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You know we start making a bigger in our head hmm you start telling ourselves that like it’s it’s really big it’s really hard and and then and it’s all it’s all in our head sometimes you know how do we post feeling like something’s really hard is just because we told ourselves the o’clock monday morning busy day ahead monday’s i generally focus on my sales

Marketing office really getting everything set up for the week and driving it out and start to bang away to my to-do list good we can feel rested feel fresh looking for it did dad let’s have a big primetime now let’s turn it around lots of guys actually pushing to hit their goal this food yeah you gotta bother working this week work to wed worked so far

This morning kicked off the day we are my kind of admin set up millions so that’s with the location which is just a check with a weekly meeting any issues or anything it’s true then had some meetings with some roots into the core office that last meeting or enter everyone’s goals that’s any brand ambassadors that want that want some accountability each week well

A meeting on a monday i have to stay accountable towards our goals so it’s a way for me to kind of coach them and advise them what they need to do on those goals and also as someone’s new to working on performance or working for themselves holding yourself accountable can be hard because we tend to let ourselves off the hook that’s why that’s why true use okay

We’ve got a trip to tenerife coming up in two weeks time have you guys seen the hotel okay we change so tell and because we decided we wanted to get it even better hotel that’s some towels so if you want to be in the hotel make sure that you’re hitting your goal make sure that you’re pouring you’re being a good example we’ve got a trip to barcelona coming up it’s

Gonna be the brand ambassadors meetup really excited about that one that’s going to be there’s going to be some great speakers at that one dad’s gonna be in again in a 5-star hotel in barcelona okay obviously delphine just came back from asia i’m gonna be going to kuala lumpar and to bangkok and maybe in may i haven’t decided the date yet may june and then we’ve

Got to beat that next year okay in the hard rock hotel and evita okay if you want to be invited on their feet then trip okay you’ve got to be you’ve obviously got to be performing but your quality is hugely important and the sales you do this month will find out your quantity just before they beat the trick so this week we wanted to speak about the standards of

A brand ambassador why should you have a good stand what do good standards mean and how can you continue to keep good standards as well and that’s how you measure relationships or what person you’re coaching is worth while putting more time into so if someone is a lot of effort has low performance i like to promote them to customer so the point is is that day

Someone at that level if they have an agreement with me i’m going to look to terminate their agreement because there a lot of effort you know they constantly need attention and time but they get really low results then you’ve got people that have low effort you don’t require much effort but they have low results provided they’re doing the minimum standard which

Here is eight that person can stay but if they want to take on more responsibilities or they want to travel they’re going to need to get themselves into this group here booked because they don’t require much effort it’s okay that the results are a little bit lower then you’ve got people who are a high effort but high performance because those people are yes they

Require a lot of effort and focus and attention but the rewards from that person is big so it’s worth the time so put that if that person wants to maybe coach more or take a more responsibility they’re gonna have to move into this section as well so watching happens to this group the people would that require low effort but high performance yeah you’re gonna see

Them get promoted okay they’re the people that will go and they’re gonna open open their own franchise they’re people that are gonna be socio commercials they’re gonna run large networks and they’re obviously gonna increase their income cuz to run a successful business as an entrepreneur you have to be you have to be low maintenance high performance you have to

You have to require little effort from other people and you have to get hard results if you’re gonna be a successful entrepreneur who rings me in the morning and tells me to get out of bed no one yesin who tells me to work hard on a saturday no one yesin who told me to come in this morning at eight o’clock so i could get more work done no i can’t expect or look

For someone else to push or motivate me if i’m gonna be a real entrepreneur because i’ve got to be able to do that for myself the closer you are to this corner the more results and rewards you’ll get and the closer you are to the trips we spoke about which is on the stage you’re in control to be talk seriously near talks wander sometimes we think oh i can’t

Control my thoughts so under control yep my last time to go shortly really good day after 11 now so this wrap of a few things and then you’re going i said earlier you usually have pretty long monday try really spend time with all the guys in the office i find it’s really important on a monday that help review people sales figures and numbers from the day one

Thing i went through there was the numbers and the numbers really matter they really make a difference if you’re not if you’re in sales you got to know your numbers you got to work those law of averages it’s not just about being good at speaking of people it’s about working those numbers correctly and understanding those numbers sales is totally a numbers game and

One of the key things that i would show people in the evening and just trying to give them guidance on the week so they can help them hit their sales go for the week always start monday hard and unless i was traveling her away from pretty much almost every single monday for the last eight years i’ve probably done fifteen sixteen hour a day because it just starts

My week strong so it’s just really key on a monday i’d like to just go hard kick off the week strong and just got a lot of done it feels good pumped excited though the energy after busy day

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