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Loc Update | 5 Months | Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Mr. Catwoman’s 5 Month Loc Update plus a deep dive into me controlling my dandruff.

That’s not again what’s going on youtube what’s going on a pinky squad mr. catlin here the mc and mc locks on life back again today with another video and in today’s video it’s 20 weeks since i’ve had started my logs so 20 divided by 4 is 5 so technically it’s 5 months today that i’ve since i’ve been on this lock journey in the last five months have been quite

Quite fun especially with my dandruff and watching my hair mature and actually grow a little um as you guys can see i did get every twist done but unfortunately with all the stuff that’s been going on in the world today my luck tician actually called me earlier in the week telling me that hey look we got a closed-down social dissident distancing and we don’t know

When we’re gonna reopen but so they had to cancel my appointment along with everybody else’s appointment i think they’re booked up for the next like 3-4 months actually so on the box lady actually had personally called me and apologized i told no worries i understand what’s going on in the world today but you know life moves its gonna try to move on a little bit

But that wasn’t gonna stop morlock during as a matter of fact um yes i think it’s yesterday yeah yesterday when i got my locks done that was supposed to be six weeks since i had gotten my previous retwist soul i asked my wife hey can you retwist my hair and she said sure i’m like are you positive she’s like yeah i got this i’m like okay cool let’s do it so i i

Actually had to wash my hair yesterday which was a very scary thing for me because i’m not too sure about the back but um i was worried about washing my hair and unraveling my locks especially in the back which haven’t even had just slowly started but a little um to where you actually see the parts if they were washed but um yesterday i went off without a hitch

I washed my hair actually wash my head what stelson blue um i think it’s something blue ah i called selsun blue shampoo and conditioner it has to be the one that’s mixed because i had yourself and blue back in the past when i was growing up they never worked but my wife that she told me a couple years ago is like hey you saw some wood shampoo and conditioner see

That will help you help your dandruff and it actually did i works a little bit better and um hopefully the boss later anybody at the lock shop is not watching this but i did put conditioner my hair yesterday i used a carrot hair conditioner that’s for dandruff that has tea tree oil in it um that was felt really good to actually put that in my scalp because once

You put that on i let it sit for five minutes you can feel it tingling and burning and going through and stuff like that so that was what i did before the locks on before we started be twisting and then with the retwist we used uh i think as a tie watching tight and hold and some type of lock i think it’s curling lock or something like that spray or something like

That oh i have the links down below so that you guys can see what we did to retwist and so this is the results of the retwist um which actually turned out pretty well pretty good hopefully y’all can see all that good stuff check the length bottom i got a dumb head and show you on the length on the top then on the sides right there unfortunately it’s a little stiff

Right now um at the shot they usually spray my hair with their special spray that they made but it just so happened i made my own spray um come up three four weeks ago and i actually been using that ever since oh i guess regular spray bottle this is the spray right here a regular spray bottle it’s before i use i have to shake it up cuz you see all stuff just blow

And shake it up and just do a couple of squirts no no see that or not and my hair it’s actually pretty neat concoction i made its rosewater tea tree oil rosemary coconut oil and i just recently added vitamin e oil and last night to give it a little bit more of a thickness because it’s been a little too watery for me on last couple days but i’ve been doing that well

Made that a couple weeks ago and actually came and hand you this time cuz i don’t really have any spray and spray on my hair and my scalp for my dandruff almond but yeah that’s what happened on my five-month going on right now this is a it’s come on really well as you can see i think i want to say right here is the budding like right here anywhere you see a little

Fatness whoops got vim ahead look at that it’s the budding right there oh yeah this is own as you can talk to beginning in the video before we got into this i show some pictures of some before pictures before the we twice and that was my hair currently at six weeks with no wreaths was done so that was pretty mean also i forgot to tell you guys within the last six

Weeks actually been to the dermatologist and while i’ve been dermatologist got several things for specifically for my dandruff one of the things i personal requests and i have using a pass was called derma smooth um i have some weird medical name of the bottle right here um flux so something another blow sonali i said nine to honor to would have call this thing

But this is a scalp oil that i put in my hair before i washed my hair to help with the dandruff because as you guys know i have that really serious dandruff separate itis dermatitis or whatever the psoriasis one and that oil was amazing years ago and it was amazing yesterday also also the dermatologist gave me something that was really interesting too she had me

Take a pill for two weeks called flux fluconazole i’ll put it up somewhere here the name of it um i think it was 200 milligrams for two weeks and when i first started taking a pill i didn’t notice anything on the first seven to eight days butter on a ninth and tenth day i noticed that i wasn’t eating so my itching totally went away now when it was completely away

But i went totally down also my stuff wasn’t producing as much dandruff as it was before and that was amazing like incredibly amazing like as you can see no that’s great assignments but like usually right here you can see this i’m literally scratching it dandruff i’d me i wasn’t really able to get any no actually not has formed since that’s been about 24 hours

Since i wash my hair and usually if people was on the dermatitis thing they all know it usually within like 24 hours that they actually do get some type of scalp irritation or something like that i haven’t felt any of that um could be also thought the maintenance everything with the shampoo and the spray and also the conditioner also on but this feels amazing

So i suggest um anybody who goes to the dermatologist for the dandruff it specifically asks for that pill it’s an antifungal anti a spill if you look it up on google as a matter of fact that it’s a common pill use or which call it vaginal yeast infection so don’t guys i’m worried about it i promise you it’s not for that but it works um it’s like it jump-started

My system to where i stopped shedding skin because of the fungus that’s that everyone has on them so like i screams trouble parts here and i’ll here i know i notice at the beginning about the symphony day around here i had like a own spots where you got to see where i’ve scratched out dandruff and it’s been like super um don’t be lighter than my actual skin that

Actually disappeared this is quite amazing but yeah the that started it probably two weeks into um into my six weeks with no retwist so it’s been about two weeks since i’ve been off the pills and almond even me being off the pills for two weeks no gender has formed um hasn’t collected anything the last two the last week i did notice some dandruff but i was seema

I felt like those calming build up from all the sprays and stuff like that i put my hair in my headed so next time i do reece weiss or in between the resource i’m gonna try not to plate so much um greasy or oil or super high density of oils or stuff like that in my scalp so i don’t much buildup so so yeah they saw it’s probably just gonna end it here um hopefully

Guys like you see i want to have some after pictures at the end of it um at the end of the video so you guys can see it’s a full full range of it that’s going on but i do appreciate everyone who’s watching check it out stuff hopefully all the stuff stuff and tips will help help out really appreciate all the likes comments everything that’s always been great and

Wonderful but anyways i’ll be out just let you guys know if you like what you saw don’t hit the like button make sure you go down to the comments and put down the hash tag paint the squad and i will respond when hash tag pinkies out also subscribe subscribe and share um i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people out there with the dandruff problems and locks and stuff

Like that it’s the only reason why i’m doing this is because of dandruff and is really quite embarrassing and stuff like that to take control over but i’ve managed to find out through my lactation from a big doctor the like everything’s going good on this i think i’ll see her in about a month or so but with everything going on i don’t know if i’ll be able to get

Back with her but it looks like i might be able to maintain everything i’m moving forward but we’ll see i don’t even know if i’m gonna do who might do six weeks again i kind of liked it um the hair pretty much did its thing in the last six weeks or might stretch out my necks retwist of six weeks also but we’ll see we’ll see how it goes well anyways i am mr. calhoun

The em scene i’m seeing lots of life you guys have a great and blessed day peace that dance on again the healers

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Loc Update | 5 Months | Seborrheic Dermatitis By MC Locs \u0026 Life