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Luteal phase workout program design

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Want to program design for the luteal phase? But want to do it with SCIENCE?! Luteal phase workout program design with science-backed research RIGHT HERE! This is great personal trainer continued education.

Hormone aware personal trainers are waking up to the fact that exercise should change throughout the menstrual cycle but menstrual cycle fitness coaches understand how the luteal phase hormones change and how we can program design for the three sub phases of the luteal phase to give our clients even better results so in the first part of this lesson we are going

To do a deep dive into the two luteal phase hormones and how they impact workout performance and metabolism so that you understand the whys behind luteal phase workout program design and in the second half of this video we are going to go over workout program design for each of the three subfaces of the luteal phase and i’ll show you how you can get access to my

Free menstrual cycle they assessment document that you can use in your monthly client assessments or even in your initial client assessment if you’re excited to become more confident in optimizing your own and your clients hormones through menstrual cycle education hit the like button and go ahead and subscribe to this video as well and when you subscribe you’ll

Be notified every time a new lesson comes out and also when you do that you tell the youtube algorithm to send more videos like this to personal trainers so they too can learn their research back menstrual cycle health fitness and nutrition education so if you don’t know me yet my name is omega and i’m the founder of the continuing education program the confident

Menstrual cycle coach academy where i empower personal trainers to optimize and balance their own hormones and gain the confidence and know-how to help their clients do the same through science-backed research this is one of my amazing students anastasia who says my clients have achieved amazing results they’re more in tune with their bodies understanding their

Fluctuating energy levels consistent and reaching weight loss muscle gain endurance and and improved energy goal she’s really had a lot of success and she started her own live events as well so before we dive into the ludial phase program workout design i want you to have a really solid idea of the hormone fluctuations throughout the luteal phase because that is

The foundation of what we’re going to cover today so here is a chart taken from of the entire menstrual cycle and for this lesson we are going to be zooming in on the luteal theme and as a disclaimer i know that not everyone has a 28-day menstrual cycle as indicated in this chart if you don’t or your client doesn’t don’t worry everything that i’m about

To share still applies and in either case a 28 day long or short cycle you’ll have to do some math and tune into your actual body cues to figure out when your hormones change in the luteal phase you can clearly see the distinction between the early mid and late ludial phase and that’s because we are hormonally different in each of these sub phases and we’ll get into

How the dominant hormones that’s estrogen the blue line and progesterone the red line impact workout performance now we’ll go over progesterone and catabolism the predominant hormone and the luteal phase progesterone works to get us ready for a potential pregnancy and it does this by using a bunch of lipids and amino acids to thicken the lining of the uterus but

Is this 2022 study by romero para and colleagues point out progesterone is also catabolic it breaks down muscle tissue the authors say further anabolic effects of estrogen have been observed in comparison with the catabolic effects of progesterone now we’ll go over estrogen rhizomid cycle remember how i was saying that estrogen is anabolic or helps create muscle

Tissue or tissue in general well estrogens rise in the middle of the cycle can actually support our muscle building efforts in the second part of the luteal phase now fat utilization when we talk about the luteal phase we have to talk about fat utilization because for better or worse our body is using more fat for energy in this phase of the cycle this study by

Wogelmuth at all shows us that our resting resting respiratory exchange ratio or our rer defined as the amount of carbon dioxide we exhale to the amount of oxygen we take in decreases so when our rear decreases that indicates that we’re using more fat for energy and if our rer decreases that means that we’re using less sugar for energy and more fat for energy and

Not only that we have a 2.5 to 11.5 percent increase and our resting energy expenditure in the ludial phase all this points to the fact that we’re burning more calories from fat at rest during exercise so now we will go ahead and break down each sub phase in the luteal phase and i’ll share some research based on workout program design recommendations that you can

Try on yourself before you apply it to your clients but before we dive into that tell me what your biggest aha moment was so far just tell me in the comments and your comments and when you like this video remember it helps the youtube algorithm share menstrual cycle education with more trainers phase one of the luteal phase this covers the first four to five-ish

Days of the gluteal phase and as you learned in the first part of this video progesterone is just starting to rise in this phase as estrogen slowly declines for this reason progesterone’s catabolic impacts on training and metabolism won’t be as severe in this phase this narrative review by carmichael and colleagues took over 40 different studies and looked to see

How exercise changes throughout the cycle the paper concluded that aerobic performance gets a little boost in the first part of the ludial phase and this graph it was confusing for me too at first but in this graph the author authors are trying to describe how exercise performance changes they say the direction of the arrow indicates the relative reduction and

Performance outcomes from the phase the arrow originates to the phase the arrow points to so this graph is looking at aerobic capacity but we’ll look at strength and anaerobic capacity too and you probably remember from your personal training exam aerobic performance mainly uses fat for energy and this is consistent with the findings from the research showing

That we use more fat in the space of the cycle too so workout program design for this sub phase might look like low intensity long duration cardio decreasing the volume from strength training or familiar sports conditioning exercise now we’ll jump into phase number two of the luteal phase and this covers the second four to five day chunk of the luteal phase and

Remember that graph that i showed you earlier that shows estrogen slight increase in this phase and do you remember that estrogen has anabolic or building up potential for the body right okay so you got that you got the other thing well that’s all reflected in our strength capacity here too this study by carmichael and colleagues showed us that strength performance

Gets a little boost in the middle of our ludial phase and not only that anaerobic performance could also increase in this phase remember anaerobic workouts are intense short bursts of energy myth luteal phase training might look like moderate strength training and you can also incorporate power workouts too it could look like doing familiar yet challenging sports

Conditioning you might even program moderate intervals as well phase three the final phase of the luteal phase the phases upon phases y’all the final phase phase three of the luteal phase covers four to five days before menstruation begins and this is when estrogen and progesterone start to to decline and while some studies don’t corroborate the exercise capacity

Decreases in the two-ish weeks of the menstrual cycle many studies lots of studies do agree that training capacity motivation performance does indeed decrease in the late gluteal phase when hormones are dropping and the key here is bio individuality we need to keep the client in mind when doing program design obviously you know that this study shows that athletes

Have a decreased performance in the late luteal phase that’s why i always recommend doing a menstrual cycle assessment with each of your clients to get an understanding of how your client responds to exercise and their unique cycle phases and like i said in the beginning of the video i have a free cycle assessment pdf that you can use for each of your clients

To track their cycle and just sit tight and i’ll explain how to get access to that in a moment so based on my years of training people cyclically lighter strength workouts work best in the late ludial phase there is some evidence saying that power workouts do work well in this phase too but if you’re doing the lower intensity it might look like long duration low

Intensity cardio like a long walk light strength exercises going for about 12 to 20 reps or you could find that your client has the capacity in this phase and you might do the anaerobic workouts like high intensity training high intensity intervals and even go to failure on workouts that is shown in the studies you just have to learn your clients so if this graphic

Is helpful for you make sure to screenshot it and save it as a helpful reminder for you as you’re training your clients you can even share this with your clients so now for the cyclical assessment this is designed to help you as a personal trainer track your client cycles so that you can plan effective workouts for them all month long and it even helps you plan

For the ludial phase too would you imagine you can download that free assessment using the link in the description box below and if you haven’t liked this video already go ahead and like it and if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to this channel to be sent new free cyclical education videos weekly and just so you know my love language is comments and i would love

To hear from you so tell me your big biggest aha moments or your biggest takeaway in the comments section below finally if you want to know how to address your clients late luteal phase pms which i guarantee most of your clients have if you want to use nutrition and lifestyle watch this video next i will see you there bye

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