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Letrozole Side Effects if Pregnant! – What will Happen

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Video explains what will happen if you took Letrozole while pregnant! So don’t forget to take a pregnancy test! Also, what is better, Clomid or Letrozole? And when does period start after taking Norethindrone?All these questions are answered in this video.

I did something so stupid i cannot believe that i did it i can’t believe i forgot something so crucial when it comes to taking this medicine during my friend that they scheduled an ultrasound to check my ovaries and a uterus and they found that i had cysts on the ovaries and i had no idea they put me on a medicine it’s basically birth controls called north monroe

This medicine assisted this was the to take away of cysts the moment you stop take me within two to three days you’re supposed to start your period but i’ve never started and it took me literally a whole life to start it so by the time i started my period i was so excited that i completely forgot the number one thing they tell you to do before you take letrozole

That it’s taking pregnancy tests as it clearly states it says take two tablets by mouth daily confirm negative pregnancy test before starting i’m headed to the store right now to buy a freaking pregnancy test i do know that you can have and you can think that it’s your period but it’s really leading from an egg implanting so that is why it’s really important to

Take a pregnancy test before you start lectures off what’s really dumb here is that pharmacies they close at seven birth control stock and the pregnancy stuff are in the pharmacy and they lock it up so if it’s past seven o’clock you can’t even get any thing that you might need it’s like a condom or like a pregnancy test so you toss weird edit to walgreens so it’s

Always kind of embarrassing going into these stores because people know my business and they’re gonna know exactly what i’m buying pregnancy tests since all these pregnancy tests are like really expensive like literally the cheapest one is like 15 bucks i’m gonna go to the dollar store my friend who had problems getting pregnant kept taking dollar store pregnancy

Tests and she found out that she was pregnant with her second child with a dollar store pregnancy test so i’m know they work and they’re only a dollar dollar $15 dollar oh the dollar store you start left resolved while you’re pregnant you can kill the baby or a cause of major birth defects negative just like i thought i’ve been really bad if it was a negative my

Doctor prescribed it to me and then she found out that i had system overs and she’s like we’re definitely going to give you a wet dissolve because the clomid can make your sis worse and if you have cysts on your ovaries you might not even ovulate so that’s a fun fact for you that’s another reason why you should go to a specialist if you’re having problems getting

Pregnant or you can hiss ask me questions and i can tell you so be sure to comment below subscribe to my channel and i will be posting videos hopefully once or twice a week thanks for watching one of amana you are awesome

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Letrozole Side Effects if Pregnant! – What will Happen By Wanna Be Mama