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Welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, I am Neil and I create Beauty&Makeup, Inspirational, Educational, and Reaction videos.

Are you ready for another nursing pharmacology nursing drug study discussion for today i’m serving you magnesium sulfate if you want to know more about that stay tuned welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is niagara i’m a registered nurse and i do have a degree in medical surgical nursing i upload my nursing educational content two to three

Times in a week don’t miss that subscribe now hit the notification bell so that you will be the very first to watch my newest uploads also don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and share with your friends because that will really help me know that you’d like to see more content like this without further ado let’s jump into the video hi nurses another

Nursing pharmacology discussion on ale costa in yo for today we’re going to have a nursing drug study of your magnesium sulfate yes mgso foreign discussion for today now in order for me to do that i will need to switch back to my pc and i’ll see you guys in a bit all right welcome back to that informal discussion magnesium sulfate nursing pharmacology nursing

Drug study now we all know that this is your magnesium sulfate mg so4 ayang ati anti dysrhythmic and the electrolytes so i think discussion for today um other nursing drug studying i’ll be putting the playlist link on the icon button or you can simply check the description box i also created tons of nursing concept discussions so you might want to check that

Out because that is really intended for you to make your study easier discussion for today with our objectives we’re going to discuss the classification generic name and brand name route and dose of administration mechanism of action indications contraindications side effects and of course your nursing responsibilities and let’s begin classification generic and

Brand name route and dose of administration all right pretty straightforward let’s do this so in terms of classification now we all know that um this medication mgso4 is classified as anti-dysrhythmics and v electrolytes the umpusha electrolytes magnesium right now generic name magnesium sulfate your brand name there’s actually two epsom salt and sulfur mug now

In terms of route and dose for adults parenteral nutrition 8 to 24 mechs per day iv for mild magnesium deficiency 1 gram im or iv q6 for 4 doses or 32.5 mix per 24 hours for severe hypomagnesemia or decrease magnesium level in blood up to two megs per kilogram i am within four hours over five grams 40 max per 1000 ml d5 water iv infused over three hours i am

Naman kumbhib intramuscular toxemia eclampsia nephritis indication 4.5 grams of 50 solution of 4 hour as needed for iv one to four grams of ten to twenty percent solution do not exceed yes but for now we’re just going to discuss the mechanism of action and action magnesium sulfate now the mechanism of action of magnesium sulfate is thought to trigger cerebral

Vasodilation thus reducing ischemia generated by cerebral vasospasm during an eclamptic event the substance also acts competitively in blocking the entry of calcium into synaptic endings thereby altering neuromuscular transmission all right now how does magnesium sulfate prevent seizures mgso4 is an anticonvulsant activity of magnesium sulfate may act to increase

The seizure threshold by inhibiting nmda receptors thereby limiting the effect of glutamate union now we’re going to have indications so here are some of the indications why the doctor is prescribing your mgso4 now for acute nephritis for children to control hypertension for hypomagnesemia replacement therapy for pre-eclampsia or eclampsia patients short-term

Treatment for constipation evacuation of the colon for rectal and bowel exams to correct or prevent hypomagnesemia treatment of a typical ventricular arrhythmia torsades de pointes adjunctive therapy for the treatment of acute mi inhibition of premature labor adjunct treatment of exacerbations of acute asthma so these are your indication you guys so you might

Want to take a screenshot of these okay now what are the contraindications here we go so first you have allergy to magnesium products heart block myocardial damage abdominal pain nausea and vomiting or other symptoms of appendicitis acute surgical abdomen fecal impaction intestinal and biliary dog obstruction and hepatitis what else do not give during two hour

Preceding delivery because of the risk of magnesium toxicity to neonate now use cautiously with renal insufficiency through the urine all right so what are your side effects you guys when you talk about your side effects melancholic effects are i think central nervous system or magma manifest weakness dizziness fainting and sweating anopa cb palpitation this can

Cause palpitation and for your gi excessive bowel activity perennial irritations metabolic hyper magnesium and toxicity in patients with renal failure okay so what are the nursing responsibilities when you are a nurse who is administering magnesium sulfate to a patient well here it is first reserve iv use in eclampsia for immediate life-threatening situations

Give im route injection of undiluted 50 solution for adults dilute to a 20 solution for children monitor serum magnesium levels during parenteral therapy monitor knee jerk reflex do not give magnesium sulfate to patients with abdominal pain casing indication nausea and vomiting monitor bowel function if diarrhea and cramping occur discontinue usage all right

Now please like share and subscribe to my channel for more nursing educational videos you guys i hope you learned something and let me know if you have other nursing topics nursing medications or drugs that you want me to create for you i’ll be more than happy to create a nursing drug study for that okay now abandon your point next upload and please please please

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