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Lil Xan Talks About His Drug Addiction, Withdrawals and Getting Sober | Wild Ride! Clips

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A clip from Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Episode 106 with Lil Xan

I gotta just come right out of the gate and say i’ve been confused by a couple things because uh like we spoke on the phone the other day yes like right after you reached out and uh i told you that i had seen you on tmz yeah and that the story was you just got out of rehab and that you’re sober mm-hmm and uh 40 days yeah and then three days that’s great the

Story was also that the rehab you went to somehow encourages smoking marijuana yeah well about that well i went to a detox center first called vita nova shout out to them um they don’t allow weed out that they just do the normal uh scheduled things they do that’s in newport beach i was uh they gave me a scholarship actually so i don’t have to pay um so i’m very

Grateful for the people that vita nova um and i detox for 30 days there got clean so i wasn’t withdrawing when i went to the other place the place you’re referring to the heavenly center which is uh steve labelle scott storch the producer gotcha um and a couple other people that run it and the heavenly center aka you know abbreviated thc you know they don’t force

You to smoke weed uh you know they don’t like like you know like say you have to smoke weed to like get better they just say if it helps it helps and i’m not a big wheat smoker myself um that’s what confuses me but more because we saw we went back and looked at that actual tmz clip where uh they they i guess you were on hollywood boulevard or something i was at

Bulls steakhouse boys yeah and you said in that clip to tmz you’re like i’m a big pot guy i don’t know okay okay okay i’m gonna come clean i smoke a blood like maybe every like i smoke two blunts a week but i was maybe i was just i was trying to like whatever i’m not mad at you i’m just like i was kind of i was kind of trying to shout out the heavenly center more

Because they reposted it so i wanted them to think that yeah like the it helped me out a lot but then just yesterday like you like you posted this thing with like like i i ate edibles and i got so suited and loaded oh no no no that that scripted that was scripted uh i just did a collaboration with uh my good friends uh that that make edibles and weed called gassy

And uh and that was more of like and we did a scripted thing i i don’t i don’t eat edibles i’ll end up at the hospital on edibles you know what i mean and uh we just did a a collaboration for uh kefworld joints and delta eight gummies so they paid me to make that whole skit where i’m going in to in and out and perfectly entertaining i’m sure you’re performing but i

Didn’t eat i didn’t eat any of that but uh i did i do i did smoke a couple of the joints but it’s not like my main thing like i mean can i ask what was your main thing when you said you were like a detoxing like what were your detox when i went to vita nova i was coming off of probably taking uh 20 nothing there was no fentanyl in my system by the way uh why is

That a rumor that’s going around they had fun no no no i’m just saying that there wasn’t because usually people get fake you know what i mean everything’s fake does anybody take fentanyl on purpose yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it seems like it’s all these like fake pills where they’re they cut with fennel they’re the blue they’re little blue uh perk 30s are like

The most commonly faked ones why i had a guy yesterday that was he was in rehab he’s like i just went in there and he’s like everything’s cut with it anyway so i might as well just do fentanyl he’s like if that makes sense i’m like that doesn’t make any sense at all the problem with these fake pills is like at first people didn’t like them because they wanted what

They wanted you know what i mean but now they like they like say like they like xanax so when they were getting fake xanax they didn’t like it but now that the xanax has fentanyl in it they’re they they like the fentanyl and they’re getting addicted to a whole nother substance opiates how common is it to have fentanyl in something that people it is probably the

Things being sold in la right now i would say 95 percent of everything is uh every drug is cut with uh fentanyl something like the fake pill where they press in yeah but it’s cocaine it’s it’s everything that’s what killed my friend mac miller it was uh fentanyl ace cocaine can you help us understand why on uh is it like like cocaine and fentanyl it’s like

It’s like it’s what they used to cut it you know what i mean like how they like baby lacks a different powder now they’re doing fentanyl to make it stronger it makes it it makes your product a little stronger but what the problem is is this is like you know with the labs wherever they make it someone adds two pounds more of the wrong batch and then you’ve got a

