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Letrozole Cycle #folliclescan

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First time taking Letrozole (Femara) 2.5mg. In this video, I will be going to my monitoring appointments to check how my follicles are responding to Letrozole. I’m sharing symptoms while taking Letrozole. Watch until the end as I share all my ultrasound appointments and updates.

All right let’s see if anything is down here now it’s a complex cyst on the right 10 by 19 it’s not real big and that should not be impacting the cycle on the left there’s a 13 by 15. i love those small okay you can push back into that so there is something growing on the left most likely still needs a couple of days before it’s ready to release but we’ll

See what the blood work looks like today hopefully you might just do the portal in a couple hours it was a 12 just two days ago yeah not a whole lot not a whole you know one when it’s 12 it doesn’t necessarily continue to grow now the size that it is it’s a 14 now so it should continue growing the problem is if we’re using the if we’re just waiting for you to

Ovulate you know people cannot be later to 14 or they may not ovulate until it’s 25 or 30 or 35 so let’s see what the blood work looks like today most likely we’ll advise you of course the next couple of days and we’ll have you back you know maybe midweek okay all right thank you you’re real welcome we’ll see you out here for globe when you’re ready okay hi guys

Thanks so much for joining um i want to get right into it i just want to welcome you to my channel my name is eslin and if you enjoy this video if you find it useful make sure you give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe my camera’s sliding hang on let’s get right into it and uh tell you what’s going on with me so i have been uh let’s see the last time i was

Pregnant was six months ago and since then i’ve been just literally waiting waiting around for either my period to start waiting around for um you know different doctor’s appointments um i my period has been pretty off lately um i’ve been getting it every like 40 days every other month something like that and um also i have since then have gone to um my clinic

I’ve gotten a lot of tests done things that you know tests on on on chromosomes on to see if i have any blood clot mutations going on and just further testing to see what’s going on and why i have been miscarrying so so far i have had two miscarriages if you have followed my journey you know um and my last one like i said was six months ago so um since then my

Doctor when i went to my first visit she she wanted me to wait until all my my blood work results came in and for them to get a full um you know report on to see what’s actually going on so i’ve been waiting on that um mainly i’ve been waiting a lot of my period and now that i got the green light for my doctor to go which they found nothing wrong they they tested

My chromosomes um you know it’s completely normal um they tested everything and everything pretty much came back normal the only thing that my doctor did have a question about was um my prolonged clotting time and she sent me to a hematologist so i went to my hematologist and he did a ton of blood work which i’ll do another video on um you know the results on

That so my humanologist also asked me to you know wait a month before trying just so that he can get a full uh you know all the blood work in and see if anything’s going on so anyway so here we are and um it’s my first month where i’m got the green light and i can go now we can start trying again and um my doctor my reproductive endocrinologist put me on um

Letrozole so um at first i didn’t want to take lectures i just wanted to do everything natural um and i have i i did get pregnant twice naturally um without taking any fertility medication however um they both ended in miscarriages so this time around i i just i wanted to give i wanted to try something different so i decided to try letrozole this month and i

Wanted to see since it’s my first time i wanted to see how my body would respond to letrozole if it would produce a mature egg for me and hopefully a super egg and um you know hopefully this is what i need to um get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy um my lunch is ready um so i’ll be right back guys so i am hoping that um the letrozole is just what i

Need to create a healthy big egg and um you know and then we can try and hopefully um everything works out but um so i’m i i’m starting on day five i’m doing um my doctor wanted me to start on day five um and then you take it for five days so i’ll be taking it taking it from cycle day five six seven eight nine all the way to cycle day nine and then i’ll go in

For monitoring um just a few days after that just to see how my body uh responded how my eggs responded to um my follicles responded to the electros all so um i’m hoping that everything goes well i’m i’m excited because it is my first time like actually going to a fertility clinic and and doing monitoring and you know seeing how um how my body did respond uh

My follicles responded to these to this medication um and if you’re not aware lechozole is an um ovulation um induction medication it’s like your first stop to fertility most doctors prescribe either clomid or letrozole electrosol seems to work best with women who have pcos like myself so i took letrozole from cycle day five to cycle day nine so i took it for five

Days and um letrozole works for a few days after that it continues to work and work its magic on your uh follicles and um hopefully in a few days i will have a large enough follicle and then ovulate um so as far as side effects i didn’t have anything crazy going on um i remember one of the days i felt irritable um and a cons i did get a consistent like back

Pain like a it was basically a sore back is what i got um and that was like pretty much throughout like maybe like four days um out of the five that i did take it um it wasn’t anything crazy but like i said it was if my back did feel sore hi guys so i’m smiling because um my follicle actually grew a lot um so on i was cycled day 13 and i was 14. my follicle

