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The Lunesta Butterfly killed her husband & this detective wants answers.

If you don’t mind start from the beginning it was late frank always had trouble sleeping so he went to a couple of doctors you know the ones in the coats and they all suggested the over counter sleepy made a balloonist you know that pill with the green glowing butterfly so he pops a couple of pills and we don’t think anything he goes to bed and i delight myself

A little dessert yogurt at night and then i get into bed snuggle up right next to frank can bets when i see him lunesta himself he comes floating through the window and he lands on top of brenda’s chest and that is one friend stopped breathing i call out to frank frank frank frank can you hear me right frank frank nothing i mean floats over to the dresser and he

Puts 20 bucks on it and he says don’t spend your soda one place we are like i’m some kind of hooker it’s a very convincing story story its truth there’s just one thing that i’m not getting what is that why aren’t you telling me the truth i’m not the one over here sipping out of a straw like i’m smoking it i have high cholesterol you tits 2012 you put down a

6-year deposit on a 2013 subaru forester tell me why frank and i were trying to start a family hmm subarus on family cars those things are later on wheels you even a detective half c’s i’m also a barista during my free time you make me sick and i’ve been to six months six flags the place for families it’s fun what do you have couple of poor friends couple of cans

Of rose’ we stand outside six flags and we hick all the ugly kids and we heckle beefy boys be boys you’ve got bread on your face i had a sandwich before i came subway you know you’ve heard jared you don’t want to know what his last name is yeah sup boy go away why the sketch back from the drawer oh my god this is so familiar yes put an apb out in all cops in

Uniform i need somebody looking for this green lunesta butterfly floating through the windows flapping its wings semi bioluminescent we’re gonna get this guy if it’s the last thing i do ever i’m christian don’t thank me thank god it’s not a non kind of situation the wind getting to it there’s a lot of wind in here you can do it then i’m bringing up excuse me

I want to do it okay we’re gonna do a better job okay have you ever used a lighter before i just have it i’m using i just happen why you have it i just i want to have it why do you want to have it i like this sugar you never use it oh well then why’d you get it oh my dad always had these why was your dad smoking no he just had them so he had some a new what’s up

Oh you don’t know how you should do it actually i’ll figure it out oh oh that would have been bad that’s the drawing we need that could have been really bad that’s the only drawing are we gonna meet what are the recording

Transcribed from video
LUNESTA By Elizabeth Andrews