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Lunesta dosage lowered

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Fda lowers recommended dosage amount???????? Why now

As who needs help getting to sleep at night listen to this story the fda is now lowering the recommended dose of the popular sleeping drug lunesta could actually make for dangerous drive to work the next day new data showing that you may not be alert enough to drive even if you feel totally awake well the fda is now cutting the suggested dose in half now this

Goes to every freaking drug that comes out within six months there’s always some kind of dramatic recall this lanessa drug has been known if you don’t know this i would be telling you something that you don’t know again this is the message has been known for creating walking zombies and no i don’t mean like you know the show the walking dead what i do mean is that

People have been known to wake up physically walk around carry on conversations do things and have no recall of having done them yes folks a walking zombie so in other words you could potentially stab somebody to death and have no recall because to you it never occurred it never happened it does something to your brain all of these chemicals these pills they do does

Something to your body that is more devastating than the thing is trying to cure if you read the side effects on most of these things most of them is hallucination some kind of intestinal bleeding you know nothing that is good for your body they are usually 10 times worse than what they trying to fix listen to them that the last bit of most of these commercials the

Extra valtrex paxil doesn’t matter what it is in my by the way like i said what it’s six months they all get recalled or there has some kind of lawsuits because of some devastating issue with with the drug that was approved or fast-tracked by the fda which is you know the food and drug criminal organization but um devastating to your body yes hallucinations walker

There’s people that tell stories of having very vigorous sex and having no recall of it all waking up in some other part of the town or their house and having no recalled they got there that is some serious crap okay this goes into you know you can look the government experimenting with lsd and in the military and they were giving him things and having these guys

Do things and mentally trying to program them all of these drugs do something more devastating to your body do not take these damn things if you do not absolutely if it is a life-and-death situation not if it’s just a convenience i can’t sleep if you can’t sleep and you need to sleep there’s a whole bunch they need you can do well milk sex run ten miles i don’t

Know what but stay away from these pills because they’re going to kill you or get someone you love seriously hurt but the long-term effects is what you cannot know what’s what will happen now to you it’s in five years it’s in 10 years all these things they do are destroying the physical genes that make up the human dna all of these things they are forever changing

The structures of your cells and it’s amazing how there’s such good things out there such natural remedies that the fda will never get behind it takes them 20 years to do things that the rest of the world knows is good but some crap like this it goes to market it’s fast tracked these things are not good stay away from all of these stupid pills i’m out i have high

Cholesterol i have naturally high cholesterol it runs about 300 in a bad side suppose it bad side i tell you what i’ll be 99 years old versus these bastards who are taking these cholesterol-lowering drugs that just got recalled a few months back also and my doctor was one who wanted to put me on it to lower my cholesterol i told the hell no hell no because in six

Months two years ago recall the stupid thing and i gotta have some of the side effect that now i am a victim of and there’s nothing i can do i can sue ya in 20 years i might get a check or i can opt out from that paradigm crap with these doctors pushing these stupid pills for a stupid you know of things you can do naturally to to counter these ailments that you

Have and if i have high cholesterol then damn it you know i don’t know where i’m getting it from but it doesn’t affect he’s not gonna pick me okay i don’t fry food i you know little seafood like that have you like shot like repairs michael debakey a big deal but i don’t eat a 24 hours a day you know there are simple things you do i eat cheerios for some life i

Don’t know whatever stay away from these pills they do more harm than good in fighting you know but what’s the point of taking a pill to fix in an ailment or the fix is gonna discomforting to you right now in your life and it shades off 10 years of your life was it worth it hell no stay away from these stupid fda drugs if they’ve been around for 15 years you can’t

Even trust aspirin these days cuz this they put in it for the things that cut it with if you don’t need these things don’t take them look for medicinal for homeopathic remedies look for natural remedies help these things have been around before we’ve been here and people have been taking care of the elements that come up without these stupid drugs natural ways

To do this you have the internet it’s a powerful tool there’s truth out there all you gotta do is know how to find it and get through whatever the hell the media pushes whatever the media pushes look at run the other way whatever they back run the other way because the media in the form of self pharmacology industry their embed the same people okay these are all the

Same people at the top they’re not in it for your best interest obviously because if there was a case there would not be recall after recall after warning after warning after these stupid drugs that they push to market you know every single time you turn around you hear about some great thing that comes out in a year there’s a problem with it oh how’d you not see

That problem the trials although over five minutes it took you to get it to market they fast track these things they make bazillions of dollars then they settle lawsuits for pennies on the dollar they don’t give a about you you gotta understand us they don’t give a about you they use you as guinea pigs your piggy banks for them all right if they make a gazillion

Dollars and they have to settle lawsuits that people could actually prove it that they pay you know 10 15 even 50 cents on the dollar they still come up net positive do you understand us look at the time look look at how many drugs have done this throughout the last 30 years how many drugs over and over and over did they’ve done this too and you don’t think that

They really gives you about people what about the i believe it was oh man it was bear that released a batch of poisoned yes poison they were they they knew there was something chemically wrong with the aspirin batch that they had and they released it to the general populace i believe it was africa or the african there wasn’t one african countries in it and there

Were tens upon thousands of victims of this devastating poison aspirin pill that they released and they knew it was dangerous to people and they let go anyway why cuz i figured africans right what the hell they’re gonna do you know they did there’s nobody up there class citizens yes this is what they think of you if you do not need absolutely life-threatening do

Not take these drugs find a way to deal with the with the issues that you have naturally stay away from the quick answer because the pharmacologist the pharmaceutical industry big farmer the doctors they all they’re all in cahoots with each other you understand that these doctors push these pills now understand see a doctor is doing it was trying to do what you

Would think best for you you know the whole hippocratic oath crabbe understand something it’s a business they make money and some of these guys got their head so far up their ass and they know what the truth is and they look the other way why because it’s a pay-to-play system if you don’t push these drugs and you were to speak out if you just say the wrong things

And let people know what’s going on you would lose your medical doctoring license that’s right folks you can’t play in the system anymore this is why they are not looking out for you it this is why i feel they don’t have that best interest in heart for you you are a guinea pig you will always be a guinea pig stay away from these poison pills if you do not absolutely need them

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