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Literally the Best Food for INSULIN Resistance (60-90% improvement)

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60 to 90 percent change in insulin sensitivity that sounds ridiculously too good to be true especially if we’re looking at like one magical food or something like that well what we’re talking about is more a category of foods which gives you a lot more flexibility of what to choose from but in typical thomas de laura fashion i’m going to narrow it down based upon more

Research and try to cherry pick what i would find to be the perfect food in this category so let’s look at this research and i think you’ll be happy with what we find so the european journal clinical nutrition published a paper taking a look at 80 obese individuals that were insulin resistant divided them into four groups one group had moderate amounts of protein in

Their diet from animal sources another group had moderate amounts of protein from plant sources another group with high protein from animal sources and another group with high protein from plant sources okay what they were looking at was their homa ir they’re looking at their insulin resistance they were looking at glucose and all these different metabolic pieces

What they found is that the high protein groups with both the animal protein and the plant protein both had extreme improvements in insulin sensitivity after one month so i like this study because it takes a look at the diet as a whole it’s not saying oh this one particular food delays carbohydrate absorption or affects this yada yada it’s more about lifestyle

Saying like okay if we put you on a higher protein diet animal or plant-based doesn’t matter no agenda here no one cares right now it made a big improvement 60 to 90 improvement in insulin sensitivity in just a month okay so what the heck like why is this a thing what is going on here well first of all protein is going to be key simply with each meal because

You’re going to ultimately be consuming less in the way of carbohydrates as a ratio if you eat more protein unless you’re just increasing the amount you’re eating total you’re probably going to eat less in the way of carbohydrates but there’s also a lot of evidence that demonstrates by eating protein first you can significantly delay how the carbohydrates absorb

So eating the protein first and then the carbohydrates actually affects the glycemia it affects the glycemic response so that could be a piece too but we don’t know what order they ate their food another piece that’s very very important is you’re stabilizing the amount of muscle you have if you are resistance training or you are working out and you’re increasing

Protein then you have more ability to recover and build muscle and muscle acts as what’s called a glucose sink okay the more muscle mass that you have you don’t have to be a bodybuilder but the more muscle you have the larger the receptacle is for glucose if you have little td puny muscles that are frail that glucose only has this much that it can fill up but if

You have a muscle that’s like this it has this much it can fill up it gives you a lot more slack and a lot harder it’s a lot harder to become more insulin resistant so let’s dive in more to specific types of proteins so we understand this now before we get into that i put a link down below for my favorite grass-fed grass finished beef now they don’t just have beef

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Get you access to them so you can check them out and again get it delivered right to your doorstep nothing beats a good grass-fed grass-finished lean fillet to me that’s like perfect that link is down below in the description now we’re talking about red meat here specifically right there but what kind of meat might be best in this protein category well for me i

Have to start looking at other pieces what are potential issues with insulin resistance two things we look at okay we have issues with inflammation and we have issues with sort of metabolic dysfunction mitochondrial dysregulation dysfunction and what that means is like the bioenergetics how we metabolize fuel is disrupted if the mitochondria the energy powerhouse

Within our cell is already not functioning well it has a hard time processing glucose think of a factory and this factory cannot like it’s just it’s got five out of ten components working okay so like half the conveyor belts are shut down think about it its output is not going to be good so you’re gonna have this pile up of glucose right dysfunctional mitochondria

Is a big piece and then you also deal with what’s called damage of the endoplasmic reticulum which is another area that’s important for bioenergetics now where am i going with this if that damage is there we need to work on ways to potentially improve that and one of the ways that that can be improved based upon the literature is with polyunsaturated fatty acids

Okay these are really high quality good fats we’re talking namely things like fish oil so when i start looking at this and i say okay we have to pay attention to omega-3 intake now beef is good okay in this case i mean arguably grass-fed grass-finished beef is going to have a higher omega-3 content than grain fed but it’s such a negligible amount i don’t think

It’s worth saying hey a grass-fed steak is going to be better than some sockeye salmon as far as omega-3s are concerned that’s not even a question water-based marine based omega-3s are going to be exponentially higher so in this case i look at things like cod i look at things like sockeye salmon i say okay sardines and probably sockeye salmon are probably the very

Top too super high protein but also largely polyunsaturated fats so we’re solving this protein equation but we’re also solving the omega-3 situation okay very very interesting to look at and when you look at the abundance of omega-6s in our diet and the correlation between high omega-6s not just omega-6s in general but high omega-6s and inflammation that can be a

Problem too now the omega-6s can play a role in this inflammatory response that we have of course we have to be having them in large amounts but unfortunately that’s what we do we have them in large amounts so i’m not trying to throw them under the bus i’m just saying like hey the ratio of omega 3 to 6 might need to be a little better because if that inflammatory

Signal is high that acts as like a static that affects how our cells receive a signal from insulin so you see where i’m going with this by increasing protein intake significantly okay i would say probably get yourself up to at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight but really i mean if we wanted to kind of put it into uh imperial i would say try

To aim for a half a gram of protein per pound of body weight minimum and if you’re really trying to put on some muscle i still lean towards one gram of protein per pound of body weight doesn’t mean you need to get it all through sockeye salmon and sardines but i do think maybe one meal every other day coming from sockeye salmon or every three days would at least

Give you a bump in the omega-3s that could help you out with the situation so as always keep it locked in here on my channel and i’ll see you tomorrow

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Literally the Best Food for INSULIN Resistance (60-90% improvement) By Thomas DeLauer