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Life after breast cancer! Wine-ing about Tamoxifen

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Welcome back to kim in the closet i’m your girl kim and i’m still hiding from my kids my husband and my uncle yes they’re supposed to be sleep actually but hey i hear my three-year-old out there running around his dad’s trying to watch the uh elect i mean the debate i told him record it for me so i could watch it but um yeah i’m still hiding so tonight we are

Whining yes we are whining whining about tamoxifen this is my self-care coming here or my husband’s watching a game or something you know just me and my moisture moisturization that’s going on here that’s it that’s it but tamoxifen so after after um wow chemo after chemo i started taking tamoxifen and um some of the things that that that the doctor doesn’t tell

You is um girl you don’t feel like you’re crazy okay yo ass is gonna be feeling real crazy like everything agitated irritated everything is gonna get on your nerves but you are not crazy i promise you it is the tamaxa tamoxifen and you have to listen to your um listen to your body because um yeah maybe you want to snatch somebody’s head off okay i’m looking

At my husband you looking back why are you blanking that it’s just that that agitated and then you could take a nap and wake up and be like i know i was dripping i know i was tripping i mean you know i’m on this medicine baby i mean it just be having me acting real crazy i know some of y’all not even owned some oxfam and probably doing that for real but this is

Real life so i’m all up on here this is how i actually used to wear my scarves a lot when um i was going through chemo you see i don’t have my bra i don’t have any brows and what i have is real light um lashes let’s see they’re not really there but yeah so yeah i mean i’m still beautiful baby because i know how to fix those brows and put on those lashes when

I want to spice it up you know what i’m talking about i don’t even remember what i was talking about tamoxifen so tamoxifen if you don’t know what it is look it up because i don’t want to give you the wrong information i don’t want to give you the wrong information ask your doctor ask the nurse or you know look it up it’s basically like a hormone blocker but

I’m not a doctor i’m just a survivor okay so um yeah so yeah yes i remember giving you a story this out here today um our team had won the um was it the baseball one and so me i know i can’t be around a crowd like that and i don’t know what i was thinking i was on it it was so many people and i kind of got stranded and i was storming through this crowd because

I feel like i was just about to like for a fly off i mean a panic attack something was going on it wasn’t right so that happened and then i rode with some people there in the car arguing so i wanted to get out the car and run but i literally had to like be quiet be still like center myself ground yourself it’s really important to be able to center yourself like

Ground yourself from all the noise not even the noise that’s just around you but the noise is in your head you know so um that’s very important to be able to do also um hot flashes let me see you know what that reminded me because my body is starting to warm up um the hot flashes are no joke and talk to your doctor if you can’t um i’m just thinking of a story

Talk to your doctor if you can’t handle the hot flashes um they will be able to give you something but i’m just because i was at the mall baby it was winter time i was skin bald skin bald i had this wig on i just coat on this wig um scarf i don’t know what i was thinking but i was tripping and uh it was at the store i started i started heating up i took that

Coat off first right then i took off the scarf around my neck and i’m sitting there and sweat is literally um running down my face it’s running up and i was like forget this i have to take off this wig i cannot so i’m holding my coat in one hand my wig in the other hand i’m like okay and just continue on it’s hot it is hot but i’m taking care of that um so like i

Said talk to your doctor that’s just a funny story to me um what else my feet i just have so many funny stories i mean um was it funny then i mean i think i’ve always just had an upbeat attitude so for me i probably was cracking up crying laughing like i’m doing right now it’s just what i do i don’t know stuff be so funny to me but yeah and i’m up here drinking

This wine while we’re whining about some oxyfan and uh hmm i’m getting a little warm huh not in a good way baby i’m about to got this scarf now i put the scarf on because i have not um i groomed my hair today and uh if you have that good 4b 4c hair you know it’s just you need to groom it okay and uh yeah i haven’t done anything with that today so i thought oh

Why not put a scarf on and show you how i wore my scarf um one of the ways and i’ll be wearing different ways since i’m trying to grow my hair oh and i never told you about my hair so of course yes i went bald and uh i cried i don’t even yo i don’t even know why i cried no i didn’t cry i’ll take that back i didn’t cry but i could not look at myself when i first

Took off i mean when i first had my my hair started cutting out me falling off falling out to rather and my i just had my husband just to go ahead and just shave it and i don’t even know why i was like this is i used to wear my hair short all the time but i guess just seeing your scalp for the first time but uh baby i started rocking that bald head yes i did

Rock that bald head i would put me some brows on and some lashes and pop on a bright lip and be on my way because it was too hot i couldn’t take it i just couldn’t take it i mean if you’re a person that you know they can stand you know being hot and basically what it does it puts you in a um menopausal state not yeah like menopause like the hot flashes the

Agitation but just think of that times ten thousand but it can be controlled it can be controlled and um like i said you you really have to take care of yourself listen to your body listen it’s important and the people around you they they have to just suck it up i mean like i’ma stay at home mom and thank god i have a very supportive husband but um he likes

Things clean that’s really what it is but no he’s very supportive but he cleaned and cooked you know i still actually uh worked during um my chemo well when i wanted to i just went in i kind of had the choice or whatever but you know listen to your body listen to your body it will not steer you wrong at all but what else um those uh i told you about my feet

Hurting yes my feet the top tamoxifen does have an effect on your feet so get you some good cushiony shoes uh skechers whatever your whatever you know they had the cushion in them it was these other shoes i used to wear and i cannot think of the name of them but i don’t know it’s kind of like the shoes like uh like uh the doctors or nurses would wear i used to

Wear those because i stood up at work but just listen to your body listen to your body and everything’s gonna be okay i’m gonna finish drinking my wine back here mm-hmm it’s pretty quiet out there now my husband’s probably still watching the debate but i i’m about to go watch it though it’s really important get out there and vote y’all it is important all

Right so kim in the closet is uh getting ready to be kim in the bed huh maybe i might i may try to watch i don’t know if i have any recordings i don’t know i may try to watch a recording the baby wants that melatonin kicking not watching anything but the back of these ollies okay so good night sending y’all much love and peace

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Life after breast cancer! Wine-ing about Tamoxifen 🍷 By Kim in the Closet