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Long Haul: COVID-19 Can Attack Insulin-Making Cells, Causing Diabetes

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Dr. Payal Kohli joined DBL on Thursday to discuss some of the direct and indirect affects the coronavirus.

We are slowly but steadily making our way out of this pandemic but there’s still some areas we need to navigate and then the captain of our ship is dr pyle coley she’s the admiral and she joins us live looking beautiful as always and uh doctor today we want to talk about direct and indirect effects of the coronavirus so for instance one indirect effect is that

Now masks have come off people are venturing out of their bubbles the cold is coming back great picture right there in a big way but did it ever go away or are our immune systems just weaker from being inside and away from people for so long you know it has nothing to do with our immune systems being weaker because most of the antibody protection to colds doesn’t

Last very long that’s how we can get them over and over again it has everything to do with our behavior exactly what you said tori that the masks have come off we’re getting together we’re seeing our friends and i know i’m not being as careful about washing my hands now and that’s why the cold has made a comeback the washing of the hands absolutely i can see that

Everyone talk when i’m on a little camera problem behind the seats here doc so i’m going right here hey doc experts are saying that our next flu season is going to be severe as a result of the pandemic why is that so jeff you’re married so you may not be able to relate to this but really think about it after you have a bad breakup what do you do you go out and

Date a bunch of people that you wouldn’t normally have dated just because you’re on the rebound so to speak so that’s exactly what we’re doing with our behavior here we’ve essentially been unable to see people for so long that we’re almost going in the opposite direction we’re traveling more we’re getting together more and the flu knows that that’s how it spreads

And so nothing has changed with the flu it’s going to spread when we get together with people and i think that’s why people are concerned that this flu season may be worse than last year’s of course where we really didn’t have one um i mean we’re all partnered up so i think we’re going to be okay great are you ready i’m still single she’s single i know but i

Don’t think so i’ve got to be careful and she deserves the best i’m sorry i’m sorry i want her to all right but you got like real remember the titans over there okay i got aggressive i’m sorry i love dr doc uh the is the summer heat gonna directly or indirectly affect the virus and what about people that have already had the virus al it is going to both directly

And indirectly affect the virus so we know that cold viruses and coronaviruses part of the cold virus family follows the seasons so we know that in warm dry temperatures like here in denver the virus doesn’t spread as efficiently it does spread more efficiently in cooler and more humid temperatures so summer we’re hoping will slow down the spread of the virus

But then our behavior changes and that’s the indirect effect we start going out more we start getting together more we start traveling more and that may have an effect in the opposite direction so it’ll be interesting to see what happens but as you know the biggest impact on the virus spread the summer l is going to be from those vaccinations so if you haven’t

Gotten it yet go out and get that vaccine yes so dr coley we’re still um really quickly having some residual effects and big news broke yesterday that basically covered 19 can directly cause type 1 diabetes can you explain that for us this was really scary erica and really really serious especially for those young people out there that might get coveted and

Essentially what we found is that covid19 can directly affect the cells in our body that make insulin and insulin regulates our blood sugar so by attacking these cells it can reduce the production of insulin which can lead to high blood sugars and diabetes so for those young people out there who have either gotten coping and recovered or those that are skeptical

About getting the vaccine it’s really important to keep this in mind because you could take you know a small problem and turn it into a chronic lifelong illness like diabetes wow my sister is dealing with diabetes right now and let me tell you it is not easy support to all those please get your vaccinations again if you do want to maybe ask the doc out on a date

You have to come through me first thank you so much

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Long Haul: COVID-19 Can Attack Insulin-Making Cells, Causing Diabetes By Daily Blast LIVE