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Manfaat Tanaman obat Bugleweed

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bugleweed tea

So the osha research decided to put compounds together that would definitely hit the goal of this thing we call disease we just didn’t want to make products that we read in other books and give that to you making recommendation using peppermint and we know i do other wish’ research that when someone uses peppermint it is only because this they had not done the

Research themselves they are relying on the research of others that is the danger we’re going to give only one example and then we’re going to go into this thing that the osha research has to offer in the year of 1983 while in washington dc at 2010 kendall street north east there was a beautiful organization known as the warehouse with beautiful people all striving

To reach that level of attainment the level most high in reference to healing and nutrition we want to be happy and they were generally happy and i was involved in them later on they were there long before i got there they were the people that invited me to come to the united states to begin lecturing and talking mr. addy sake i do khumba haqiqa and many others who

Represented the warehouse the community warehouse in that community warehouse there were things that i learned that they were totally unaware but they were beautiful i could not share that because what i saw was different from what they were seeing and what happened one day a gentleman came with a very bad heart problem so i needed to buy google weed to address

This problem i said i decide to buy the bugle read when i decide i did sell open this bag and i looked at it and i said i decide where is the bugle read he said there’s a big ravine i said no it’s not so i took a piece of it i said this a blue of a vein and i tasted it you know to tell the difference if you learn about herbs via a book you’re in trouble you’re

Vulnerable because you don’t know if the research done by those who wrote the book that you read was correct how would you know you don’t know so have it were this lady said that this was giveaway i just said take me back to the herb store this is odd cynjohn herb store in maryland in silver spring i go back to the herb store and i said pardon me but i think that

They were a little mistake made that could be rectified and what is it i said i wanted google read under send me this but this is bureau we my boss been selling herb for 25 years and she knows herbs and she put this herb in his bag i said man it doesn’t matter if your boss sold herbs for a hundred and twenty-five years this is not giving me please do me a favor go

Inside and see if there’s another bag but set by it that says blue vervain she goes inside she said yes i say what happened they mislabeled the bank and because we are unaware of what herbs really tastes like looked like and should be like because we go to a book we don’t know what a nerd look like or should look like we don’t so lady please give me the one that

Says brew vervain i’ve tasted and it was bitter under laters say one is bitter and one is sweeter said yes the bugle read is better she gave it to me she realized that armchair research doesn’t have to well armchair research helped but very few people fail research is necessary in reference to here it is absolutely necessary that all of the herbalist in america

Take to the fields just like i was led to it and they will see how easy it is to cure aids diabetes lupus herpes cancer impotence and others they would see that but as for the moment no it is virtually impossible for them to see that because they are operating on the platform of others without having the privilege or another entity to investigate the the one that they have accepted

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Manfaat Tanaman obat Bugleweed By NDY