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Magnesium Citrate VS Glycinate VS Threonate: Benefits are Different

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There’s many forms of magnesium out there, each have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to absorption, cost and applications.

Hey friends welcome back so today let’s talk about magnesium magnesium is a popular supplement you know i always like to figure out what people are buying when it comes to supplement i’ve been in the space since 2006. so i’m always curious to see you know what people are taking and why and one of the products that i see people taking and as a magnesium supplement

I’m not going to name the brand but it’s it contains a lot of magnesium citrate so in today’s video i want to tell you about the different types of magnesium how they work and how to think through magnesium because i don’t want you to be taking some form of magnesium that you think is doing something but it’s really doing something else so with that let’s talk

About magnesium citrate and this is the company that again a lot of people are taking this product i’m not going to name names i don’t want to get in trouble it’s pretty affordable it’s really cheap actually and it says it has a lot of magnesium in it but the form is magnesium citrate okay magnesium citrate is a great form if you want to have a bowel movement

So here’s what’s unique about magnesium citrate is it ionizes just like sodium chloride if you think about table salt from red mean real salt to morton table salt it’s two ions okay so it’s just it’s not a chelated magnesium that’s going to be absorbed through the amino acid receptors like the albion raw materials okay we’ll talk about that in a minute but just

Think many zim citrate okay great for inducing bowel movement not so optimal for systemic absorption of magnesium so if you’re constipated uh if you want to have a coffee enema for example you need to go in and get maybe a colonoscopy i would recommend loading up on magnesium citrate now if you’re like man i’ve been doing a lot of exercise i’m going in the sauna

I’m doing intermittent fasting i want to improve my magnesium absorption levels then you want to look at things like diet magnesium malate magnesium bis glycemic chelate so these are chelated magnesium to amino acids or malic acid which is a krebs cycle intermediate okay uh the the common the most common amino acid that magnesium has chelated to is glycine the

Molecule glycine has you know the amino acid has a lot of health benefits we know it’s involved in gaba synthesis we know it’s involved in phase 2 detoxification we know glycine is just a great amino acid so the way that i like to train people as a kind of health coach if you will nutritionist i like to help people think through you want to look at the magnesium

Chelating agent that also has health benefits okay so in the context of magnesium magnesium glycinate or malate they both have benefits so it makes more sense then if you’re going to take a medicine supplement to consider that and so that’s why for systemic absorption i recommend one of those two forms dimension malate or magnesium glycinate chelate okay now when

It comes to enhancing brain levels of magnesium there’s a form called magnesium l3 in it so three and eight is a molecule that in and of itself has some health benefits we did a wonderful podcast with dr james de nicole antonio the author of the best-selling book the salt fix and the longevity solution that was co-authored with dr jason fung so i’ll put links to

Those books below and links to that webinar replay if you’re interested in checking it out but magnesium l3n8 has been shown to support brain health and possibly memory and things along those lines because it can enhance the cerebral spinal fluid and cns uptake of the magnesium that particular form so it’s a little bit more expensive than say the magnesium citrate

Or the magnesium dimag malate or the this glycemic chelate forms but if you’re looking for systemic and more absorption within the brain and the potential benefits there so i take it as a kind of a nootropic you can do up to two to four grams per day i just do two grams per day it’s pretty affordable it’s about a dollar a day per at that dose so not too bad but

I feel like it does offer a nice cognitive boost in addition to intermittent fasting and exercise so those are kind of the form so again you want to think about okay what am i trying to do here with the magnesium we’ve done other videos about probiotics and how probiotics should really be reframed and we should kind of readjust how we view taking probiotics into

Being more strain specific now we can kind of think about that with magnesium okay so if i want to have a bowel movement is taking a bunch of magnesium l-3 the best option no that’s not going to really be ideal but if i’m constipated you betcha i’m going to load up on magnesium citrate so we need to think about the carrier and what it’s doing and oftentimes i

Recommend to folks you know this is true for magnesium and other minerals too for example let’s talk about chromium chromium is often sold as a chromium picolinate piclinic acid is the the killing agent that has no health benefits whatsoever so there’s a chromium i think it’s polynicotinate bound to nicotinic acid i recommend that over the picolinate form so you

Always want to think about the form that you’re taking whatever it is whether it’s zinc you’re like okay if i’m taking zinc oxide what is oxide doing for me if i could choose between zinc oxide and zinc glycinate go with the glycinate because glycine has health benefits so you always want to think about the carrier and that’s why i recommend working with a nutrition

Company that’s thinking through these things and not just throwing you some random commodity like magnesium or zinc without thinking through what’s best for you okay so hopefully you enjoyed this video as always i’d love to hear from you please type in the comments below which magnesium form is your favorite and why i would love to know and if you want to support

Our company we have a product line called mayo science with an x m-y-o-x-e-i-e-n-c-e dot com and your comments mean a lot to me so if you’ve been taking magnesium i would love to know which magnesium form you most benefit from and which one you’ve been taking and how you feel and if you want to consider some of our magnesium products that i’ve personally curated

To help you customize which form for your specific health goals whether it’s post sonotherapy exercise intimate fasting sleep support memory support check out our website i’ll put links below to our magnesium support formulas thanks for tuning all the way in hope you have an awesome day we’ll catch you in a future video down the road

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Magnesium Citrate VS Glycinate VS Threonate: Benefits are Different By High Intensity Health