Deadly batch that’s gonna hit the streets you know what i mean like they they they miscalculate because they’re in jungles they’re not in the laboratory whoops yeah whoops i put a teaspoon in now i wonder if they’re trying to make people addicted to fentanyl you know like get them off the coke and slowly introduce fentanyl and then all you’re selling because

Fun fact fentanyl back like 20 years ago was like a very niche drug it was only used as like anesthesia and pain medicine like open heart surgery yeah people out for longer uh on a patch and they would put them yeah it was the pain people would like chew the patch instead of having yes that taxi out started but like like if you would have went into a hospital 20

Years ago or no not a hospital a rehab and said they would have been like what are you addicted to and said fentanyl they would have been like what is that what did you get that like you know what i mean yeah but you didn’t finish what you’re saying what would you go in for your 20 milligrams i was taking about 20 vicodins or what they call them hydrocodones uh

Now and uh about 10 10 xanax today but everything was real because i was paying out of pocket for like old people on hospice’s scripts and you know because i i don’t like fentanyl i’ve never been addicted to fentanyl myself what’s old people on hospice like you know like like uh like you’re getting prescribed legit stuff at a legit business versus like scoring on

The street because they have like one or two years left to live and they want to make extra money so they sell it and stuff what’s what’s the detox like uh from xanax is it like vertigo i heard it’s kind of like your vision flip it’s like okay like i’ve i’ve detoxed at my at my worst was probably november of 2020 um i actually was smoking uh perk 30s um real perk

Dirty still not fentanyl and i was taking 20 fake exams a day that i later found out were laced with heroin in it and i remember uh looking in the mirror one day and just being like if i keep doing this i’m gonna die like i could already start seeing like my cheekbones go in and stuff and um i’m sorry what was the the question cause like when you’re detoxing off

Opiates you’re kind of like flu-like symptoms you’re sick you’re nauseous yeah it’s like xanax is like okay oh yeah uh i would much rather withdraw off opiates than xanax because um uh the two drugs that you can actually die from withdrawals from are alcohol and xanax because you can have seizures oh and you started having seizures right you were talking about

That oh no last time i had a seizure was uh november of 2020. i haven’t had uh any okay and was that seizure from quitting uh going cold turkey off of xanax right opiate opiate oh i don’t want to say opiates like you can lock someone in a room for like 10 days they’re going to go through hell but they’re not going to die yeah right you know what i mean necessarily

I have hunger or something like that yeah yeah it’s hungry you don’t feel that withdrawal’s not going to kill you it’s like you know they don’t have water yeah they’re gonna they’re gonna die but um yeah so i went in for about 20 narcos a day and and 20 real zans no fentanyl in my system and it was a smooth process it went well it was a nice facility i i did i

Attended therapy and yoga and what brought about the decision to go in there was it like there was an intervention on you it actually came uh from just me wanting to change uh i cuz um i felt like you know i’m 25 now and i i just couldn’t do it anymore because i don’t want to be because when you go into those rehab centers there’s people in their 50s that i’ve

Been there hundreds of times and they owe and i’ve been to seven you know in the last like year and um they always tell me the same thing you don’t want to be this age in here you want to nip it in the butt when first you’re younger i got sober when i was 33 you know something something like yeah yeah so this time i i know i’m i’m so strong-headed i know i have

It this time i would have loved to have gotten it sooner than 33 and um strong headed be careful with that yeah because like what it is is uh surrendered you know like being no you have to you have to be selfish uh completely selfish to yourself and surrender to the program right that my dad is actually the one that told me surrender to the program because he

Was addicted to meth uh for three years like five years ago he’s been sober ever since so uh he relates a little bit and he told me this time you just gotta surrender completely to the program and i did this time and i it it helped out tremendously i feel i feel really good good i’m way past the withdrawals um my skin is finally getting healthier looking you know

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Lil Xan Talks About His Drug Addiction, Withdrawals and Getting Sober | Wild Ride! Clips By Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Clips