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Liver / Gallbladder Drainage

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A fantastic source of whole beets, purified bile salts and pancrelipase, Liver/GB Drainage is ideal for the chronically constipated and biliary-insufficient patient. This is also ideal for those who have had their gallbladder removed, or whose symptoms of gallbladder dysfunction are still present.

The liver is the largest most complex heaviest organ in the body we know that the liver has over 500 functions and including this is producing one to two liters of bile per day which is how is in our gallbladder ideally if we have healthy liver function all toxins are removed from the body but unfortunately due to a variety of external influences like more man-made

Chemicals in the environment increased stress increased sugar consumption increase toxins increase alcohol consumption many of us have poor liver and bile function the liver has thousands of drains sort of like a plumbing system in a house and it’s constantly draining through the hepatic function down through the gallbladder and then in the small intestine when the

Liver gets backed up it cannot do its functions some of the symptoms of this are things like allergies asthma skin irritations eczema psoriasis belching especially when we eat fat pain in the upper abdomen migrating behind the shoulder high cholesterol high estrogen because the liver is what removes hormones from the body increase weight especially in our abdomen

That hard pop belly for men and women where they have heavy amounts of fat in the lower body this is due to a inability of the liver to keep up after having sufficient stomach juice sufficient hydrochloric acid having a healthy liver and bile production is one of the most important things that we can do for our health the liver has multiple phases what’s called

Phase 1 and phase 2 this is sort of like cleaning a house phase one is walking around our house and picking up all the garbage and putting it in the garbage can phase 2 is taking those garbage cans out to the street for the liver to be able to do phase 1 and phase 2 of liver detoxification we have to have the right nutrients which many of us don’t get one of the

Best sources liver function nutrients is actually whole organic beets in addition to beats vitamin c taurine and then added to that extra bile will increase people’s ability to have healthy liver function other symptoms a poor liver and bile production in the body are bouts of eczema psoriasis hemorrhoids increase sensitivity to things like perfumes and chemicals

Migraines and basil temporal headaches increased cholesterol and triglycerides finding yourself having a low appetite in the morning is a sign of poor bio production light-colored stools gall bladder pains or acid reflux after eating fatty foods and waking between one and three in the morning feeling a wide awake our product liver gallbladder is the solution

By taking our product which helps both phase 1 and phase 2 of liver detoxification along with the ox bile that’s in it to help us emulsifying utilize our fat you’ll find that all symptoms of liver dysfunction will improve quickly some of the things that we see rapid change in is people feel they have less heaviness and upper part of the body the pain behind the

Shoulders goes away many people with constipation find their bowels start to move normally belching goes away people quit waking between one and three in the morning and so by doing liver gallbladder drainage with all meals most especially when you’re eating a fatty meal will dramatically increase your health

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Liver / Gallbladder Drainage By I Doctor