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Lifted Trucks | Caffeine and Octane | Atlanta GA

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We are at Caffeine and Octane, the largest car show in the Northeast and today’s them is lifted trucks!!! Join me as we go on the hunt for lifted trucks and listen to their stories as told by their owners. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel!!

Hey guys welcome to the channel my name is don from the youtube channel the bitter car guy i have a loud shop next to me and we’re looking at lifted trucks today if you’re new to the channel welcome if you’ve been to the channel before welcome back hopefully you heard me over that noise let’s jump into the video foreign foreign lifted escalade and this is

A sight to see look at the size of those wheels hey man i’m checking out your truck this is impressive hey you need to talk to me about this what am i looking at here this is a 2015 cadillac escalade platinum okay it’s got a 10 inch fts lift on it um i’m running 26 by 14 uh plan b wheels wow 26 inch wheels where do you even fight tires for those things tires are

37 inch wow wow so who did the lift um i shot a local and yeah so is it an old custom left or is this something that makes this if it’s the tahoes the yukons and the slas okay cool yeah uh how do you get up into this thing open the door the step comes down okay cool cool this is awesome thank you now under the hood have you done anything performance and it’s got a

Uh uh cat-back exhaust okay okay now i see um is that for a trailer hitch back there that orange yeah it’s just a drop hitch okay and it’s got a stabilizer bars on it and so it doesn’t move okay okay all right well cool thank you man i’m gonna cut it all the suspension match oh okay yeah that’s what i noticed the orange and white theme going yeah all right cool so

Um all of the suspension bits you said those were powder coated yeah yeah oh wow yeah all right well cool thanks thank you take care all right so this truck that i’m looking at is owned by a friend of mines david he’s a photographer here in the atlanta area posts a lot of his vid his photos on facebook and instagram but this is a custom this looks to be almost

40 inches in in height but you can see all of these amazing suspension bits powder coated yellow and blue got the leaf springs back here you got the fox shock reservoirs back here how do you get up into this thing you gotta run and jump just to get up onto these wow amazing coming around to the front we got a custom bumper we got the shackles on it madness so

What i’m on the hunt for uh unique bills that are lifted a lot of noise today lifted trucks loud engines that is that’s the thing here in the south but the truck that i’m looking at is bonkers check this thing out this is awesome i have no idea what’s going on here but starting off from the back you can see these little chairs there’s an umbrella up there hey

What size lift do you have on this you heard what size left is this okay so this is the person responsible for this in the front and then six in the suspension and then another okay and i noticed you have like fox the fox 2.0 yeah okay all right cool but let me walk around it and check it out thank you buddy for sure yeah i will so you follow the dude his name

Is dude antagonist on instagram all right let me look at this goodness gracious looking back here he said it’s a six inch lift to the back got the leaf springs going on like his wheels might go with a different color than that sand color but it works uh up front you got the fox sharks i don’t see any reservoirs and then yes of wow totally fascinating all

Right dave so what am i looking at here 72 k5 blazers okay cool did they come topless from them actually oh no they have hard tops they had hot tips so this has been modified the top oh yeah totally modified um tell me about your suspension what’s good uh it’s a four-length suspension with a king coilover shocks um rides like a cadillac okay before i used to ride

Like a tank it looked like a trump now it drives like a cadillac yes okay stadium truck um the color is this a custom color oh it’s a like a copperhead it looks really yeah so it looks i can imagine the sun hitting this and how it really looks yeah it pops it’s got a little flakes and on the interior could you open the door because i see you carry the color from

The outside to the inside you don’t have door handles outside no no door poppers okay this is amazing drives yeah i know we had some rain come through fascinating trying to wipe it down so he doesn’t get uh water spots what size wheels do you have on this uh 39 39 a 15 inch wheels with 39 boggers okay cool i get zero rain on the way over here but yeah yeah get

The road grind yeah and i think i think at 8pm in a couple hours or so we might get some more rain so yeah but all right thank you yeah man you’re welcome thanks buddy so i know i saw this correct me if i’m wrong did i see this at the hot wheels up in buford i know i saw it yeah um yeah uh what have you done to this but first of all what is this uh 1995 two-door

Chevy blaze everybody blazer this started out life as a four four wheel drive car and you have the swing gate on the back um so anything you see on the outside it’s factory everything from the frame the interior the floor all the suspensions we’ve redone the motor’s been swapped yeah everything’s been done okay cool cool um i think the only thing that’s really

Factory well the shape the roof rack i think there’s some factory paint somewhere but yeah i had it it’s new in 95. yeah um and i took my driver’s test today so it is basically sitting on the ground how did you pull this off it’s got accuair so it’s got air ride control okay um it’s got ride ride level sensors so no matter the weight in the car it’s always the

Same height yeah so i can put all my friends in it and not have to worry about we’re gonna bottom out pancake okay um who is your tanks and all that stuff is it is it a chunks inside the clusters are underneath uh it’s got a fuel cell that we build okay brand new frame that we built okay um about 880 hours as you see at this point wow yeah that’s a lot of work

Right a lot of work that is absolutely a lot of work now under the hood corvette engine yeah so that came out of the 2004 z06 that’s a ls6 yeah it’s factory it’s about 405 horsepower we did a little bit of work to the internals put a cam in it yeah um it’s a lot of fun yeah they did all the work yourself uh no jimmy’s run customs um did this rendition of it so

They’re out of edgewater florida i lowered it it’s been bagged before but when we came to like the bag and body drop so this has like a four inch body drop in it yeah um a little bit more than my skill set yeah so when we blew this apart the last time i had that oh crap moment where there’s pieces of it scattered across three buildings yeah i got a couple motors

Of ideas and stuff yeah i had that that little nervous feeling going man is this thing ever going to get back together five years i didn’t use so at the end results yeah it’s always scary when you start the build yeah because that’s when you see the color pot 100 odd when it’s done at least you can appreciate the fact yeah like 880 hours i’m proud of the fact that

Like we got within a thousand bucks of our quote and i only changed one thing okay uh we ended up doing a watch link and a four link in the back so in front of some pretty big tires so on budget on budget yeah well a little longer maybe that expected yeah yeah that’s fine i was i was uh low end of the total vote when it comes to projects down there they do some

Pretty big buildings okay well thanks man thank you for walking me through you absolutely appreciate it take care foreign guys well that does it for today’s video thanks for checking out the channel please like the video subscribe to the channel see you on the next one peace

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Lifted Trucks | Caffeine and Octane | Atlanta GA By The Bitter Carguy