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Let’s talk vitamins | Aimovig | JBV #131

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Hey Guys!!

I don’t know hey guys welcome back so um this thing is something else so i’m using my phone to record and i got a new phone so it’s it’s very very different i do not look very good um i just thought i’d show you like what i’m doing and then we’re going to make supper but we’re going to use do these um oh sorry these things the every plate and i thought i would

Share with you guys but first we have to feed these dogs and then i have to refill vitamins so let’s get to it so right now they’re eating this options are kind of slim so i have the three plates i’ve already put down the it’s half a cup of dry food like two of the dogs get a little hack this is better from this side this is one of those double water food we

Don’t leave food out for them to eat whenever he wants but dylan gets picky of eating on the floor so my husband put it there and the plate fits perfectly it doesn’t slide around and dylan doesn’t have to bend down to eat because just doesn’t like it so dogs have been fed now i’m going to fill up these ones mine one’s my husband um hold on this one i forgot

To take mine one day so that’s everything i take uh i don’t mind sharing with you what it is none of my prescription medications this is literally this is literally like all vitamins and you snacks so i have two collagen this is the collagen that i’m using at the moment um i have two biotin and this is the one i’m using i take one of these it’s vitamin d i take

Zyrtec because i got hella allergies and i take mucinex and then there’s also vitamin c and i take potassium that noise if you hear it it’s dylan he’s playing with a ball if you hear him drinking water i’m sorry this is this is for life this is what happens in my life let me take these real quick you found i gotta put you back he found his like tennis ball and

He’s playing with it okay let’s fill mine out because it’s all empty so all right if you’re curious about why i take this and then i’ll tell you about some of my husband’s stuff that he takes that for certain things that i don’t know you might be dealing with and it might help you because our doctor we see the same like we see the same uh like family doctor i

Actually think i think she’s a nurse practitioner anyways so she does do recommend like prescription but like holistic stuff she’s about that two and oh crap i gotta get my shot i’ll tell you that okay so the vitamin c i already know why the very tech and the museum x allergies like it’s real when i was in north carolina i was on allergy shots and i was like

Almost done with them to the point like i even transferred them down here until people were just asses and everything down here is different it doesn’t matter um i take the potassium i think why do i take it he’s gonna be mad that i don’t remember you know what i’ll put it on the screen because i don’t remember um i take vitamin d because like i’m not in the sun

I’m not like drinking milk and all that okay collagen man this stuff is real good for you it’s for hair skin nails health collagen is a major structure protein that provides the building blocks to help support healthy hair skin and nails and i think oh the serving size is three i’ve only been taking two and granted my nails are short right now compared to what

They were this one it broke and it broke like way down there i hate when that happens don’t you okay so there’s the collagen next is the biotin it’s the same it’s for hair skin and nails help biotin it says biotin is a b vitamin that is essential for healthy energy metabolism and also supports healthy hair skin and nails are we all about healthy metabolism

And let’s speed that up and i take two of them recommended is one whoops well i’ve been like trying to so when i got my hair cut it’s a lot shorter than what i had envisioned so i was like heck yeah i had already started taking the biotin because i had noticed that my nails were really brittle and it made me mad so i started taking them so this is the box that

I keep all of my husbands like supplements and okay and prescription medication he takes much different well not much he takes some different stuff than i do so he does the potassium as well oh and by the way he has no clue what i put in this box but he takes it he takes the vitamin c um i’ve been giving him vitamin d because he hasn’t been outside oh i missed

One and okay so he also takes this calcium magnesium and zinc because he need he needs all three of those so we do one of those he also takes fish oil oh okay so the place that i buy a lot of these is this piping rock i think i have a code for it for you if i do i’ll put it in the description box because pricing is where it needs to be what is this this is

Okay extra string jinko this is for memory to help with your memory attention and then okay hold on him he has a one a day that you take annie takes this butterbur extract it’s he takes two of them a day okay so if you have migraines if you suffer from migraines magnesium and go get you this this butterbur extract this is the 75 milligram i get it from piping

Rock because that is the only place that i can find that actually has been stuck and then he just takes he has medication like prescription medication he takes so we’re not gonna show that of course i mean he’s it’s just allergy medicine and migraine medication because believe it or not him and i both suffer from migraines like hold on i’m supposed to take this

Prescription medication right but okay here’s the thing i don’t like taking pills and the more i have to take the more i don’t want to take so some of these prescriptions like the butterbur extract and i think i’m prescribed topo my right yeah i’ll take it but i suffer from extreme migraines that i’m prescribed this and actually i was supposed to get he was

Supposed to i don’t do this he does it for me i was supposed to take have it done the other week and i mean last week and i didn’t i didn’t feel good so we were gonna do it this weekend but i forgot so i have to get him to do it and i’ll record it because it’s it’s great i hate it i i truly hate it um but it has helped with my migraines if you’re on the fence

About it and need it i would do it oh so this crap if you do this through my insurance it’s expensive is all out but go to omniveg’s website and you can get it because i have to have this approved by my insurance before they’ll pay like i can get the prescription but then i use the card that’s through omnibus website and it only costs five dollars versus like

200 and so so if you need it that’s my suggestion to go do it that way i’ve been doing this shot it’s been over a year because i had to renew my card okay i don’t remember when i did but i have the letter hanging up over there from my insurance approving this for a year oh and you have to keep it refrigerated just in case you didn’t know okay in case nobody knows

What alcohol pass and band-aids are did you take the piece out already yeah oh i think it just roll that no you didn’t tell me you wanted to view all that that’s the whole process well they need to see your facial expression when you say oh this hurts i’ll put him you always put it in the same spot and you’re gonna tell me it’s take you twice probably i

Need to get a real stranger dylan where are you three two i get too much satisfaction out of that it hurts and it burns and my dog shows up late to the show now you’re late you

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Let's talk vitamins | Aimovig | JBV #131 By Janet B Vlogs