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Matthew:Short Advice (Always saying LOL) Self-Esteem

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You don’t always have to say LOL after everything….

Hey guys welcome to another magic short advice video segment today’s topic of discussion is laughing out loud we always want to go and top that lol after everything it seems like now everybody is going to be that way by no stretch of the imagination but some are going to have to type lol after everything these are the people that i want to talk to now what happens

Here is that when you’re doing in your typing you talk to lol and sometimes it does make sense to do that it really does i taught the sideways smiley face a lot because when you are texting your instant messaging you are facebooking you can’t hear that person’s tone of voice so and just to making sure that we can go and get everything clear let me go in top lol

At the end let me top the sideways smiley faces let you know the hey i’m happy about this if you’re a little frustrated about it then you don’t talk to lol maybe you top a sideways smiley face that shows the hey i’m a little frustrated or something but the lol can really get out of hand now what i want to talk about is that when you’re going through the whole lol

Process there’s some times when it needs to be there and there sometimes it’s not now we talked about the times it needs to be there the time that’s not is something that i think comes into the whole subliminal process the whole subconscious area of self-esteem now what it is is let’s go and talk about an album that you put up a picture album let’s just say some of

You ladies will go and put up a brand new picture of you in a new dress it looks wonderful on you or guys you’ve got a new muscle t-shirt that you’re wanting to put up there now you go and you right-minded shirt are you going for it up my new dress but you have to put up the lol at the end you’re all in it now as i like to call it why are you rolling it there’s no

Reason to do so i think the reason that you’re doing it and i feel confident is to be honest with you is that you’re wanting to go and cover yourself because just in case some people do not like it that you have that new picture of you up on there with that new outfit on you went and you said lol cuz now you can say you know hold on now wait a second now you can

Just go and wrap this comment if you want to be negative about it i did write lol at the end which now covers myself from saying that i’m a cocky person i’m not saying by no means as matthew short to you it’s you’re a cocky person that you’re a boastful person that you’re a self conceited person you’re not that by no means you’re just wanting to go and show off

A brand new outfit and so with that being said be confident in yourself in don’t blow it at the end there’s no reason to do so go and be confident and say to yourself before you go lol hey wait a minute you know i don’t think i need to do that today you can when you’re typing to people if you need to make that point come out hey hey i’m laughing out loud either

You are laughing out loud you’re not you’re just trying to make the point that you’re happy i do understand that totally sometimes now if you keep haha lol and after everything now it’s become a habit and you need to slow down a little bit on that because i know we’re in a happy conversation you don’t have to lol that but when it comes to being self confident about

Yourself you don’t have to go and write the lol at the end remember this lol is not always a good thing sometimes leave it blank show off the new outfit have a new saying something you want to feel confident in if you put lol at the end it destroys everything because now you’re saying haha you if you’re mad at me or this is kind of silly i’m saying that it’s silly

It’s not silly if you want to brag on yourself brag on yourself sometimes but lol at the end just ruins it in my opinion it ruins it you don’t have to love it all the time my friends d confident this is mathew short thanks for signing in with us today

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Matthew:Short Advice (Always saying LOL) Self-Esteem By donnatal