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Looking back at my last months on Isotretinoin #ACNEVLOG Fredrika Delonghi

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Hi Guys! How are you?

Hello youtube and welcome back to my youtube channel and i haven’t been posting for like maybe three months and i’m here to back with an update and i am now officially done with racketing and it’s like unbelievable it went abnormally fast actually it felt like like it was really tough while i did it now when i’m done it’s just like you felt like it’s time to you

By so fast and i don’t know why but when i’m filming i’m always on like running low on battery so and i was the same might be that little simple accessing me in the top saying i need to charge my batteries but anyways so in this video i’m going to show you like a period of earlier like vlogs i did during these last months of the treatment just to give you like

Some perspective of how my time went and i don’t really want to put out like three different short videos and i just thought i make one and just include those here and you are free to leave any questions about drafting for me down in the comment section i took it for half a year and before i had really bad acne you can see here and now my skin looks like this

I’m wearing some foundation um i’ve been working ten like nine hours day so i don’t know my skin lightly looking tired my body died right there so it’s been loading till now so i even some dinner and i trim with me and this way you might be a little bit longer so i recommend you also grabbing something to eat or drink while watching my youtube and welcome back

To my channel and for those of you who are new welcome back we’re welcome welcome the today is the day where i hit three months so eating this for three whole months and my dosage now is 40 milligrams and my next term appointment is next week i think my skin has been doing good i don’t have like prominent pimples anymore and i can feel like my skin texture like

Where i don’t have spots it’s so silky smooth it’s amazing and it’s mostly redness but it comes down like rocket it makes your skin more red but that will also calm down and yeah this month i’ve gotten a lot of breakouts on my forehead for some reason i don’t know why and the only temple i have is actually that one the rest is only scars and red marks so i’m really

Happy with their self and it will only get better from here i believe because everyone says it the third month system it’s the magic month where you really see results for real so i’m super excited for this month and you know if i up my dose might go even faster and yeah so how i experience any new side effects like a talk saw last month like the moodiness and the

Super dryness the dryness i had tackled with a really strong cream called valina i can close the picture right here it’s so good i use this both in the morning and night but it makes your skin super shiny so it really keeps your skin from getting dry and but it’s just what we need on this mutton and i’ve gotten a lot of nosebleed or this month actually today i

Woke up with no slade and i’m the kind of person that never gets no space so i was really like what this is and it wasn’t like raining and dripping down but i feel like my nerves were stuffed and then when i like through my nose it was blood so on hope right now so girl i don’t know if i told you about my fury marks on my arm especially this arm had been moving

Around i’ve been googling like crazy and i have come to the conclusion that it’s not skin cancer because then i would have skin cancer like all over my arm on my beauty marks but like my spots have been acting weird they had like been like itching and like if it was like this like some of it had been going like that and then i just could like take it off and then

It would bleed no i can show you a close-up of one of those marks yeah that one only thing i noticed looking back at my blogs is like in the third month it was i thought i had skin cancer because it was like really aware of my spots on the body and the thing it’s you or i didn’t like really imagine roaccutane being anything else but like in like an acne treatment

But in reality it affects your oil glands which you have like all over the body it’s these couple of weeks i felt a really weird bump on my leg which i thought was skin cancer as well and like now i have googled it and everything and it was like a big bump on the side of my leg and i thought it was like first the temple or something so i try to like squeeze it

Or scratch it tmi and it wasn’t it was just blood inside and then it didn’t heal for some day so that would that was the thing that caught my attention like that it didn’t heal it was just bleeding and i don’t know why this off but then my and just we did some more and bid for him like some puss inside and not like acne but it was like something i’ve never seen

Before so that’s also what got me like really concerned but now if i look at the spot it’s like a it’s a it’s not like completely gone but it has like dried blood there so i’m not worried about it anymore but it’s like a continuous theme during my treatment that i’ve been like overly paranoid about changes on my body and stuff like that but i think that both good

And bad is a bit stressful like it was been stressful for me but at the same time it is like kept me in control over like the changes going on in my body and blah blah so moving on and my voice is weird right now because i have a cold it’s the situated cold it’s in april this is my birthday whoo and i have had my third appointment with my dermatologist and this

Time we also did a blood test and she told me to go up to 50 milligrams which i was kind of expecting and it’s my max dose for my for my treatment and i’m going to hold 50 milligrams to the end of june almost sorry that’s not something i have also been cheating a bit on my meal plans are so much better at restricting dairy and red meat out of my diet the griezmann

See like i can buy a like a package of picciotto and just eat it like the whole package by myself if i have that kind of a day and sometimes i like to just buy that mac and cheese and just eat it wouldn’t know it’s not a care in the world and of course that will give me pimples but still i’m on this really strong medication i’ll get rid of my acne in the end so i’m

Not really like sabotaging anything and the blood test said my results are extraordinary and that’s something i’m happy about because i’ve always been worried about like my liver failing or something while doing this so that it’s really good news for my liver that it’s doing okay and more side effects i have been in a really stressful time in my life i’m soon 21

And that’s kind of a midlife crisis quarter life crisis since last we spoke i had i had some mood swings and stuff and i felt like with this several couple of last week’s have been really tough on me and that is that was because of personal reasons but i think that director tamed or isotretinoin has really like enhanced that and it has affected like me very much

I was thinking i was depressed i didn’t have any appetite and the thing that this will happen to you if you start is it rested on and start this treatment but i’m just saying that you should like remember that this could it could happen to you like never know what life throws at you and like everything will be and has and make twice as serious on brac same in my

