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Match the (Legal) Drug to the Person | Lineup | Cut

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What drugs do you take for your ailments?

So drugs yeah hi my name is caleb gustin i’m an er nurse my name is jeff bazan i’m tatiana match the user to the drug oh my god i mean i like know nothing about drugs i mean it’s springtime so sometimes i take allergy medication it’s just a test to see if i’m a good nurse prednisone inflammation can keep you up at night i think that’s a bong but i don’t know for

Sure comas okay okay lamotrigine and literacy resident okay you pro prion sometimes it’s used to actually lower blood pressure people actually can use it for mental health reasons depo testosterone i think it’s a steroid american spirits class see the yellow box this is for coffee or for decorating oh cyprien tree and teen hydrochloride i recognized hydrochloride

Has to be kept cold that’s why it’s on ice yes sir ah who’s the first volunteer great cool so drugs jugs yeah can you prop you appropriate be appropriate all right and do you know what this is for okay do you know what this is for bro antidepressant okay was this something you like think about every day first thing when i wake up can i smell your breath i don’t

Think your smoker are there side effects that you know of um yeah a death and like cancer oh yeah calms you out yeah yeah totally i’m gonna go with the clonazepam before you do you keep it yeah oh i’m just gonna match this up with you why do you think that i smoke cigarettes and like cancer and like if there’s one connection that’s been made since the 90s it’s the

Connection between lung cancer and smoking cigarettes so that is my reasoning yeah there we go how are you good what do you do who are you for work i do construction talk to me about your social life um i don’t really like doing anything this is crazy i’ve never done anything like this but do you get like social anxiety okay bad social anxiety how do you identify

Well well i identify as a very queer trans beautiful individual would you mind also identify within queer or trans spectrum that’s how long you’ve been taking this man four and a half years view proprio is for that i think testosterone is used by trans people who choose a transition so female to male thank you a beautiful song what about your experience with drugs

Has have been mostly positive has it been mostly negative it’s been positive i’ve been taking them for 20 years how often did you take them twice a day twice a day oh are your joints good looking like i hear ideas a lot okay you’re healthier than me get it do you have like a dog no okay seizures some people have like dogs to deck 20 seasons about to come on are you

Retired to your work i work as a research assistant for my nephew who owns three recreational marijuana stores i think i’m gonna give you the bomb i’m gonna give you the seizure medicine lamotrigine and live it arrests at resident i’m going to zoom you need to take seizure medicine pretty frequently yeah this is why i decided to become an english major instead of a

Doctor hi right tell me about your day now i get up a six taking medicine i got a lot of back pain from military okay only in the morning or do you also take it at night too okay good sometimes during the middle of day we’re thinking pain this might help your joints and might keep you out of pain i’m gonna go with this it does like have a pain relieving aspect to

It and it also does i think lift mood i don’t know i just give the drugs i don’t prescribe them are there any side effect yes so as soon as the medication wears off i can feel it in parts of my body like some joint can we come back this was me on earth right as one prednisone i’m gonna give me this this is the real it is the real um who is it like poop related

Either like ibs land yeah it is ibs land in that general area america knows nothing about ibs but everyone has it and it’s like can we just get over it people have sex and people i don’t get why we have the high bus you think don’t get it either but you get this this is probably a very very costly drug so i hope that you’re doing all right and i will see i think

I’m doing good i’m actually pretty proud of myself for though can you tell me about the time in your life when you decided you needed to be on this medication family member also had the condition what happened to the family member they died so they didn’t take this and then they died mm-hmm damn yeah i’m just gonna go with it so buddy um if you’re saying that this

Medication like is the reason you’re here today that’s indicative of like this was like a really some breathing we need love those i think you got the tobacco i think ice melts a little bit i still love you next absolutely what’s your name selim selim tell me about the first time in your life when you took us made me better at my job what was your job well back

Then i was doing fashion and fitness modeling i’m questioning all my choices right now um i have that effect on okay well let’s calm down i think you’re like pretty fit like it’s your heart i’m actually disabled hello i got my intestines removed two years ago oh shoot how much all of them like your cyborg than human the ileostomy is like you knew which ostomy

