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Well hey guys get excited in this video i’m going to be reviewing for you all l’oreal paris revitalift hyaluronic acid plus caffeine hydrating eye serum man that is a mouthful before getting into the video give it a thumbs up if you like hearing about skincare products from a board-certified dermatologist and get really excited because over the next week i’m going

To be putting out a lot of videos reviewing popular eye creams and eye serums i know you’re going to want to see those videos so be sure you’re subscribed and you have your bell notifications turned on that way you know as soon as they go live now as a disclaimer i am a huge advocate of keeping your skincare routine minimal using fewer products just keeping things

Simple and i’ve always promoted that you don’t need a specific eye cream or eye serum the moisturizer you use on your face is typically more than adequate to use to keep the delicate skin around the eyelids likewise moisturized hydrated reduce water loss those things the products i’m going to be reviewing over the next week all are intended for specific outcomes

However besides just moisturizing they have ingredients that address things like wrinkles fine lines dark spots today’s product the l’oreal blah blah blah blah blah blah that mouthful main signature ingredients are hyaluronic acid and caffeine there are a few other ingredients which we’ll talk about as well hyaluronic acid it’s a humectant it is not a novel

Ingredient per se it is popular in many skin care products in fact it is easier to come across a skincare product with hyaluronic acid or one of its forms whether it be sodium hyaluronate or hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid than it is to find a product free of hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid it’s a humectant it helps to improve moisture retention in the top layers of

The skin ultimately by improving the water content in the top layers of the skin that can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and it also just improves the overall behavior function of the skin natural skin turn and over processes your skin exfoliates on its own a lot better when it’s hydrated and hyaluronic acid can help with that when we’re talking about the

Delicate skin around the eyelids hyaluronic acid can help plump up and smooth the skin so as to smooth out those little fine lines that occur around the eyes that many people are seeking to improve hyaluronic acid also can enhance the penetration of other active ingredients speaking of other active ingredients probably the one that you are seeking in this product

Is going to be caffeine caffeine is really popular in skin care products especially those for the under eye area it’s thought to improve the look of dark under eye circles does it really work though short answer probably not why turk circles they’re complicated dark circles by and large for the most part for most people are due to either your genetics in the way

That your eye socket is shaped or due to age-related change as we get wiser as we get older we lose bone around the um eye the eye socket so it it gets larger and then we have descent of our cheek we lose collagen elastin and all of these things together lead to the appearance of darkening and shadows under the eyes dark circles now of course lifestyle factors play

A huge role in the appearance of dark under eye circles especially when we’re talking about seasonal allergies if you suffer from seasonal allergies you get a lot of watery eyes runny eyes you’re rubbing your eyes that leads to a lot of inflammation leakage of fluid into the delicate tissues under the eyes ultimately that can look like discoloration now caffeine

It’s popular in skin care products beyond just eye cream products it is an antioxidant because it’s an antioxidant it may help in reducing reactive oxygen species and free radicals that are generated upon exposure to a variety of environmental stressors ultraviolet radiation from the sun infrared red radiation from the sun visible light from the sun pollution and

Those environmental stressors in the setting of pre-existing hyperpigmentation can worsen the hyperpigmentation or make it more stubborn last longer create a lot more inflammation further contributing to the leakage of fluid in theory caffeine may help reduce some of that ultimately having a brightening effect topical caffeine is actually most well studied for

Its role and potentially helping with the hormonal hair loss known as androgenetic alopecia topical caffeine is thought to get into the hair follicle and potentially inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is responsible for converting testosterone to its more potent form dihydrotestosterone dihydrotestosterone leads to miniaturization of the hair and that is

What is responsible for pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia in both men and women’s but there are not good uh large randomized controlled trials really looking at topical caffeine for this indication but i would say the bulk of the research with topical caffeine is looking at it for addressing androgenetic alopecia not really any skin or anti-aging concern

However it is very popular in anti-aging products whether it be eye care product you know eye creams eye serums wrinkle creams and because caffeine actually has been shown to have relatively good penetration in the skin it acts as a vasoconstrictor so it may temporarily improve the look of redness and when we’re talking about the under eye area it may ever so

Slightly temporarily improve under eye puffiness that likewise can be driven by either your diet if you eat a high salt diet or seasonal allergies with accumulation of fluid as a side note i do have a couple of videos actually on dark under eye circles so check those out in addition to that this product also has niacinamide now niacinamide is a ingredient i

Really like it has multiple functions benefits for the skin however some people don’t tolerate it so if you don’t tolerate niacin mine this is not the product for you niacinamide as a quick reminder what benefits can it have it’s an antioxidant so again that coupled with the caffeine ultimately can help reduce reactive oxygen species oxidative stress in the skin

That otherwise damages collagens and proteins and lipids and contributes to the visible signs of skin aging it also is helpful for your moisture barrier and when the moisture barrier is healthy then it does a better job keeping irritating things out that’s ultimately going to be good for the appearance of the delicate skin around your eye niacinamide is likewise

Helpful for improving hyperpigmentation as well as alleviating the visible appearance of redness it’s anti-inflammatory another antioxidant in this product is scorpio glucoside a scorpio and glucoside is a form of vitamin c may get into the skin but your skin has to convert it to ascorbic acid and to what extent that actually happens we really don’t have good

Research to support its you know efficacy however it is a lot easier to work with in terms of product formulation it’s more stable than ascorbic acid it has better skin penetration than ascorbic acid it’s an antioxidant so when we’re talking about addressing hyperpigmentation it is a good ingredient it may help improve hyperpigmentation or help in lightening dark

