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Letrozole for Breast Cancer

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Got a lot of tests scheduled and I am excited and blessed

What’s up youtube good morning so i’m on day two of my medicine and i i looked it up and the medicine shows that it’s a chemo it’s a keem it’s a chemotherapy pill so i’m just thinking positive thoughts um i just got a call i have an mri scheduled for the 25th of the chest i have a pet scan of the whole body i have another what’s it called biopsy i think the biopsy

Is on the 25th as well so i have nine o’clock on the 25th i have mri and then at three o’clock on the 25th i have a biopsy genetic testing counseling i think that’s like in october um i haven’t talked to the surgeon because i ain’t gonna talk to the surgeon oh i ain’t having nothing coming out um so that’s the only thing i didn’t do i didn’t call the surgeon and

I ain’t gonna call the surgeon um i feel good so far i’m having coffee having some coffee damn fly but um yeah so you know i prayed about it i’ve come to the realization that you know the herbs they’ll detox my body but nothing’s going to remove the tumor so with the medicine that i’m on level i can’t remember what it was but um yeah so the medicine i looked it

Up and people have said that like it gives them like the side effects like the joint pain and stuff but those people had chemotherapy and radiation so i god’s grace and mercy i should be okay because i haven’t had the chemotherapy or the medicine i’m just you know or the radiation or the surgery so i’m just having the um the chemotherapy pills the hormone therapy

Pills but the hormone therapy pills i looked it up in their like chemotherapy pills so it’s weird but at least it’s a less toxic form of chemotherapy uh breckenridge makes the ones that i got i looked and uh i feel good so far day two but um i didn’t have any pain so that’s like that’s a plus to not have the breast pain and i can wear bras now so um yeah things

Are good you know i prayed and like i said god put me with the right doctor because she’s just ordering everything so i got an mri a biopsy pet scan i already had the ct scan i already had the bone scan so because you know she just wants to to you know she’s like oh well it’s been three years you had nothing done you know let’s at least get the uh let’s at least

You know get the biopsy so she could stage me and see what stage i really am she did say that um they didn’t do a fish test so i’m gonna go upstairs later or maybe tomorrow when i have a day off and look because she said that they didn’t do the fish because i’m er pr positive and her2 negative but she said it’s it it’s a a c2 or n2 or something so that means that

It’s neither negative or positive that it’s unknown because they have to do the fish test so i’m going to go upstairs and look and see but she’s still going to do the biopsy um i really didn’t want to do another biopsy but she wants to see if you know the tumor has changed as far as shapes or whatever i did have an uh mammogram i i told her i had the mammogram

Already so she didn’t schedule me for that because i ain’t doing no more little squeeze tests cause i’ll punch a um but yeah so i’m just looking forward to the tumor shrinking i slept so good last night slept so good slept very very well um yeah i’m excited like the only thing it said that the medicine hair thinning i’m not looking forward to that no i told my

Fiance i said my hair falls out we going half on a wig we’re going half on human hair wig full lace human hair wig like 30 inches my hair to thin that’s the only thing so i mean the i’d rather take a chemo pill then versus the actual chemo going into my veins you know what i mean so it said that like you should notice in about four weeks if the pill is working

Um she did say weight gain and mood swings but i already have mood swings so i’m hoping this like levels my mood out you know i’m hoping prayer you know um weight gain gotta cut out the damn sugar gotta cut the sugar out the sugar and the meat so she said if i’m doing plant-based or going vegan then i won’t gain any weight so i didn’t have any meat yesterday

I did have some cheese some queso dip i had that but no meat so i watched everybody eat my favorite sausages but no meat so at least i’m doing something you guys you know i managed three years on my own without seeing a doctor and the tumor had grown one centimeter but um yeah so get it shrunk down because my thoughts are this if i can get it shrunk you know

The medicine will shrink it i won’t need surgery because if i shrink it i won’t need surgery because the the chemo pills that i’m on kills the it destroys the estrogen and it stops the tumor from growing and it shrinks the tumor so get it shrunk down that way i won’t have to have any mastectomies and then you know if it gets to the point where they need to take

It out then they can take it out and i keep my breasts because i told her i want everything that i was born with i already made the mistake by having a hysterectomy you know it’s from lack of knowledge you know i’m saying but uh yeah she’s awesome i gotta drink water because she said before the mri gotta drink water so i’ll be going on a water fast on the 23rd so

A lot of water water water water i had an mri before so but yeah this doctor she’s doing more than the va than the army ever did she just like ordered a whole freaking workup i mean i got an mri a pet scan ct scan bone scan she did blood work i’m gonna do genetic testing so that way we know if might you know if i inherited this and whether or not my daughter’s

Gonna be okay so all grace and mercy goes to god you know i prayed and i asked him and he put in place you know what i mean so yeah but i’m excited um i gotta ask her about herbs because i want to take herbs to do a detox as well and i don’t want it to confer i don’t want it to conflict with the medicine that i’m taking so i this morning i took my medicine at 8

30 so i want to try to take it early in the morning like sun up so that way if i do take any herbs later on in the day it won’t have an effect on the medicine so i gotta do some more research on the medicine and um and see and then ask the doctor because she’s doing a video video chat so i’ll ask her when we do our video chat because after i get all these tests

Done she’s gonna video chat me with the results so that’s gonna be that’s gonna be uh a day so yeah yep yep yep so that’s it y’all um god bless everybody i thank you guys for for being my virtual friends i thank you guys for your caring i thank you for your compassion um and i just hope everyone can be blessed um so that’s good you know still no chemotherapy

Intravenously um no radiation and no surgery all i’m doing right now is hormone therapy that i told her you know what i wanted and she she brought it up and it was just a blessing so now i got to um got to go in my office after i could deal with all these tests probably september because august 25th yeah i’ll have test test test test test so this month is going

To wear me down but at least i’ll get things done but i have to uh get a workout schedule got to keep the bones and check take my vitamin d still and then uh keep my bones because i don’t want to be in too many pills i don’t this i wanted this to be the only pill so i’m going to be on it for five years so my birthday february god’s grace of mercy i will have

This cancer gone and i’ll be in the best shape of my life all right so like comment subscribe i love you guys and blessings to everyone god bless

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Letrozole for Breast Cancer By God Healed Me