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Lupus & Me: Can you see a difference in taking certain meds?

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Hello everybody i am frugal listed lupe’s sister what a fabulous day it is i hope everything is going well with everybody out there i hope you all are feeling well in good spirits and do what you got to do to make it happen i want to pop in really quick and just to check in all my fellow lupe’s make sure you all are doing ok i know around this time but the season

For this time of the year which is fall season you have a tendency well i know i have a tendency of having more flare-ups more discomfort and i can really feel it in my knees as we speak as i speak now my knees are aching i don’t know when is that i wanted to get them checked i haven’t gone to the doctor or mentioning anything to my dogs about my knees but i think

Maybe i just need to have an x-ray done on them so i can know what is going on with them really but they ache and i did not like because i like to go walking and just doing things on outdoors but what these knees like they are i don’t want to do much i had a great weekend i went out with my friends for my birthday of course it was 2 weeks post birthday celebration

But i had a wonderful time i pushed through those knees we’re aching but i still push through but you guys are so fabulous i do appreciate everything i love the come in so keep them coming i thank you all for the encouragement i am feeling a lot better than what i was my previous video because i was kind of feeling down but i’m getting better i’m feeling better

So i thank you all so much for the encouragement like i said sometimes i do need encouraging words at time and i appreciate all of the comments that you all share with me i thank you so much but i am feeling better i actually after lunch now i’m gonna go and make a couple of doctor’s appointments that i really need to get done and do what i have to do question

For my plaquenil people out there how are you all doing with the plaquenil do you can you tell that the plaquenil is actually helping you i want to know because there really no medication out there for lupus per se plaquenil is an anti-malaria medication but somehow they figured and found studies showing that it does help with lupus my doctor always told me that

The plaquenil will cut back on your frequency of flare-ups and also the severity of your flare-ups so i wanna know from you out there if the plaquenil is helping you or not okay you tell any difference so let me know hit everything below in the comment box and i do appreciate it click the thumbs up button let me know what your all out there listening to me and

Like what i am i mean talking about you all take care don’t you have to do to stay healthy and stay well most love to you bye thank you to all my new subscribers too

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Lupus & Me: Can you see a difference in taking certain meds? By Frugalistic Lupus Sister