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Letrozole/Trigger Shot!!!! Approval

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Y’all I’m so excited to be fully starting the journey we took all the necessary test that we needed to take and now we were approved for the medicine and the trigger shot stay tuned for our next video where I go get an ultrasound to see how the follicles have grown and if we get the ok to actually take the trigger shot as well as how I have been feeling on the medication so far

Okay everybody so i just got back from my appointment with the doctor and oh as you can see i’m in the smell of my face everything went so good uh they did an ultrasound for me and made sure cause i’m on my cycle from the provera and they made sure you know that i was good to go to start taking the let trust us all i don’t know how to say it but anyways oh my god

I’m going to pick it up today and i’m also going to pick up my trigger shot today too and we get to start the medicine we get to start this one y’all i didn’t think it was gonna happen this month i was thinking it was gonna happen next month that we gonna start so you know god is so good god is just working he is working so yeah i just wanna update y’all welcome

Everyone and welcome back to my channel if you don’t already know it’s your girl keith marie brown and i’m coming at y’all with another video as you saw in the previous clip before because that was like my initial reaction after i left the doctor’s appointment that yay we got prescribed letrozole and we get to start this month so i’m like super excited like

Uber excited like i don’t even know what to do with myself so yeah so um i’m gonna go ahead and jump right on into this video i just wanted to do my little weird intro that’s not really an intro but anyways see you guys in the next clip all right y’all so i’m going to go ahead and record myself taking my letrozole and you have to take two pills and my phone

Is about to die so i can’t even see myself but it doesn’t matter hopefully it doesn’t die before i finish this so i have two little yellow pills i hope y’all can see that because i can’t see anything right now and i’m about to just go ahead and take them because my doctor told me to take them today so and they’ve taken so it’s two pills it’s 10 pills so it’s

Two pills um i guess over the course of five days i’m not good at math but i think it’s five days and then um next thursday i go back for them to do an ultrasound to make sure that my follicles are stimulated and stuff and then they’ll give me the trigger shot um my trigger shot is supposed to either come tomorrow or sometime next week before my appointment

So fingers crossed with that and then after my ultrasound the doctor will tell us when it’s okay to baby dance because we opted to do um timed inter timed monitored intercourse where we do this at home but they monitor my ovulation because i just because i have pcos i don’t really trust the little ovulation test and it’s just like it takes a little bit out

Of the stress with that um he said that the outcomes are about the same when doing monitor time intercourse and doing it at your home like you know the little kids so he said the only difference is it does cost more to do the monitored one um because they have to do ultrasound i’m okay with that because fortunately um i’m blessed to be working at a job that

Pays for my fertility um if y’all don’t know i do work at amazon and amazon does pay for infertility issues so if you do want to have a child um you know maybe consider going to amazon so that they can help you cover the cost of this process now i really wasn’t just with amazon for this at first i just wanted to work at amazon and i was i was a driver for

Like five years and then i wanted to work in the warehouse i had no idea that they offered this until i met my manager who is going what was now she’s had her beautiful twins um but she was going through the same thing and she was like hey um you should you know call you know get your insurance call because amazon pays for this and i was like what so that’s

Why i’m opting to do um the go ahead and just pay a little bit more just to be monitored because i want to make sure everything is okay and i want to make sure everything works out i don’t really want i want to take a lot of the guessing out of it i don’t really like to guess you know i’ve been on this journey me and my husband been on this journey for a year

And almost two years and i just i just want to take the guesswork out of all this so let’s just go with monitoring so fingers crossed that we get our first baby this month y’all like i just can’t believe that it’s happening like i get the medicine this month like i have so much high hopes for this like especially with god because god is the one who did all this

Like if it wasn’t for him none of this would be happening and we wouldn’t have gotten the okay to try this month so i’m believing that god said it’s your time that’s my thing so yeah baby guys to all the women out there that is trying um my heart goes out to you because i know what it’s like i’m obviously going through it um and i just pray that you guys get

Your bundle of joys no matter how you get your bundle of joy whether it’s time intercourse whether it’s iui whether it’s ivf whether it’s adoption whether it’s surrogacy i don’t care how you’re gonna get your bundle of joy i just my heart goes out to you and i just pray that you do get your bundle of joy um also to consider amazon does pay for all those kind

Of things actually so i don’t know about the adoption though but i know the other things that i listed off they help with that so i mean i would definitely look into it like i can’t you know thank god and i can’t thank amazon enough for just helping me on this journey even though it’s a very stressful one i’m not going to even lie it’s very stressful and i know

That everything is in his timing and not my timing and just because i want something when i want it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing and that is something i’m definitely learning and i’m becoming more at peace with and like now i can just be excited like i’m just so excited y’all y’all really understand like like i just cried today tears of just happiness

Because i’ve been wanting this my whole life but i’ve been really wanting this for like 10 years and i feel like i’m just so close to it like i’m closer than i’ve ever been and i’m just blessed that i have a loving husband that i can raise our children with in a two-parent home like these are all the things that i wanted in my life and it’s happening because

I’m trusting the lord and that’s all i want to say i just want to say blessings to everybody and i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week sorry

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