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Lisley’s World – TTC baby #1 2016 – Letrozole(Femara) Cycle 2

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Hi you guys! This is the beginning of my second cycle on femara/letrozole.

Hi you guys so i had a blood test done yesterday to see if i was pregnant or not with my first round of letrozole or tomorrow and it was a big fat negative and it’s like your body knows a because as soon as i got the results i got my period it was all right i wouldn’t believe it for was listening from somebody else but i did and i think is the stress related you

Know i just wanted so much and stuff and so today is psycho day too and i called the clinic because you were supposed to start taking literals oh again once you get your period and on saturday chill so they said yes carry on go take letrozole like you did before and go for ice cream on the six things off a product and i said okay no car without let’s just try

Again that’s my makeup microwave and then a few minutes later i get a call from the clinic saying well actually we just revealed your cycle with your doctor and he would like you to take three pills instead of two so be taking 7.5 instead of 5 so for those who don’t know the clinic that i go to you call me expect to the nurses and then they reevaluate things with

Your doctor and then if there is anything to change they’ll call you they’re lovely ladies loved it and asked why i was like not a problem well do it or whatever but i would like to know what my body’s doing you know i think it’s important for you to understand what’s your body what your bodies do so you can better take care of things huh as a general rule i like

To always know what’s going on with myself she said that because my period arrived so fast after my last blood test not yesterday’s what test but the blood test before that check my progesterone level they said yes she was rising but they think i actually didn’t of light because it was 19 when they checked in a white car is still rising but then i got my period

Very you know close after that and they want you up my dose and to get a skin after i do my blood test so to monitor by scan ultrasound my following cycle sorry for the noise my lunch so that’s what’s going on i am going for another blood test and i am then going to go get a scan so what do you think happen is that instead of having one big follicle i’m i have had

Medium-sized ones so it didn’t actually have one big follow cradle to release the egg and stuff and that’s no good because if you don’t overweight you don’t get pregnant so i’ll i don’t know at least my period is more regular now i would think so that last one was okay let’s wait and see i will update you guys when i have any more but it’s the hopefully the second

Time around works so shall we begin psycho – that’s the way round – cha cha

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Lisley's World – TTC baby #1 2016 – Letrozole(Femara) Cycle 2 By Lisley Arthur