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Hey guys um so today is um january 22nd i believe yes um and today is cycle day two for me i started my period after my last lecture was found let’s resolve around um last time so i started a period you guys so i’m so excited yesterday i was like dying so bad like i had the worst freaking cramps and like the worst i’ve ever had them to be honest um so yeah but um

I’m working right now as you guys know i’m working from home um my brother’s here visiting so we’re going to be hanging out with them this weekend and yeah so i’ll keep you guys posted on anything else to come hey guys um so today is cycle day five i haven’t talked to you guys since the um since cycle day one i believe i did start the lectures on cycle day three

That is going good i started getting hot flashes already um on day two of the lectures all which is uh interesting but i think i think i started getting it on day one of after taking the lectures actually but um yeah so today is day five cycle day five of my period um it is ending um it came pretty normal and it’s ending pretty normal so i’m really happy about

That um everything is good so far i am definitely going to be tracking ovulation this round um but i am going to be starting it a little bit later in my cycle just because i feel since my cycles have been about 35 to 40 days in length so i am planning to start tracking for ovulation um a little later in my cycle so i am planning to start talking about cycle day

15 and onward from now on i think um as most of you guys know i am clearly a late ovulator i think my body ovulates later in my cycles definitely something after like like cycle day 20 sometime after that so i am planning to attract from there on and see what happens um so yeah when i start tracking i will be recording and doing all that so stay tuned guys

I’ll talk to you later guys um i like a mess don’t mind me i have been feeling like crap today i have been feeling super nauseous and so sensitive to like all of the smells around me but um today is cycle day 20 and i started officially testing for ovulation i am starting to see my tests rise a bit so i’m hoping that this means that i’m going to ovulate this

Round and hopefully get a peek on that so hopefully let’s see what happens but i’m going to be vlogging all of the ovulation tracking and everything like that so stay tuned for all of that hey guys so um right now i am getting my ovulation sticks ready um this is the one that i’m currently using the pregnant but i also use the pre-mom brand um these are actually

Really good to use but um this is a cup that i use just a little hack you guys if you want to use something to catch your opinion um i actually use these little cups that are from the laundry detergent they’re never used you know they’re brand new on top of them so this is what i use it’s a little hack for you guys if you want to try it but um works perfect um and

Then i just wash them every time i use them it’s about seven o’clock right now or close to seven um i am going to go pee and run my test through and see what is showing all right guys so i just went to the bathroom as you can see my pee is super diluted still i thought holding it for a couple hours was gonna be good but clearly it’s not we’ll just try it out

And then maybe maybe tomorrow morning um it’ll be better so let’s see what we get okay so just dipped that and now it’s running through i am going to dip the pre-mom one now as you can see these sticks are a lot different it’s way thinner um and then it has like the little test testings on the back here all right just dip that one and that one’s floating so

We got those going there so this is the pre-mom test right here which um it’s pretty crazy because this is actually the darkest i’ve ever gotten on these tests uh usually they come out pretty light so this is the darkest that i’ve gotten which is pretty cool means something um my other one is still going through just also pretty dark but um this was the one

From earlier this evening i’m all dried up well it’s not all dried up but yeah this was earlier this was also on semi uh diluted p so the fact that they are still pretty strong being on diluted p um is pretty good so we’ll see how they look tomorrow oh my gosh you guys i got my freaking peek look at that oh my gosh i’m so freaking excited oh my god i never

Thought i’d see that oh my gosh i’m like shaking oh my goodness look at how beautiful that looks um i decided to take a pre-mom one two as well just to see um which that one is even pretty dark so i’m going to put these into my pre-mom app right now and get them read obviously um and we’ll see what happens oh my god anyways like i’m freaking ecstatic right

Now like i’m so freaking happy don’t mind the way i look because i’ve literally been breaking out and i’m working and i’m a mess but look at this so happy i’ll continue to be testing um to see uh we did do the baby dance last night so hopefully that’ll help i’m gonna try to see if i can get that in some more but we’ll see but stay tuned so it’s about 1 20 right

Now um in the afternoon and i decided that i wanted to just take another ovulation test look at this you guys it’s even freaking darker than the first one like it’s really pulling wow and it’s not even done um it’s not even done testing it like this is still you can still see like all the dye on it but look at that i am so freaking sure you guys i’m so happy

Like you have no idea like this means i’ve never like i can’t i know i’ve been saying this so much but this has never happened to me before look at that wow i’m so excited so freaking excited hey guys okay so um i am going to be opening up my pre-mom app i have it here and i’m going to be going to my ovulation test and i’m going to be putting these tests in

There now so i’m going to show you how to do this you’re going to go ahead and press add test result we’re going to take a photo automatically that’s how i do it it’s just quicker and easier and i just hold it up over my test and it should look like that hopefully you guys can see that and then you just hit that little check mark and then it’s gonna give you your

Reading and look what it gave me i got a 1.34 my last one this morning was 1.23 so this one’s definitely higher and darker look at that oh my goodness that’s insane was amazing to me could this be it i don’t know i’m praying and hoping look at those amazing good morning guys um it’s about nine around nine o’clock or so um i just went to the bathroom so i’m gonna

Go ahead and take the ovulation test today is what i think could be ovulation day um after that peak that i got yesterday so we’re gonna check it out and see um what it shows today all right guys um cycle day 22 these are the readings that i got for today um as you can see they are going down already so i’m assuming that today is officially ovulation days uh

Let me show you i put them into my pre-mom app and um i put both of them this here where’s my finger this here is my peak that i got yesterday and then you can see by the evening it started going a little bit it started going down and then by this morning it’s still reading some highs but um they’re going down so yeah i’ll probably test later this afternoon and

See what those show and we will go from there hey guys um so i’m not even sure what time it is but i just wanted it to get on here this is probably going to be the last opa that i take for this cycle um after today you know being ovulation day um i’m pretty sure it’s going to be back to low but we’ll see um let’s see what happens i’ll let you guys know as you

Can see it is completely low again for me um i know some people like usually don’t have anything there but i always have a line um no matter what so uh but these lines are pretty done looks like my surge came and went which is what i expected i didn’t expect it to be a long surge it was quick i’m just glad that we got our baby dancing in for the past three four

Days hopefully it’ll be enough but that is that i am done testing by the way these are reading 0.32 i will put a picture of the um final like ovulation readings and all of that so yeah guys this is it we are done here so happy it all went well but i will talk to you guys later hey guys um today is tuesday um i am currently on five dpo today i am finishing

Up my last pineapple core for the one through five pineapple core eating after ovulation um i do mine one through five oh my gosh actually i started on ovulation day and then um so i’ve done it for like six days um but it doesn’t hurt right i also have some more pineapples right here um so i’m gonna be eating those two and then yeah i’m currently working and

Um we’ll be headed out to mexico for my appointment with my new fertility doctor that’ll be this thursday we’re leaving so stay tuned and i’ll see you guys in hey guys um i’m completely out of breath because i just came up the stairs but today is a 12 dpo um i decided to buy these so you know what that means i am planning to take one of these tomorrow morning

Which i’m really nervous about but we’ll see how it goes okay i have to be quiet because my husband’s in the other room but and i got them there you go you

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