Spots sunspots age spots freckles types of discoloration that can occur around the eyes in addition to the humectant hyaluronic acid this also has glycerin another humectant that likewise can help in improving the moisture content of the top layers of the skin having a hydrating effect downstream of that is going to be smoothing out of wrinkles and fine lines let’s

Talk about how to use this if you choose to use this product you are going to apply it either in the morning or in the evening or you could use it in both morning and evening you’re going to apply it to the skin after cleansing while the skin is still a little bit damp that’s going to help enhance penetration of these ingredients it’s going to be the first step

In your skin care routine if you will around your eyes so you’re going to want to apply this before any other eye products if you are using other eye products although as a reminder in my opinion fewer products fewer problems one thing i like about it is that it comes with this nice nice rollerball applicator which i happen to think is superb at dispensing exactly

The thin film of this liquid product to the skin without wasting it if this were in a dropper bottle if this was something that you had to squeeze out or dispense yourself much more likely that you end up getting too much this puts out exactly what you need and the rollerball piece of it is enjoyable if you happen to have under eye puffiness you can actually keep

This in the refrigerator and apply it around the eyes while it’s cool and chilled to further help in minimizing puffiness it’s just very soothing to do that all that being said i happen to think that this product they give you too much product i think they should sell this in a smaller bottle sell less product why it go it takes forever it’s going to take forever

To make it through this i mean i when i’m i’m telling you you barely get anything you barely need anything and so you end up going in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out of this bottle and i don’t know i you know l’oreal is a great company i don’t doubt the preservation of this and it’s stability long term but it is a lot of touch

Your skin put it back in touch your skin put it back in touch your skin put it back in i do question like by the time you get down to the last third of this is it still like is there risk of potential microbial contamination i have no evidence to to say otherwise but you can see there’s almost a little bit of cloudiness in it at this point so i’ve actually stopped

Using it and i think and that cloudiness comes from my own skin my own skin cells are getting i don’t know what it is um i i started noticing that because i followed the directions i put it on to the skin after cleansing while the skin is still you know a little bit damp maybe the moisture on my skin is going in there and messing things up but it’s not like soaking

Wet it’s not like i’m transferring water back into the bottle so i do have concerns uh it’s just a lot of in and out and in and out given how little you end up using and there are no obvious preservatives to me i’m not a cosmetic chemist there is some preservative i’m imagine but there are for example there’s no parabens in this and it’s so i i don’t know how stable

This formula is going to be long term and therefore i think it would be better if they just sold a smaller bottle of it so there’s less in and out and in and out now this particular product while it builds itself as being a hydrating serum and it does have humectants and everything it actually dries kind of filmy and it does not leave the eye area feeling moisturized

Whatsoever after you apply it you should put moisturizer on over it whether that be your facial moisturizer or if you’re someone who uses a dedicated eye cream it’s not drying per se but if you use it alone you may find that it dries a little filmy and therefore you know you may want to use something on over now if you’re for daytime use you could put this on allow

It to absorb fully and then put sunscreen you know like a mineral sunscreen on over it i think that would work out okay so that being said i did appreciate a bit of an under eye brightening effect with this i don’t deal with dark circles related to seasonal allergies knock on wood they have been fairly well controlled my dark under eye circles are the result of my

Anatomy and this is not you know this i would not expect to change that but i did appreciate a bit of a periorbital brightening effect with this product and so i do think that it is effective caffeine is an antioxidant so potentially has some benefit in reducing the accumulation of damage to the skin that leads to the visible signs of skin aging now this product

Is not inexpensive i purchased mine on the amazonian and i think i paid like i want to say 28 on l’oreal’s website i think they listed as 32.99 i would much rather see this in a bottle half the size for like fifteen dollars i have used this and shown it in my vlogs here and there and i did get some questions from you guys or comments asking can you use this to the

Rest of your face i think that you could well i just wonder about the longevity of this formula i know i keep coming back to that but long story short yes i do think you could potentially use it as an antioxidant serum to the rest of your face it’s got niacinamide which is common in a lot of serums and you know again caffeine hyaluronic acid i certainly think that

You could use it that way if you wanted to and you may may see some benefit i never tried it that way because once i started encountering this issue where i noticed that it was getting a little cloudy is this worth it i don’t really think it is honestly i think you know you will see some benefit it’s not a bad product per se but i do i don’t see myself using this

Long term at all the temporary brightening effect was nice but i’m going to review some other products for you later on as i alluded to earlier that i personally think i would be more motivated to use on a long-term consistent basis because of both the effects i saw with them as well as the ingredients and the overall formulation so stay tuned for that plus the

Price point more to my liking who do i think would benefit the most from this product i think if you have some sun related hyperpigmentation whether it be freckles around the eyes or sun spots known as solar lentigos that you’re looking to lighten the appearance of i think you may find some benefit with this it’s not going to change dark circles truthfully though

It’s not going to to get rid of volume loss cheek descent bone loss it’s not gonna it’s not going to correct those issues and there isn’t even anything in it that can provide a kind of cosmetic camouflage aspect to the dark circles let me know in the comments so if you have been eyeing it see what i did there and hopefully this review was helpful to you make sure

You are subscribed you have your bell notifications on so you know as soon as my other eye product reviews go live now on the end slate i’m going to put a recent video where i walk through the drugstore and go over a bunch of different eye products for dark circles so check that one out if you missed it but if you like this video give it a thumbs up share it with

Your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye thank you

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