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Is it is a new combination drug developed by merck the drug is a combination of atorvastatin and as etta mine well choose it alongside diet modification is indicated for the treatment of elevated total cholesterol ldl cholesterol april lipoprotein be triglycerides and non high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in addition looked recent has been shown to increase

High-density lipoprotein called the good cholesterol the first component of lip trousset is a tour of a statin torva statin belongs to the hmg co a reductase inhibitors also called the statins they are the most effective drug for lowering ldl on total cholesterol these drugs also raise hdl and lower triglycerides in some patients statins work by inhibiting the hmg

Coa reductase the enzyme responsible for making more cholesterol in the liver by inhibiting this enzyme statins are able to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver additionally cholesterol synthesis inhibition leads to an increased production of hepatic ldl receptors these receptors allow the hepatocyte stu remove more ldl from the blood effects of ezetimibe

Less complex zetas might helps to lower plasma cholesterol by blocking cholesterol reabsorption this reduces ldl total cholesterol triglycerides and april lipoprotein be in addition zet amide can produce small increases in ldl as you can see these two drugs work differently to reduce cholesterol llop trousset comes in a dosage of 10 milligrams of ezetimibe and 2010

40 or 80 of atorvastatin and two separate studies look trousset 10 40 milligram and 10 20 milligram has been shown to help patients get to a target goal of ldl more effectively than doubling the dose of atorvastatin therefore combining atorvastatin anisette amide not only increases therapeutic response but also allows the dose of atorvastatin to be reduced as you

Know the higher dose of medication the more likely patient is to experience side effects just as the therapeutic effects of lip trees it are derived from the combination of atorvastatin and ezetimibe the adverse effects are as well with the most serious side effects of lip trousset being rhabdomyolysis leading to acute renal failure patients with a history of renal

Impairment or hypothyroidism are at increased risk for developing rhabdomyolysis and should be monitored more closely patients should be instructed to notify their healthcare providers immediately if they develop unexplained muscle pain tenderness or weakness lip trees it can also cause liver failure so patients with elevated liver functions or active liver disease

Should not take latrice it pacing patients should also be educated to stop taking will choose it if they develop nausea upper stomach pain loss of appetite unusual tiredness dark urine or clay-colored stools do two cases of allergic reactions patients should seek emergency medical help if they develop hives difficulty breathing or swelling in the tongue face lips

Or throat common side effects include mild muscle pain stomach pain diarrhea and joint pain look choose it as a pregnancy category x and should not be taken by pregnant women women who may become pregnant or women who are breastfeeding look trees it has also been known to interact with a number of medications including oral birth control warfarin and coumadin and

Seizure medications patients who begin taking latrice it should first provide an extensive list of medications including over-the-counter medications and any herbal supplements drugs that inhibit cytochrome p450s hazel antifungals hiv protease inhibitors amiodarone and cyclosporin can cause levels of atorvastatin to become elevated lip trousset dosage should be

Adjusted in patients taking these medications because look trees it has a number of side effects and interactions patients should be well informed before taking it however most of the side effects are due to the store of a statin component because adding a zetas mind allows patients to achieve more desirable results at lower doses of atorvastatin lipa’s i may be

Preferred in some patients

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