Size was a 14 um so i was actually hoping for more i wasn’t really like too um too too happy with the results but um the doctor did tell me that my follicle will actually grow more now that it’s a size 14. um so today it’s been three days since since then so i’m cycle day 16 today and i was hoping for at least an 18 and um it was actually a 21 so which is

Ideal i was actually i was so happy i did not expect that at all i i thought um you know i’m one to always have hope and stuff but i was like oh you know please like at least an 18 and when he when i saw the follicle size just before he even said it i was like oh my god it it’s it like this is it and um and then he told me it was a 21 so and i have a picture um

I asked him if i could take a picture of the screen and he actually printed it for me which was awesome so it’s a pretty big one um so yeah i’m really happy like i said i’m cycled day 16 and um yeah he said he said i could be ovulating like he was like it could just be a rupturing um but i thought they could tell that but anyways um he said i could be ovulating

Any minute or i can ovulate within the next few days um i’m hoping that it’s any minutes because uh it’ll just be easier um obviously but um as you guys know i’m a flight attendant so it’s a little easier um i’ve been off this whole week so for tracking and um you know obviously i can’t be away to try so i’m praying that it’s it pops just today tomorrow any

Minute from now um anyways i have been uh tracking my obviously um doing my basal body temperature in the morning um my temperatures in the morning and it i haven’t gotten a rise as of this morning so um we’ll see hopefully tomorrow maybe or something but um yeah so and i’ve also been taking my op sticks the the the clear blue the digital one um it’s my

First time using it because i’ve never used sticks or anything since i have pcos it’s not really too accurate for women with pcos but um i’m hoping that uh i get a peek soon because i’ve been getting um when i started i think it was cycle day 10 i started and it was i just got the um which means low fertility i’m not about to open it and then the next day i

Got the uh smiling flashy the flashing smiley um and i got that for five days today is my fifth day and it’s still flashing um so i don’t i don’t really know what to expect but um you know i have been reading some some forums and there’s women that they never get the sm the the solid or they go from not um from the the o or to to straight peak which is the

Um the still smiley um so yeah i don’t know but everybody’s different so we’ll see how long this flashing smiley goes but i’m gonna keep testing um you know like i said everybody’s different maybe it’s the pcos but i don’t know oh i wanted to mention my cm my cervical mucus so this since this is my first um month on letrozole my first cycle on letrazole um

My cm has been not what i’m used to so i’m used to my cm being you know um a lot like my my panties my underwear is soaking wet and i have a lot of cm um my signs are very clear but this time maybe again it’s my first cycle electrical so maybe that has to do with it but my cm has not been what it what what i’m used to um i got two days ago i got some like

Egg white cervical mucus and um but then it kind of like dried up and then like and then the next day i got a little bit of like the slimy like whatever and then at the end of the day kind of like not much there so that is not what i’m used to um i’m used to my cm all day long like just very like egg white and you know and i usually get it for like about three

Days i get water free for a few days and then you know like two three days of the egg white um so that has not been what it is it’s not creamy um so i kind of feel like i don’t know i just been i have been trying just in case because i’m like it is my first cycle so i i don’t know if this is like a new cm because i’m i’m i’m on letrozole but yeah it’s just i

Wish it was more so i could have a clear sign but the doctor did say that i might ovulate in a few days so maybe the cm is coming i don’t know um like i said i’m still gonna keep tracking my cm i’m gonna you know i still tamp by temp every day i’m gonna still do that and i’m still gonna use my opks even though it’s it’s been i don’t even know what to expect of it

Um but for tracking purposes i am going to still continue to do all that stuff so anyways i’m really happy like i said um my egg is nice and big i’m so so happy and proud of my body and everything that it’s doing and it’s just it’s it’s a different um it’s just such a different cycle just because i’ve never monitored or anything so to see like all the science

Be and everything that goes into ovulation is actually amazing um i’ll probably get sick of it if you know my cycles like women that go through this every month i’m sure it’s not fascinating at all um but i’m so happy with the news today like i said size 21 um i couldn’t be happier then i didn’t know what to expect you know you don’t know what to expect every

Cycle is different obviously but um you know with trying um trying letrozole and and um you know it’s been a long process of waiting and before i can even get on let’s result it took me forever um so now that i’m finally on it i had no idea what my body was going to do which i’m so proud of my body also my lining is a 10 which is really great news it was a 7

On cycle day 13 and like i said i’m cycle day 16 and it’s 10 so um which is great so really happy about my results today so it looks like it’s about the same color i mean it’s a little messed up but it might be even yeah i think it’s actually darker is intermediate 8.6 do you use ovulation predictor kits at home yes it says i’m peeking oh it says you’re

Vegan yeah excellent right side is multiple smalls 15 by 12 left side 24 by 21 is which is good yeah and my my uh my lining is eight point so two days ago so let me start the process of automating one of the hormones called progesterone what that does is it kind of compacts the endometrium it’s a prepared for implantation all right thank you yep take

Care you too come outside for blood okay

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