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Levalbuterol/ Xopenex

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Lev albuterol available through common trade name of zope and x is a bronchodilator and a sympathetic the way it works to beta-2 agonists which results in bronchial smooth muscle relaxation and it can have a slight peripheral vasculature dilation effect although it’s very minimal pregnancy class for it is c so what do we use it for bronchospasms with copd asthma

All the good stuff pretty much anytime they’re having trouble breathing we can also use it for hyperkalemia just like we can use albuterol for hyperkalemia we can use laval beaudreau and it increases uptake of potassium back into the cells similar to the way insulin works whenever you’re given that for hyperkalemia so the main reason we’re using level beaudreau

Over regular help you draw is going to be because it has less side effects less adverse reactions all that stuff it doesn’t usually cause the tachycardia that is related with using regular albuterol leva beaudreau is a more refined version just follows the r isomer and whereas regular albuterol has both r and s isomers in them part of the albuterol system lavalle

Pedro is just more refined so it typically has less side effects contraindications to look for tacky dysrhythmias and prolonged qt interval we still want to avoid it with those some adverse reactions that it can cause headache lightheadedness throat irritation restlessness hypertension tachycardia chest pain nausea vomiting dyspepsia or upset stomach hypokalemia

And also hyperglycemia again that’s going to be usually pretty mild though and a lot less side effects than regular albuterol some interactions to look for sotalol if you’re giving this and the patient is also taking so law can cause a bronchospasm phenothiazines that may increase the qt interval to an unsafe point really and then if a patient’s taken tcas mao is

Or other sympathy memetics then level b role will increase those effects of those medicines typical adult dosing i’ll contraindicate what it says in the book but this is more accurate a typical adult dosing is going to be 0.6 three milligrams and that’s usually mixed in three milliliters of sterile water or normal saline and then you nebulize that with o2 pediatric

Dose pretty much half that just 0.3 one milligrams again it’s mixed with three milliliters of sterile water and then you’ll navigate it just like you would albuterol or something like that the book says a adult dosing point i’m sorry of one point two five milligrams up to two and a half milligrams but most protocols i’ve looked at her that they use adult dosing

Of 0.6 three milligrams so it does take a little bit start working takes 5 to 15 minutes usually for the onset peak effects within 60 to 90 minutes so it might not be super quick till you get those peak effects but it’s relatively fast that it starts working and it does last in the body for six to eight hours something like that other than that there’s nothing else

Really that you know though the main reason a lot of systems don’t use it on the truck is a cost issue it is much more expensive than albuterol and so yes you don’t have the adverse reactions or side-effects but at the end of the day it’s it’s the almighty dollar that sets up a lot of this stuff so it is cost prohibitive for a lot of systems to carry it on a regular basis

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Levalbuterol/ Xopenex By GCTech EMS