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Levidopa plus Carbidopa

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Starting with the introduction or prepared synthetically it’s basically the metabolic precursor of the dopamine which restores the dopaminergic neurotransmission dopamine which does not cause the blood-brain barrier but its metabolic precursor which is the easily cross the blood-brain barrier and converted into the dopamine and gives its therapeutic effects another

Drug is the carbidopa it basically inhibits the decarboxylation of the dopa when it’s available in the regimen with the liver dopa it increases the efficacy of the bar by inhibiting the metabolism of the level so it’s those frequencies also decreases by four to five folds and thus which decreases the adverse effects of the levodopa as well now therapeutic uses

Basically it’s used to treat the parkinson’s disease and it also used to treat the rigids rigidity tremors and other symptoms of the fighting syndrome and it may also use to treat the pose in supply check parkinsonism available different available forms of the it’s available in the four forms in here form and infusion form basically these two forms are given to

Those that are not physically stable patients inhale form are used in that case an oral medication stop working so we prefer to use the inhale form of this drug second one is the infusion form then we require a rapid action of the drug then we use the infusion form which delivered drug through the feeding tube into the directly into the small intestine third form

Is it athletes which are two forms dysentery tablets and otherwise the expanded release tablets in case of any swelling difficulty we prefer the disintegrate disintegrating tablets because it gives the better drug availability and improves the absorption profiles of the drug as well it’s available in the 10 100 milligram mean 10 is present other one is the standard

Release tablets which is available in 2500 or 50 by 200 milligrams what type is the capsule if they require a pertinent action and for a longer period of time then we move toward the capsule form dosage modifications are in their case uh for these drugs are not efficacy and established properly still research is going down about them so we can say that we are use

It with the proper portion now starting with the side effects of the drug basically main side effects of this drug are checking are there dizziness loss of appetite nausea vomiting trouble sleeping and other medic other side effects of these medications include it turns a secretions into a darker like sliver urine sweat appears in a dark colors the rational use

Of the drug is the nausea anxiety bradykinesia stiffness of muscles depression basically in the basically side effects of this drug is the tachycardia so in ready kinetic patients can also use this drug to increase the heartbeat so irrational use is the predicate mainly now moving towards the alternative choices of the drug first one is the amenitarian drug this

Drug alone can provide the short-term relief of the early or mild stage parkinson’s disease this reduced in the dose of 100 milligram per day per overall daily and initially and it may increase up to 400 milligram in the divided doses other is the amyob inhibitors in it it includes this literally recycling drugs it basically break the it will basically break down

The enzyme that inhibit the uh monomer oxidase so it basically invade the metabolism of the brain dopamine so brain dopamine does not metabolize and give its effects third one is the category methyltransferase drugs include impact appointed epicamo this medication can also prolong the fact of the liver therapy by blocking the enzyme that break down the dopamine

So same effect as previous that when enzyme is blocked so drug is available for the longer time now moving toward the alternative brands with low and high prices first brand is the assignment and it’s available in the tablet form like carburetor available indeed 25 milligram and over device so 100 tablets is packing and it surprises 1270 rupees second ryan is

The judoka pot which and packing his same 100 tablets available but his price is 582 rupees third brand is the after dopa carburetor 25 milligram and leave it over 250 and it’s packing is same 100 milligram 100 tablets again but its price is 800 so we can say that for farmer economic point of view the pot is the batter as it has low cause and same drug effect

So we can say that it’s cost effective now moving towards the drug interactions basically vitamin paradoxine decrease the level of leukodopa because it increases the metabolism so less drug is present antistatic psychotic drug intensely parkinson’s disease because it potentially block the dopamine receptor so it’s contraindicated in this disease they have also

Avoid taking amniotics because they increase the sinus toxicity by increasing serotonin levels and if we take carbidopa along with the anti-hypertensive drugs so both of increase the drug heartbeat which may lead to the danger to the uh to the life of a person so we have to do the adjustment is required in this case now moving towards the case study it states

That a 48 year old man mr john has a two-way history of the parkinson’s disease currently taking from zone and resettling drugs he is still working in an office his wife confines in parkinson’s disease now especially is that she’s concerned about this gambling while never have a problem before his diagnosis he is now spending huge sums of money on online casinos

They are getting into financial difficulties on account of this habit which is upset and disprayed for the help all laboratory reports are within normal ranges so question is that what might be responsible for this gentleman’s feeling and what would be the most appropriate management so first of all subject is the gender is the male age is 60 years chief complain

Is with parkinson’s disease and duration of this disease is the two years medical history is using the private factual androgen drugs family history not mentioned here object is the reports that are blood pressure 122 or 76 millimeter of military pulse rate is 85 respiratory rate is the 18 beats per minute physical appearance is the normal now assessment of

This drug is the this case study is that basically the main reason for this person’s gambling behavior is because of these medications as he is taking the dopamine agonist from that goal as well as the rhizobium to control its symptoms these dopamine agonists are associated with this impulse control disorder so mr john has to be withdraw these earth as quickly

As possible by the down vibration of these drugs over a few weeks which will of course worsen his motor symptoms so proper medication according to his condition should be prescribed now plan of this case study is that he has starting the use of phuket lotha to regain adequate control of this disease he has to start taking kabhi dhupa new dopa in the use of 25

Milligram per 100 milligrams eight hourly oral and he should maintain proper diet full of nutrition because poor appetite and inadequate food affect the disease now notice is that body medical management we mainly of our drug therapy is the to control the symptoms of this drug and to improve the quality of life there are no medical or surgical approach that

Prevent the disease progression but it can slow down the disease progression for the non medication therapy like medication free management nutrition management is that antioxidant enzyme like q10 or coenzyme q can improve the parkinson’s disease and calcium rich foods are also good for this condition so he may also take these type of nutritions taiki that is

The form of practice that promotes the balance and coordination so it’s good for the patients of the parkinson’s disease third one is the yoga that is help increase the flexibility and balance and mobility and it also improve this gentleman’s gambling behavior fortunazy massage therapy we can say that after 60 minutes massage it’s we have seen the measurable

Reduction in the muscle rigidity and the resting treatment so he can also do this therapy different movement therapies are there which improve the motor skills balance of the parkinson’s disease because basically this parkinson’s disease affect the balance and reach through gradual deterioration so different movement therapies improve this condition sixth

One is the acupuncture adventure is a chinese traditional technique whose basic principle is that insert fine needles through the skin at specific points to cure the disease or relieve the pain and it have other positive benefits as well now reference is that i’m i have taken this material from the single formation therapeutics living quote by karen wheel and

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Levidopa plus Carbidopa By Pharmacy by Dr. Shahana wahid