It was you don’t know how tiring it gets your boot propria for sure this stuff i hear is magic i’m gonna give this to okay testosterone yeah excellent yeah yeah great so i ever mental health med two of them this is the only thing that’s left see i don’t think it’s a laxative because it needs to be stored with ice like the treat constipation and all of that i am

Not answering my question do you feel cost about well this is the last one so i have to give it to you okay just do this one right now yeah switch this with you yeah this weight off whatever right so i think i did pretty well oh my god me let’s see it one two three four oh look at that that’s not bad okay let’s do this your present suffragette i make a lot of

Effort to not smell like i smoke cigarette it’s like i don’t want to put other people through that it’s my choice people just smoke it’s not like it’s not my business you know why i justify smoking i come from a family who has you know drug addictions i’ve seen an addiction my entire life i don’t drink i don’t smoke weed i don’t do any other drugs so it’s like

I can you know do meth like my family or i can smoke cigarettes and all those cigarettes yeah do you like me more or less now that you know that i’m a smoker absolutely not i wish you wouldn’t smoke but that’s just me being a nurse okay hi yes the wind is so strong oh okay yeah that uh okay why i’m transgender i use it as a hormone replacement therapy okay can i

Ask you what it was like when you first decided to start taking this it was family wise it was great i worked at mcdonald’s i had worked with all my co-workers for like five years and they were all horrible about it really yeah what your family was told my family is great so i got a new job and then everything was fine after that what happens when you’re not when

You’ve had to take i feel crazy i can’t control my emotions and it’s crazy when i do this shot like the next day i feel fine again that’s awesome see see we can have trans conversations and not talk about genitals thank you the seizure medication is yours yes epilepsy but mine was caused by a bicycle accident but i landed right there and they had to put staples in

To reconstruct the skull and it also caused memory loss bear lost memory and the whole year probably actually you’ve lost your memory for a whole year yes wow yeah if i don’t take them i could have to see your engines die you know every day twice a day for the rest of my life back okay yeah all right so i got you yeah are you high right now just a little bit okay

What would happen if you quit smoking today have you said no you know just it doesn’t make a day better and yeah all uses medical use even if like it treats your depression as it changes you personality-wise do you think i don’t think so just the same as like when you’re in pain and you become grumpy like without coffee you know that’s just like me i’d be interval

Just because i’d my pain i don’t have a coffee addiction either i’ll stick the hot chocolate okay i take this for crohn’s disease you’re not supposed to be on it for a very long time because it can cause calcium deficient in your hips and your back so it’s okay it’s more of like unnecessary evil people hate this drug it is so hard to live on this charge it’s hard

Remember everyone everyone poops yes everyone does so that’s nature i got your on twice yeah well this is psych cream and that is to get minerals out of your body this is to excrete copper from my body the copper that i eat it just accumulates it simulates in your joints and your brain and your eyes and it’s fatal and less treated i was diagnosed when i was nine

After my sister passed away from the disease wow like what is heavy and copper chocolate is pretty much number one no seafood or shellfish whatsoever it’s really high in copper and it always has to be stored on ice it’s always refrigerated it’s expensive for a month’s supply of this without insurance is 40 grand and some change but hopefully one life and get old

And cranes day whatever i want cheers to that i got you wrong what did you take it slow now as it pans for social anxiety panic attacks i like yeah yeah i don’t take them every day they kind of zombify you yeah so it makes it so i have like no personality and i’m super boring and i sleep a lot i love sleep me too but i don’t like the zombies lee yeah i like normal

People sleep yeah a few propria are the fun one so you’re definitely not constipated yeah definitely okay so social anxiety yeah i have social anxiety depression hold you getting counseling with it or just oh yeah i go to therapy every week i definitely wasn’t improving without the therapy it a mixture of both which is so true that’s like so important but then

We forget to i certainly learned a lot more about drugs i’m probably gonna go home and forget about it but the great thing about the internet is that i can always just rewatch the video and like learn these things again i think life is hard there are so many stories behind people and there’s so many things that people need to help them go through life which can

Be really hard drives back do i look great

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Match the (Legal) Drug to the Person | Lineup | Cut By Cut