Opinion where it has been for me i have been on my own advice of the drinking a lot of water i’ve been taking it chill with exercise i haven’t been overdoing anything but when i have these like trouble with appetite of stuff i could because i take my tablets at night after the nurse and sometimes i could skip dinner and then i just took the pills anyways and we’re

Supposed to eat with food because it’s easier to break down together with food but i would eat it the stomach and i did this on in like three in the three days period and because i have to i had to stop it because i woke up after those three days in the morning with sincere pain in my stomach i felt like my my lower abdomen was about to fall out i know if that

Had to do with like me looks taking medicine the proper way or something that it hurts so much and like like stagger to the toilets and take a like a pain kill matt uh-huh but after that it happened happened again because i have the taking better care of myself and feeling it more easy sick on is it tran or two but during the seasons everybody’s sick so i’m not

Having your cold because of its addressing on there anything i also like this that i all i’m always filming when i’m either really tired like today um or like when i’m really sick and that’s what my intention guys you been welcome back to my channel as you might notice i fix my hair it’s the first thing you notice when you see me right right so welcome back to my

Fifth month of roc cane or is it just annoying and i’m almost almost almost done with my treatment and it makes me so so happy um i feel like my skin has improved immensely right now i’m wearing makeup like this is after an eight-hour shift um so it’s also pretty good and i’m still like my skin still have scars and a bit of redness but i don’t really have them

Both like right now it’s my time of the month so that’s why behind the fringe there is a little pimple there but they pop up very very very rarely right now that is just amazing and like i had all this like diet plans and everything when i first started working and that was good but i went a bit overboard with them i could have been more chill and be like okay

I’m going to eat healthy not like okay i’m going to cut out all very all blah blah blah blah and they like super strict on myself because rugs came is itself very streaming like on your body and on your mind if i compare my pms time before rocket eight and now i am so much more hawaii now like i get like sometimes super lonely out of nothing or like everything just

Enhances like i have this period like before administration where i’m super sensitive or sounded today something it was like it was a very rude customer i work as a barista and she was like she had problems with the order and then she had to create a scene but it all ended well but i got so like worked out up about it so i was like about to cry like for five minutes

Afterwards but he wasn’t like that big of a deal i’m super happy they seemed over and i can only say that i’m not sure what my skate like dermatologists will say about it like she said that we’re going to check my skin now the 12th of june to see if i need to be on racketing longer or if i can get off of it and i know that even when you’re done with the cure or

Like the treatment you could still get acne after that but it’s very rare but there’s still a possibility so there should be follow-ups even after you’ve ended the treatment to talk about my side effects nice so the thing that bothers me the most is my dry dry dry skin like this area is so flaky every morning because it is just regenerating in your skin cells so

Quickly and i get like a layer of white skin everyone to exfoliate like on a daily basis and because of the dryness my mouth like here on the sides has like becomes like two blisters and they hurt so much and it could give like a joker sight you can see a little bit of redness here like peeling that’s pretty gross sorry about the close-up okay now we’re in focus

This kind of regeneration of new skin happens in the nose as well so if i don’t like i might be a bit gross but if i don’t like to clean out my nose of excess skin then it hurts like hell and because of this and because of the really sensitive and thin skin and like the the quality of the skin is really thin and i believe is from the notes so it’s very common for

Me to wake up within like a bleeding nose and not it’s not pouring but it’s like full blood so in the morning i could like blow my nose and it will be like sold blood also my piercings are like always bleeding and they actually get the heal like they close up if i don’t put up piercing in regularly i can’t wear piercing it works so a of my work it can’t wear clear

Things because of the dress code that makes it really difficult so yeah my ears are like bleeding all the time or they look really like this blood here that is my side effect right now but the mental part i’m getting like you get used to like the like the feeling down part or i don’t know look you can use for anything a thing i noticed like i should induce on other

People too that has gone through rocketing is that it’s because you get so thin-skinned during this treatment i can see like differences in my face like i didn’t have this kind of skin texture fried it’s so much like wrinkles around here i think that’s because my skin is thin and i don’t know if that will change much like now that i’m off the medicine and we’re

Going out for one week now and i’m not sure if snack is going to return i can just cross my fingers and talk about that my dermatologist told me that if i would have a breakout like further down the road of being free from rock attained she would prescribe me a gel to like put all my troubles but i’m not like seeing i’m going on when you listen again just because

It’s such a hassle and you have to like keep track on the pills and i’m not birth control is enough for me i guess and like it has like marketing so strong so for example i had to plan stuff like okay so i use a little breakfast then and i want to be like a higher energy during the day so i should only take two pills in the morning and then later at night and you

Take the rest three pills because then in the night i don’t have to have energy yeah and that sums up my experience with working about keeping my fingers crossed but that mental health returned and i’m going to try out methods to get rid of like the data scarring and you have the dark spots and such but right now i’m still using my very mild acne creams and so

I’m just going to take it looks slow and use the mild creams that i use while on marketing and just like be careful with things like sugar and stuff the like sometimes it’s okay to eat sugar to solution is over there anything like a balance ski so i want to draw a closure there on this video and thank you so much for watching until the end and if you want to see

Me no more on me dad just thank you on this channel i will be here and jeff oh my instagram account acne blog or your i post videos on my skin updates and i’m going to continue doing that even now when i’m done with a packaging or a dress tonight i’m so you okay see them bye

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