re basically all the same guy except for him i mean all he is is basically has the same character is just he’s on the different colors minecraft zombie instead of steve you could probably imagine how to put him together it you don’t need to do any hair special features do that and that

Anytime so guys i will be right back ok guys i’m back and so next we are going to be putting together at the vampire lady this is your torso this is her legs surprisingly actually they don’t move it’s just as pat like block so you catch that block to the poor soul you are going to want to put on the plastic cape this this cape is made out of plastic for some reason

I’ve never seen its like batman’s cape but plastic so you can put that cape on by putting both of the holes around the neck and then you put the top part on with the holes over each other then you put on the head which is the vampire girl head not quite complete though you don’t you don’t know what she was holding because she holds something where is it here’s her

Hair and one more thing that she holds completely matches in at all all of the other things it matches with what she’s wearing also to like spider webs and stuff it matches because it is a spider that i dunna dunna dunna dun john cena okay now i am showing you a fully customized lego zombie that i made myself so you need this which comes out of the minifigure packs

Clone trooper body specific one this one comes out of a old lego pack to that you probably cannot get anymore and this um yeah just um bounty hunter helmet so let’s get to it put the head on the torso and these crazy legs there i mean really guys you can use anything i mean as long as you have these and a yellow head that doesn’t really matter i mean all you have

To do is really put a head in there doesn’t have to be that specific head he make it look like a zombie head something like that but there’s a fully customized lego zombie i’ll be right back so guys this is another fully customized character from britain minifigs that closed down and then opened up to another family up there in new mexico sadly actually i’m over

Here in my rancho it’s all the way out now albuquerque by uncle cliffs so yeah so here is this lego / helmet you get i got that from some minifigs out of the light character box you you need a lego sold your head green you need this like star wars screen um like the star wars clone trooper green torso which is awesome and then you need these crazy legs yeah fully

Customized from dixon minifigs so guys he’s putting together like that lego steve for much then you put his helmet on and that is what it looks like be right back so guys another fully customized lego from bricks and minifigs so i have this lego airport torso i have no idea where you get it you need these jeys injury legs which you can only get in on ninjago sets

You need the scuba diver hat and you need this visor this specific visor and you need this guy’s head from star wars so i’m going to show you first you can imagine what to do this is not really how that bicycles in if you don’t know how so yeah this torso with these legs the j ninja legs and this head then this it’s like where the heck does the visor go you can’t

Really see well as you can see there’s a little bit of a dent in there maybe you can’t see it but look it clips right on and this is what you will should look like if you want you can add an accessory to their or these little things where you can like stick anything like things you can completely customize it so next up i’ve got another guy that i would like to

Show you fully customized so guys on this guy’s head is very valuable because you can no longer get it plus it looks awesome look so crazy halo head or something right or star wars thing that’s not it came out of a minifigure pack that you can no longer get then you’re going to need a skeleton torso to skeleton legs yeah to skeleton legs right here and one skeleton

Arm and to make the weapon we need this and this acts piece you tap you can probably imagine how you put those together like that you probably don’t know what’s going to happen though he’s not going to be holding the axe so you put one leg on you get your other leg put that leg on you get your crazy head actually guys i’m i missing a piece from that diet so yeah

Here’s this guy and you need your skeleton arm boom you probably think he’s going to hold this no here’s his helmet you need this specific clone helmet if you want them to look like mine and then you need to do this this might be very very hard so watch close so you put this um you know the tip that tip pointy part well guess what you put that in there on the middle

Bone opening of the ribs and look he’s stabbed it’s a pretty cool um customized lego if you ask me i mean when you move the arm it didn’t come off you can shake it it still didn’t come off so i really like that it’s like it’s supposed to attach into there so i really like that cool feature anyways i will be right snack and back up my ball so yeah guys it is another

Fully customizable bricks and minifigs character so you need go holes um random new ghost tour so i believe this cult or so you need these like sick legs yeah you get you a closer look see it’s got a chain that crazy school leg thing you need that you look like that then you need this head right here attach it looks like that then you need this golden helmet this

Is all out of the bricks and many things been and then you need this crazy visor another one of those goggle visors and you give him his gun which comes out of another bricks of minifigs pack actually look at this to prove to you i have more i have like three of these visors have to here and there’s one more you’re gonna see no light next minifig right back okay

Guys i’m back and i actually got this sky out of the bursa minifigs glass but he actually comes in mini figure packs that are no longer for sale so he is the lego paintball guy so here’s his legs pretty paintballed huh there’s absolutely nothing on the back so you don’t need to see that on this he’s got a bunch of green splats on the back he got one a boring splat

Fully customized back he’s got one splatter here on his paintball helmet he’s got a very gruesome head literally that is his head pretty mean-looking huh he came with a paintball gun but i lost it yeah it’s somewhere around here so you put that helmet on and then right smack dab in there divisor and guys it’s good that i come on video so i’m 11 minutes in i can i

Can only record through 15 minutes so so guys this is not fully customized this is actually from a burton this is not from bricks and minifigs this is from another minifig pack that isn’t for sale right now so i suggest you get there quick because not only can you get this zombie you can get the vampire girl or the fly and wait i’ll be right back guys right back ok

So there’s more you can get you can get quite a few here so you can get the wolf you can get a werewolf you can get a goat a zombie pirate it looks like you can get in that scientist a witch you can get a guy in a snake suit that fly that i have a chained up ghost zombie cheerleader um tiger lady gargoyle kelton trick-or-treater a frankenstein the zombie guy that

I’m about to build a crying trapped spirit a crazy fuzzy creature with a camera and then the vampire lady so guys let’s get straight back into building so yeah he comes with this torso and these pants and you can see the underwear in there it’s kind of weird i think it ran long underwear underneath or something cuz yeah ooh i would just be gross if he wasn’t so

You’re going to want to put on a zombie head just crazy scraggly hair it you’re going to want to put this in his hand it’s a newspaper this is brandon’s says zombie times and then brains and it’s got a picture of a ring on it which is really weird so you gotta he’s holding that and then he’s got a suitcase wait he’s got a very small suitcase see two guys oh you’re

Right back so guys i’m back and i’m going over one that is actually got fairly quite a few minutes quite a few parts but sadly guys after this i can’t show you the rest until another video but yours lord garmadon his legs his second tour so first torso bone head his head and his helmet pretty hard to put together complicated so i gotta hurry up and build wick see

There’s his head bone bone the wolf will boom so there’s the bone he’s a secondary torso his first torso and his legs but anyways guys thank you for watching this video and anyway i will see you in just a second for the end goodbye

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