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Lovenox Injection

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Deanne, RN, self-teaches how to do a Lovenox injection

Hi everyone my name is dee ann this is a video on how to give yourself a lovenox injection lovenox is an anticoagulant and it’s a sub-q a deep subcu injection so it just goes under the skin if you found this video you might have searched factor 2 factor 5 anticoagulant lovenox i am currently in my fourth pregnancy and due to some miscarriages we discovered i have

A factor to genetic mutation heterozygous mutation factor 2 is also called factor g – 0 – 1 0 a and so basically i’m at an increased risk to clot so i have been prescribed lovenox and lovenox has been given to so many patients that can treat dvt zit can prevent dvt s it’s a prophylaxis for going into total knees total hips lots of different surgeries so anyway this

Video as i said is in step by step how to do how to give yourself a lovenox injection so there’s a couple things that we need getting started we need to have a sharps container and every state has their own individual rules as far as disposal of needles so you’ll want to look into that before you get started and you need of course on your lovenox pen these come in

Month prescriptions and every pen is a daily dose lovenox for prophylaxis for dvt which is what i’m on it for is a 40 milligram once a day subcu injection so each day i give myself an injection and then i put that needle into this to the sharps container also alcohol swabs these helps just clean the site okay as far as the injection goes the number one thing we want

To do is make sure we wash our hands well secondly we will also want to clean our site so i have some alcohol swabs as i mentioned a couple things to keep in mind this is a deep subcutaneous injection so you do want to get a little bit of skin when you’re doing the injection you can contrast that with diabetics on insulin that have a very very small subcutaneous

Needle they’re still getting the medication under the skin but with lovenox it is a deep it is a longer needle secondly we want to become some where we did our last injection and we want to make sure that we’re alternating sites also i’m an rn and i give this medication sometimes on a multiple sometimes multiple times throughout my shift and i’ve noticed a lot of

Nurses tend to give the injection around the the belly button area ideally and also according to the package insert you want to give the injection on the anterior lateral and the posterior lateral set parts of the abdomen which are basically your your love handle area so just the whole side area which i’ll show you in a few minutes i think that’s it so let’s go ahead

And get started we’ve washed our hands let’s go ahead and clean the site and i’m going to step up on this pedestal so you can see a little bit better i lasted my injection of this side so i’m going to go on this side so i’m going to clean the site really well another thing to remember is we want to give this time to dry obviously you don’t want to inject alcohol

Into you and lovenox as it is is you know can sting so okay so here is my pen i’m going to go ahead and open it up this is my lovenox injection this is as i mentioned a daily dose so we’re going to take off the little shield cover here and you can see the needle you can see how it’s definitely longer than a diabetic needle so we really do need to make sure it’s a

You know deep subcutaneous injection this right here is the plunger so we’re going to push our medication in you’ll notice if you turn around you’re lovenox you might see a little air bubble in there that’s okay don’t try to get rid of the air bubble just go ahead and do the hole in affection okay so i’ve cleaned my area i’ve given it time to dry i’m going to go

Ahead and hold on to the plunger and get a nice big chunk of skin here okay and i’m going to just go it another thing with injections you want to go in not super fast and also not really slow but this this is the part that really does not staying it’s more of just the medication so what can you see that okay one two three so now we’re inside and i’m just going to

Squeeze that medication in once it’s all done going in i can’t push the plunger anymore don’t push the plunger too hard now we want to take it out all done i’m not going to rub the site i’m just going to leave it alone and then you’ll notice you still have your needle here you want to go ahead and push on that plunger even more to engage that safety shield okay

Then when you have your safety shield on then you can go ahead you won’t reap oak yourself obviously it’s for safety you’ll put that back in your sharps container and that will you can add to that as we go each day and that’s it that that really is all there is to giving yourself a lovenox injection sometimes it stings sometimes it doesn’t this one went well for

Me but yesterday’s wasn’t wasn’t so great but i do think if you can watch those things like don’t rub it stay on the on the love handle area you can definitely minimize the bruising best of luck to all of you and i hope this helped

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Lovenox Injection By Deanne V