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Mast Cell Activation Treatment | Ketotifen | HistDAO | MCS | Food Allergies | Asthma | Lyme | Mold

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This question came from a subscribers comment, “Best supplements for mast cell or histamine intolerance?” Thanks Baola!! i enjoyed chatting with you😃

Hi i’m kimberly and i had severe mast cell activation syndrome nca for many many years it affected me in every way that i can even think of every system of the body it’s gi skin neural neurology um heart it’s it really affects everything in your bones everything and it is a immune system response that our immune system gets confused about it basically sends over

200 chemicals out through our body during the process of this activation and the main chemical that is released is histamine that people know about and it causes severe allergic responses to occur within your system it is actually um a cause of asthma as they think that people can easily relate to and it is a cause of food allergies and there are two things that

I have done over the years that have helped the one being the main key and that is called ketonepin and that is a blocker of this chemical release that happens within the body it mainly blocks histamine it is a oral medication that um it goes in and it stops some of that histamine response from happening when i started taking cataraphin it almost immediately had

An effect for me i noticed that i could eat more foods that i couldn’t have before um i was basically eating like 10 different things it was mostly leafy green vegetables and meat at the time and it allowed me to eat a couple raw things if i ate any raw things at that time the histamine that is available in raw foods would make me have a reaction mainly in my

Skin was my big source of inflammation that would occur in the results of histamine happening and so i would take the histamine and if i took it every single day notice that it definitely was helping with food allergies i also noticed that it was helping with my multiple chemical sensitivity i would still be reactive to many things i was extremely reactive at

This point to absolutely everything and i was able to tolerate the littlest bits of widths of perfume somebody had if they were walking by me in an open space and store something like that without um at this point immediately breaking out in rashes which was what i was experiencing at that time i also had a combination of being on cataphan furrows i think i was

On it for at least two years or so um it was it was an extended amount of time that i hadn’t experienced with this positive experience with katanaphone and i started brain training at some point during this i believe i was on it for some time before starting and it um being on the histamine reducer of the tautofin allowed my body to be in an even better place to

Be receptive to training my brain to tolerate chemicals in my environment and to tolerate foods and to tolerate more histamine i have a video i’ll link it up here about um brain retraining if you’ve never heard of that or if you’re interested in more information on how i experienced that um so i have found that there are some really cool tools that have worked

Together really really well and a lot of the times it was completely unintentionally and this was one of those cases where i was on the katahda fan which allowed my system to be able to process a little bit more of the histamine and then um the brain training program i just decided to start at some point while i was on the catafin the second supplement that

I was on uh that really really helped me or no the i’m gonna take that back the histo um his dau um h i s t capital d capital a capital o histo was a supplement that i took for some time and i actually think i was on it at two separate times um i took this sometime before i was on the cataphan and then i also took it after my stem cells um which i had two and

A half years ago and that definitely um had a little bit of a marker to it there um it was not as profound as the catotophan for me however i do know people that were on his tao that had a really really positive response to it uh it’s i believe it’s taken before you eat uh sometime before 20 15 minutes or something before you eat and it is like an enzyme that

Helps break down histamine so when you’re eating foods that would cause your body to create histamine foods that have histamine like raw foods it allows it to break down those so that you don’t have so much histamine floating around in your system and your body doesn’t go all out of whack while you’re um eating these foods uh so those are the two things that i

Have tried that really um i definitely like cataphan was a huge thing for me it’s actually used for asthma and kids often and it’s actually in a lot of eye drops as well for allergy eye drops and some kids can actually go off of their steroids and their inhalers because this is enough for them it’s it’s used to even treat anaphylactic or to prevent anaphylactic

Shocks so it can have profound effects on people and i definitely experienced a good deal of that myself so i hope this helps the mast cell activation community here it’s not a fun thing to deal with it is incredibly interruptive it affects every system of the body and i totally get it and there are tools that you can add into your life that will help you and

I hope that this might be one of them look into it do your research and see if this is something you can talk to your doctor or naturopath about alright thanks for watching this video subscribe if you feel called to subscribe like if you like this video lets me know that this content is something that you are interested in and leave a comment i’d love to hear

From you all right have a good day bye guys

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Mast Cell Activation Treatment | Ketotifen | HistDAO | MCS | Food Allergies | Asthma | Lyme | Mold By Kimbers New Frequency