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Letrozole(Femara), Clomid, Ovidrel Side Effects: My experiences

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I this is the end of a third infertility cycle. I wanted to share my experiences to help prepare others for potential side effects of the infertility medication. I have taken Letrozole (Femara), Clomid, and the trigger shot Ovidrel.

Hi guys welcome back my name is kat and for those of you that don’t know i’m going through infertility and i wanted to share my experiences with side effects for three different drugs that i have used through infertility clinic um i have used clomid letrozole and the trigger shot ova drill so if you would like to know some of the some the side effects that

You may experience stick her up hi again my name is kat and um just a little i guess disclaimer i just because i experienced some of these side effects does not mean you will um you might experience no side effects or you might experience more side effects than i did and just a little heads up that everyone’s different and some of these um i don’t even know if

Completely they were side effects i believe they were i don’t know though because you never know might have just been hormones um which i guess these infertility drugs trigger hormone levels and all of that and for those of you that are new uh my husband and i have been trying for one year and is it nine months or ten months ten months so almost two years we

Have two kitties who they like to sometimes throw their two cents into the video by scratching or running around like crazy or meowing so if you hear anything in the background it’s probably them but let’s get into this i have a little notepad here so if i’m kind of like looking down that’s why i didn’t want to get any of the uh either the drugs wrong or what

Cycle we were on so the first uh cycle of clomid i it was all the way back in 2019 yeah 2019. so we did clomid it was a hundred milligrams for five days it was our very first experience with the infertility clinic actually yes yes um and i didn’t really experience any side effects i had warned my husband that i hear there’s a lot of side effects and that

There’s some kind of horror stories around this um but he so some of this is off of what i felt and then some of this is i asked him for his input on what my side effects were um his his input on this was i i didn’t really feel anything i don’t know i thought i was normal he told me i did get sillier like i was doing just random things that he would look at

Me and go did you really just say that did you really just do that like that’s that’s odd i i don’t know but i don’t know if i was just maybe so excited to finally be doing something because we had well if you want to know our whole story i’m not going to get into it um i already posted a whole entire video on our journey if you’d like to check that out it’s

Our pcos journey um but so i’m not going to get into that we i was finally excited to be doing more i guess um the next round we did clomid this actually ended up kind of being a weird round um our clomid round was 150 milligrams so they bumped it and i wasn’t really experiencing any egg change and so we’ll get into why this became a weird cycle in a second

But for that clone mid round i didn’t experience mood swings but i became really sad like i didn’t want to get out of bed i just wanted to just lay there i didn’t even want to watch tv i just i didn’t want to do anything and my husband became very very worried about me he told me and because i just i didn’t smile and i’m usually kind of like a upbeat trying

To be positive always type person and i just i was really sad it was bad um luckily that only lasted like two days after i got off the clomid and then i was back to normal but my eggs weren’t developing so they actually that same cycle put me on letrozole i was on two milligrams i believe it was two milligrams i didn’t write down lectures all for some reason

Um i believe those two and i didn’t have any mood type thing side effects um what i did experience was hot flashes i just suddenly be just drenched in sweat going oh my gosh it is hot in here and my husband would look at me and go no it’s not and i would take it about eight ish so that it was in my system and if i needed to eat something so that it didn’t hurt

My stomach i could but it was far enough into the night that i would also be going to bed soon so most of the the side effects were during sleep um the side effects or the hot flashes weren’t horrible but they definitely made me uncomfortable um not terrible though that round i also did the trigger shot for the very first time which was overdrill and i didn’t

Have any side effects um i felt fine i we went about our day like normal and nothing again did not end in pregnancy so we’re on our third round this round was actually an iui round and so i did lectures all again this time at five milligrams and this time it was just the one drug other than the trigger shot but i experienced bloating my belly felt just huge

Um and i i know it’s not actually huge but it just felt ginormous if that makes any sense um then hot flashes again and this time i got headaches i would wake up with a slight headache that after i had some coffee and i ate a little bit something of like bread or toast and it would go away but not fun this time doing the trigger shot again overdrill i don’t

Know if i i posted in the process of iui all about the symptoms so if you want to know the process of iui and hear complete details on how i felt i filmed while i was having the symptoms so i recommend going and looking at that but a little recap i was extremely nauseous and i don’t know if it was because i had a migraine i woke up i came out into the living

Room and i realized i can’t be out here my head just felt like it was going to explode because it was so bright and i hid in the room for a bit um until it lessened into a more moderate type headache so i don’t know if maybe the nausea was because of the headache or if it was a side effect but horrible migraine and every single time i moved i felt like breakfast

Was gonna come up it was bad um those are the drugs that i have done and those are the side effects that i have had um so again i don’t know you might not have all these side effects you might have more side effects i don’t know but i hope that this helped someone to be prepared i know that i went to youtube and google and all of that when i was starting these

Drugs um to see what what can i expect um i think i kind of got a little lucky i know i’ve heard some pretty bad stories about these drugs not not to scare anyone but just to mentally prepare yourself and ready yourself for this i know the end result hopefully is pregnancy and it’s all worth it but prepared is always the best so i really hope this helps someone

If you had more side effects and you know about these drugs and you’re like oh this is what i experienced please leave comments below to help both me i mean i hope and pregnant this realm but if i’m not i would like to know what other things might i be expecting or maybe someone out there is looking at the comments going are there any other side effects so

Leave a comment if you would like to follow us on this journey i recommend clicking subscribe um yeah hopefully i’m pregnant this round um we i actually just got done editing the iui all the steps taiwai which means i am at the very beginning of my two week wait it’s gonna be a long long two weeks um so i don’t know if this video is gonna come out before or

After i post if i’m pregnant or not but be on the lookout for that i’ll see you in the next one bye you

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Letrozole(Femara), Clomid, Ovidrel Side Effects: My experiences By Adventures in-Fertility