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My roll number is bp 16502236 here i am presenting the information regarding deodorant he would require is a prototype of a department that is administered to patients with parkinson’s due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier liverpool can be metabolized to dopamine either a side of the blood brain barrier and so it is generally administered with a

Dopamine carboxylase inhibitor like carbidopa to prevent the metabolism until after it has crossed the blood brain barrier once passed the blood-brain barrier the europa is metabolized to dopamine and supplements the low-endogenous levels of glutamine to treat the symptoms of the parkinson’s the first developed product that was approved by the fda was a labor dopa

And carbidopa combined product called assignment that was approved in march 1975 indications include levodopa is most commonly formulated as an oral tablet with a peripheral dopa the carboxylase inhibitor indicated for the treatment of a parkinson’s disease post encephalitic parkinsonism and symptomatic parkinsonism following carbon monoxide intoxication and

Anagenase intoxication those adjustment initial rules which we can administer is 25 to 500 mg already twice in a day maintenance stores include 3000 to 6000 milligram per day in three or more divided doses for a restless in room 15 already one to two hours before bedtime with the car box race inhibitor most patients experience a good response on a very liberal

Production of 300 to 600 milligram per day usually divided three or four times daily for three to five years or a longer close is higher than others in the study to control the symptoms adequately should be awarded because higher doses increases the risk for the development of dyskinesia available grains are optional is no longer on the market generic alternative

May be available usage mods include immediate release solid system sustained risk to sage form dual result dual release system liquid and dispersible formation gastrointentive position suspension inhibition powder and ingestion two milligrams for animal now alternatives medications of a labor dopa the oral dopamine again is primary paxol and broken iron are

Our primary alternatives to devote as initial treatment they are efficacious because but substantially less than the liver dopamine liver dopa does not prescribe in pregnancy as it may lower the prolactin and interfere with the lactation levodopa is present in a human breast milk and so the potential effects of the nursing while taking the labor dopa should

Be considered before prescribing they will depart from nursing mothers drug interactions its interactions include the monoamine oxidase inhibitors and acid antihyper sensitive drugs anti-scissors peppery vitamin b6 ccb beat blockers and diuretics symptomatic postoral hypertension occurred when liverpool was added to the treatment of a patient receiving hyper

Tense zip drugs and non-selective monominoxidase inhibitors slow the breakdown of the liver dopa and dopamine in the brain and reduce the effect of a lemodata pyrodoxine increases the peripheral metabolism of adebotopa side effects include dizziness loss of appetite diarrhea dry mouth and throating constipation changing sensitive taste forgetfulness and confusion

Nervousness nightmares difficulty falling asleep instinctive headache weakness its irrational use is used to treat the dopamine responsive dystonia drd and the restless leg syndrome also useful in amblyopia when used with the other treatments labor dopa is an antidepressant as it has been shown to reduce the depression it is also used to treat the anxiety occur

During the medication now we have a case john miller is a 58 year old right-handed woman who presents to neurology clinic because of her stiffness on her right side over the last six months it takes her longer to walk because it takes more effort to get the movement started and her muscles feel stiff for the last year she feels that she does not think so quickly

And it takes her longer to remember the things she also complains about constipation and decreased libido over air recently it has become difficult to read because the words occasionally look blurry these symptoms have affected her job performance as a high school gym teacher resulting in a contemplating early retirement we consider for the cure for this condition

Here we have a soap nose first in the subjective the chief complain that she is complaining about she have a trouble getting herself started and takes longer time to do the things and she has an open medication to be used and no energies are observed in her condition low the sodium level 136 milligram equivalent per liter potassium level is 4.3 milli equivalent

Per liter while chlorine is 101 milli equivalent per liter in hemoglobin b is 13.5 gram per deciliter her symptoms shows muscle stiffness decreased libido and constipation of the present unless the patient’s symptoms are consistent with early mild pretense parkinson’s disease can be observed in a plan there is no lab or imaginary test this is recommended for

Parkinson’s disease however in 2001 when the u.s food and drug administration approved an imaging scan called the d8t scan the technique allows doctors to see the detailed pictures of the brain’s dopamine system

Transcribed from video
Levodopa By Pharmacy by Dr. Shahana wahid