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Low Estrogen? – Stop Taking Estrogen and Start Making It Naturally

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Why are so many women struggling with low Estrogen levels?

Many women today are taking estrogen considering taking estrogen and wondering do i really have to take estrogen now clearly when women go into menopause the body stops making as much estrogen and it can affect your whole mood you can feel depressed you can feel anxious you can worry too much you can have low energy all these could be symptoms of low estrogen production

And the remedy is oh if you don’t have enough estrogen we’ll give you some estrogen and even when women are younger before menopause they might be getting taking hormone replacement in order to feel better they might be depressed and sometimes the symptoms improve sometimes the symptoms don’t improve and there are risks and more and more were understanding the risks

Of taking hormones now clearly you know 30 years ago with the birth birth control pill they gave women ten times more estrogen or progesterone that they needed and that caused all kinds of negative symptoms and finally different pills were produced that lowered the amount put into the body but there’s still the risk there was a big study done in 2000 which showed

That there was an increased risk in women who were taking hormones now this doesn’t mean every woman is going to get cancer and at the same time it doesn’t mean every woman is going to get benefits and it is a risk without a doubt so all there alternatives well when i read books and talk to doctors who provide provide hormone replacement i say is this like important

For every woman to do and most of these doctors will say particularly if they know the alternatives they’ll say oh we only do it as a last resort we want to start with helping a woman to produce those hormones and basically there’s a whole range of various programs and supplements different people recommend in order to help your body make estrogen now in my book

Beyond mars and venus i cover this topic in a way that nobody’s ever done before which is to understand that our hormones are produced in response to our behaviors to what we’re doing and the kind of support we get in our process of living particularly estrogen estrogen is a hormone which is produced when you feel dependent on someone when you need someone and

You need the highest levels of estrogen for the ten days after your period and during that time if you’re too independent then you’re not going to make enough estrogen so your estrogen level is going to be low and somebody might say oh you should be taking estrogen also after ovulation your estrogen levels don’t need to be so high at that time you need the hormone

Progesterone so how to make sense of this you know it’s always changing well just to know that after you have your period for the next 10 days upto ovulation estrogen levels need to be gradually increasing and what increases the production of estrogen in your body is making sure you take time to put yourself in situations every day where you’re dependent on someone

If you’re too independent you’ll stop making estrogen there’s also another challenge to this which is that our foods today they add hormones to the foods also there’s certain pesticides and gmos when they go into your body the the estrogen receptor sites they feel in those receptor sites and send a message to the brain that you don’t need to make estrogen because

You already have plenty so a lot of reasons why women today have so many challenges when it comes to healthy estrogen and progesterone levels and so they think the only solution is to take these hormones but if you’re taking the same amount of a hormone every day that’s never going to give you the right answer for a stable mood and positive feelings in good health

Because your need for hormones changes throughout your cycle so what we need to understand that’s never been taught before is that the behaviors you choose at those times will stimulate the right production of hormones that’s on one side will learn the behaviors on the other side we have to recognize the toxic foods pesticides and foods that have hormones will throw

Off your hormone balance and will inhibit your brain from stimulating the production of more estrogen the good estrogens that you need also one of the negatives symptoms of not having enough estrogen is that you feel i don’t need a relationship because estrogen awakens your need for some someone or something and that then will stimulate more estrogen so when women

Don’t have enough estrogen because the brain has the message that you have plenty let’s say you take estrogen in your meat the hormones are in your meat the hormones the pesticides it goes into your body it sends a message to your brain that you have plenty of estrogen so your body stops making it so you do the tests and your body doesn’t have enough estrogen the

Challenge here is that when you don’t when the brain thinks you have enough estrogen you don’t feel the need for other people you feel more independent the need for romance the need for love the need for relationship the need for family all of that becomes less and so you don’t actually think oh i need that but actually thinking i need that will stimulate estrogen

In your body so what are those things that will help stimulate estrogen take a class where you’re dependent on someone to teach you something that will help you produce estrogen be a student be learning from someone that knows more than you they can provide information for you in a way that it’s meaningful to you go to a doctor a doctor has information that you

Don’t have that will help you be healthy that will stimulate estrogen take classes take dance classes take singing classes where you have an expert that you’re dependent upon growing and learning and being happy also of course the highest estrogen stimulator is to be in a relationship where you feel safe you could be in a relationship you don’t feel safe so you

Say oh i don’t need my partner that won’t do it you’re in a relationship where you feel safe and the most powerful stimulator in that relationship would be regular romance it doesn’t have to be every day particularly around five or six days after your period is over that’s the best time for a romantic date so your body is looking forward to that it will generate

Estrogen now one of the obstacles to making that estrogen that your body needs for well-being and for well good functioning and so forth is when you’re doing an independent job when you’re sacrificing to make money that produces more the male hormone testosterone and at that time your body doesn’t make estrogen if you’re feeling very independent there’s no one to

Depend on you got to make you got to do it yourself which happens so much today your body is making more testosterone during the day and therefore not making estrogen they like estrogen goes up testosterone goes down testosterone goes up estrogen production goes down so it kind of goes up and down like that however there’s a solution here if you’re an independent

Woman you’re making your own money you’re not depending on a man for financial support what happens is if you anticipate while you’re at work that you’re coming home to a relationship or to a lifestyle that stimulates estrogen then your body can be making estrogen during the day while you’re also making the testosterone necessary to achieve your goals and so forth

In the workplace so this is like really amazing information to create an awareness in a woman’s mind of the importance of having these relationships because when you become too independent you you don’t feel the need to even be with someone which would then i’ll give you the estrogen that your body requires now that’s the behavioral side of it the other side of

It is if you keep taking these toxins into your body you get these bad estrogens or you get this message to your brain that you don’t need to make estrogen so the certain supplements that can help your liver detoxify the bad estrogens to help your body remove the toxicity in your cells so that you’re not sending the message to your brain that hit that you have too

Much estrogen so your body doesn’t need to make the estrogen now also after ovulation towards your period during that time you need to have more progesterone than estrogen otherwise you’ll feel awful as well so during that time estrogen is not really the big challenge what you want to focus on there is more on doing things that you love to do we’re not dependent on

Someone but you have equal sharing or you have time alone where you’re doing something nurturing that you love to do that you get to do that you enjoy doing any of those symptoms i love to do i get to do i enjoy doing that’s going to produce the progesterone that you need and in your after ovulation towards your period so the hormone needs change during the month

And there’s no way taking hormones is going to give you the right balance the amazing thing is your brain is a genius it can balance those hormones if you give it the right stimulation as well as help to detoxify the body and take the supplements necessary so your body digests your food which produces the ingredients to make the hormones so our mars venus program

For balancing hormones will help you provide the nutrients you need but also understanding these ideas that are in my book beyond mars and venus which help women to discover the various activities that will help stimulate the right hormones at the right time and in most cases you won’t need to take hormones however if you are on hormones now you should discuss

This with your physician who provided those hormones for you they will usually welcome the idea because it’s a natural way so you don’t have the risk and the danger of actually taking hormones you

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Low Estrogen? – Stop Taking Estrogen and Start Making It Naturally By JohnGrayMarsVenus