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Made alerts today and went up devil’s point with some Fosters 360 video vlog Sun 5 Jul7\y 2020

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Had a nice little sit and had a beer Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

Like a plastic bag but i think um there’s a song there somewhere so i’ve come out to devil’s point with tina for a beer there’s tina louie and some well they saucy barbecue crisps yum yum oh cuz it looks like me look look at it does it mean look tyler side oh i just throw it on the floor i don’t want them i want them yes please you’re one then our pint of fosters

Light is a river thanks tina oh i sent a card to my niece in the beer box of my sister-in-law’s pillbox so i sent the card out there a league like vogue but babe it’s from moon pig calm don’t a you jeez god that tastes like a doe beer like real and old beer no i’ll leave them after after the peel of oh i did them alisha’s and g vibes alert today i felt good being

Creative is nice quiet monday but he was lovely the new software i’ve got is a little bit not as powerful as the old one i had but see i was saying athena back when i was in primary school the prime minister said you’re doing your revision headmaster yeah mister peres thorpe and he said you may think that’s enough but that’s not enough enough is not enough you

Should do more so but when it’s hard for a cigarette mitch top school that learning what this really but it can’t be a fatigue thing because i’ve got walker and i got even slow walking i can do because they’ve got a stay or a stand now it’s just a motor control then rather than fatigue such honey you enjoy a race come on granddad let’s go i’m sure you appreciate

That hmm so sunday is the day of no evening stream i’m somehow of wangle doing two streams a day every single bloody day well three streams day on weekdays cuz i do the cycling by do two streams on the weekend this morning and afternoon gives me so i’m gonna do you know i mean did these be logs are quite good i’m publishing them as soon as i’ve got eight six yeah

1806 o’clock and there are seventy all of to start doing clips as well so a funny bit from the stream make it into a clip and then release that so the problem is i heard your alpha gaming you’ll know about it on a youtube channel about how if you’re live streaming and you’ve got to have clips and then people can see your clips and then see what it’s like for if

They watch your screen but if they’re just coming in the stream there in 15 minutes you could be just a man are in 15 minutes and they’ll leave and then will come back never but now they see mike hopes if you watch these videos and you get something out of them and you can share them or you like them while they’ve resonate with you and you like being part of a

Gang then please consider give me the thumbs up because that helps people see it cool look at the view this is a 360 video it’s like the 360 videos on my channel so if you give it a thumbs up other people will see it and if you subscribe you can click on all four the notifications that way i let you know about all my stuff and if you click at the join button you’ll

Be part of my gang and you get to see my social posts and yet emojis you can use in my live streams and also if you are a youtuber and you’re a member i will share your videos to every subscriber i’ve got on my timeline and i’ll do that for free well for the price of membership which starts at just $1.99 but definitely subscribe and like because you get loads for

Free anyway i hope i can see you in the inside on the inside in the inner side i don’t want to see you want indian it’s hard actually might be dead

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Made alerts today and went up devil's point with some Fosters 360 video vlog Sun 5 Jul7\y 2020 By multiple sclerosis VlogliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2020-07-06T165618+0000endTimestamp2020-07-06T165618+0000}